Yankees Notes: Burnett, DH Options, Trades

A few items out of the Bronx…

  • In a conference call with reporters (including Chad Jennings of the LoHud Yankees blog) today, GM Brian Cashman said he will look to fill the Yankees' DH spot through a trade, with free agent designated hitters being a "secondary" focus.  Cashman said it's "a possibility" he will try to acquire a hitter using the Yankees' excess pitchers.
  • The Yankees hope to address their DH need by trying to deal A.J. Burnett for salary relief or a "DH type," tweets Joel Sherman of the New York Post.  If that isn't possible, Sherman says the next target would be to deal for a young, controllable hitter in exchange for a young starter like Phil Hughes.
  • Joe Pawlikowski of the River Aves Blues blog looks at the pros and cons of trading Burnett, eventually concluding that New York should probably keep him given the difficulties in finding value in a deal.
  • Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com hears the Burnett trade market is non-existent, even to the point of using a "pie in the sky" hashtag to describe the Yankees' chances of moving the veteran right-hander.
  • The Yankees are "in no rush" to address their DH need quickly, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.  "Teams in need can almost name their price," Rosenthal writes, given how many free agent DH types (Raul Ibanez, Hideki Matsui, Vladimir Guerrero, Johnny Damon, etc.) remain on the market.

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  1. Rick Martin 3 years ago

    How about AJ to the Cubs for Soriano?

    • AJ is better(hard to be a worse player than AJ), cheaper and under contract for less years. No thanks

      • BillB325 3 years ago

        If the Cubs threw in cash to match up the salaries for the first couple of years then it actually wouldn’t look to bad.

        • I think Soriano would have a higher fWAR as a Yankee than Burnett would have as a Cub — since any day with the wind blowing out at Wrigly would result in a pretty ugly fWAR for Burnett.

          • Too Many Idiots 3 years ago

            Wouldn’t that same wind help Soriano hit HRs? Ha!

  2. How bout Hafner for Burnett?

  3. Nobody wants AJ Burnett. Not even the Nippon Ham Fighters

    • SierraM363 3 years ago

      I think their robotic pitching machine has better stats than AJ.

    • SierraM363 3 years ago

      I think their robotic pitching machine has better stats than AJ.

  4. tim2nyy 3 years ago

    AJ for Bay

    • alphakira 3 years ago

      As a Met fan, no.

    • East Coast Bias 3 years ago

      That’s what I was thinking. I think it makes sense for both sides. AJ will benefit from a pitcher’s park, and Bay from a hitter friendly one. The salaries are pretty much exact. 

  5. Yanksfan2010 3 years ago

    I saw AJ to the Cubs for there batboy. Or AJ to the Rangers for a new baseball bat.

  6. jwsox 3 years ago

    Aj for either rios or Dunn make the contracts match evenly

  7. SierraM363 3 years ago

    Maybe when Hughes can prove he isn’t injury prone he could be worth more …

    • Guest 3 years ago

      It all fairness Hughes hasn’t really been injury prone. Last season he was just flat out — out of shape. It’s like the guy loaded up on jelly beans the winter before. In all seriousness, I think Hughes fully matured. It’s not unusual for a 24 year old male to drastically change in body type, when not working out. That’s been resolved this winter. Apparently he’s been on a torrid work-out regimen. I’m actually pretty high on Hughes. I think he’s going to surprise a few people for a few years, maybe more. He has the make-up and tools. I’d rather the Yanks keep him and move Burnett, if possible. 

      • yeha hard to say hughes is been injury prone when last year was the first time he spent significant time on the DL. and it wasnt because he was really hurt, as it was out of shape. he looked like he gained 20 lbs before spring training

  8. Abie Hammer 3 years ago

    AJ for Bay (eat a few mil), AJ for Soriano, AJ for Hafner, AJ for cash considerations, AJ for ANYTHING

    • AJ for Bay seems like a good one. Also AJ for Hafner

      • alphakira 3 years ago

        Good for whom? The Mets don’t need another Mike Pelfrey. With the walls in this gives Bay a chance, albeit a small one, to bring his career back. I’ll take a guy that had 36 homeruns and 119 RBIs a couple seasons back over a guy that hasn’t been good since 2005.

        • strikethree 3 years ago

          A couple of years back in Boston — not in Citi Field.

          AJ’s last respectable year was in 2009: when he posted 3.5 WAR (in 2008 he posted 5.5 WAR). Jason Bay posted 4.9 WAR and 3.1 WAR respectively. 

          There is actually greater risks with Bay because of his questionable health. He wouldn’t need to play the field as much if he is traded to the Yankees.  He’s hit 6 and 12 HR’s since that monster year so who knows if and when he will ever fully recover. Look at his HR logs, he’s hitting half of his HR’s in Citi so he’s not hitting them on the road either.

          I think both players could use a change in scenery and stadiums. Burnett could definitely take advantage of Citi field and with the pitcher batting 9th. Bay could use the lineup advantage and hitter’s ballpark.

          They’re going to make about the same as well. I think you are grossly overestimating Bay’s chances of recovery. Hitting in that lineup and in that stadium is bad enough for a HR hitter but they are also putting pressure on his health issues by making him play the field. Concussion issues are notorious for being finicky and long lasting. 

    • SID PORTER 3 years ago

      I’d rather put AJ on ebay than trade him for any of those “dead bodies”.

    • bay would pop out to left every time….

  9. NYYANKEES 3 years ago

    I rather trade Hughes for a young bat

    • not me id like to see hughes get another chance he was solid 2 years ago.. if he can become somepart of that guy we saw the p staff coulkd be young and good!

    • DK8 3 years ago

      I don’t think Hughes would net anything great in return without showing that last year was the outlier first. Doesn’t Hughes have 4+ years of service time?

    • DK8 3 years ago

      Yeah, Hughes has over 4 yrs of service time, so you get 2 years of team control.  Given where his FB velocity was last year, he’s probably got less value than Jair Jurrjjens.  And Jurrjjens hasn’t been generating much trade interest for the Braves.

  10. I would love for the Royals to do something, but we all know that aint gonna happen

    • Guest 3 years ago

      I was actually thinking something similar. Billy Butler for AJ Burnett and Delin Betances straight up. You get a +50 pitching prospect and frankly, a healthy pitcher who’s not too old, not too young, for 2 years who still has great stuff. Just very overpaid, hence the Betances inclusion. 

      • Liam Gallagher 3 years ago

        I wouldn’t mind that, but I don’t think the Yankees wouldn’t want to trade Betances.

        • Guest 3 years ago

          Probably right, but considering the cost savings for them, it’s worth a thought to make a deal happen. I don’t see how anything else could happen, unless Cashman can get very creative with Houston for Carlos Lee. 

          • Liam Gallagher 3 years ago

            I would like Carlos Lee. Maybe a season with a team that has a chance to go to the playoffs could give him some energy. And if AJ goes to Houston he dosn’t have a lot of pressure on him. Maybe he even pitches well enough there to get traded for prospects or something. Crazy things have happened before.

          • AJ Burnett and betances for Wandy Rodriguez and Carlos Lee. Wandy is what 25 26 years old? a lefty, and Hughes is better suited out of the pen anyway. Wandy is undercontract for two or three more years. basically it would be like trading contract for contract and then betances for Lee and basically make it look attractive.

          • Liam Gallagher 3 years ago

            I don’t think this trade happens. With this trade the Yankees would be taking on a lot of money and as reported they only want to spend 1-2MM tops on a DH. Even though they would get that with Carlos Lee, I don’t think Wandy is nessecary since the Yankees already have Hughes, Garcia and young guys like Warren, Phelps, Mitchell and Kontos for cheaper price. Also, the Yankees are also high on Betances so it would have to take someone more worth while to get than Lee/Wandy. I would like Wandy but the Yankees want to get younger and cheaper to try to get to 189M for 2014.

          • Too Many Idiots 3 years ago

            Yes on Lee, no on Wandy. AL East will turn Wandy into a left handed AJ.

          • Too Many Idiots 3 years ago

            Wandy is 33.

      • start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

        Eh, I think that’s underestimating Butler’s value. He’s still a 25 year old power hitter.

        • Stuart Brown 3 years ago

          I think that’s what a lot of people forget about him. It’s possible that those doubles won’t translate into more HR, but he’s still just 25. 

        • Guest 3 years ago

          He’s redundant on that team. $24mm over 3 years isn’t fantastic for a DH only player. He’s worth it, but probably not ideal for many teams, so the Yanks are a good match. He probably won’t even be around by the time they compete. Two pitchers probably get them there quicker. 

          • start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

            He may be redundant but the Royals are not going to give away Butler. Especially not if Burnett is a major piece. Burnett is a 35 and paid like a front line pitcher. It seems like a lot to take on and give up if you’re banking on Betances to be a star.

          • Guest 3 years ago

            Right. Giving away. That’s what I meant. 

          • start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

            We were finally having a civil conversation… no need to get snippy.

        • lefty177 3 years ago

          I would think even if the Royals were shopping Billy Butler (which they definitely aren’t) that they would sell high because he’s a doubles hitter & once he gains the strength to carry those doubles into a few more home runs, he’s gonna look good in the same lineup as Hosmer, Moustakas, & Myers

          • Guest 3 years ago

            Keep in mind he only has three years under contract. This isn’t a lifetime marriage happening. Plus the Royals were most definitely shopping Butler, quietly, at various times. There was even a time here a year or two ago where it was rumored. I actually read an article recently in one of the KC newspapers online where the local sports writer made a good case to trade him.

        • jwsox 3 years ago

          He isn’t a power hitter he is a doubles hitter

      • Vmmercan 3 years ago

        Yankees aren’t giving up a top prospect for someone filling a DH role with little power, sorry.

        • Guest 3 years ago

          Funny, but didn’t that essentially just happen with the Mariners? Little power? He’s good for 18-26 homers, so I fail to see the issue. Not saying I prefer this move, but it’s something that’s certainly possible. 

          • notsureifsrs 3 years ago

            the problem for the yankees would be that he fills the DH position for 3-4 years. they’ll need it freed up much sooner than that

          • actually no, its not the same thing that happened. th eyankees traded Montero to fill a bigger need. trading for a DH is not that big of a need. especially since they have andrew jones to fill that spot if worst got to worst.

          • Guest 3 years ago

          • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

            where did the 26 hrs come from?

      • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

        Can I please come to your location and punch you in the nose? I will go all “grassy knoll outside of the stadium” if Cashman used Bets to get a DH bat, which isn’t as major of a priority as young pitching is.

        • Guest 3 years ago

          I know, I know. BUT IF YOU COULD, get $33mm of the books and free up a valuable roster spot, that’s worth something no? Unfortunately we can’t just blink and have that happen. To entice a team to think about it and beyond sending money, you use something that costs you nothing and has a lot of potential. It was just a thought and definitely not an unrealistic one. I wouldn’t like it, but just looking at it from a $$ point of view only.  

          • East Coast Bias 3 years ago

            Yeah, but we aren’t the Royals. $$ is our strong point. Freeing up ~10m is not worth giving up Betances for. 

            I’m with YFS78, a punch in the nose is due! 

          • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

            It’s not worth giving up a POTENTIAL…front of rotation arm. Not for anyone, including the Yanks.

  11. BillB325 3 years ago

    Who do you have in mind for a young bat? If you guys want I’m sure Hughes for Lahair would be a fine deal.(a little sarcasm by the way) 

    • stuck_in_Romania 3 years ago

      a young bat? how about Vernon Wells… He hit like a rookie last year.

  12. BillB325 3 years ago

    To me that actually makes the most sense considering his best years came in the AL East IMO. Scratch that he had his best years in Pittsburg.

  13. diesel2410 3 years ago

    So, the Yanks trade for a pitcher, now they’re trying to deal one away? This makes complete sense.

    • when u get pineda then u trade way burnett seems like a win to me…even tho i feel like burnett can still deal at times

    • John Pinto 3 years ago

      So I guess BB isn’t your game.

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      Ummmm Yankees trade for Pineda (young upside cheap pitcher) + sign Kuroda = 7 pitchers under contract, 3 mlb ready back end prospects in AAA and 2 near mlb ready prospects at AAA in Bans and Bets. Considering how AJ makes more in 1 year than Nova, Pineda, Kuroda and Hughes combined and hasn’t performed better than most of them then I’m not sure how you’re lost? 

  14. Jake White 3 years ago

    Hey Cashman, you *had* a young, controllable hitter as a DH a few days ago…

    • notsureifsrs 3 years ago

      and a weak rotation. DH is a much easier problem to solve

      • that i agree with. although montero was a perfect DH fit for the yankees, pitching was much more needed. the yankees can easily sign someone like ibanez or vlad. trade AJ to the indians eat some of his contract and get shin soo choo. hes a lefty with some power. good DH.

        • stuck_in_Romania 3 years ago

          why would the Indians want to unload Choo, and why would they want Burnett?

        • jwsox 3 years ago

          He actually was not a perfect dh fit. They don’t need any more power what they need a guy who can play multiple positions and get on base and have some speed. I truly think someone like figgens could be a good fit he has sleeve and could bounce back can play 3rd, ss,2nd and the outfield gives arod, jeter, Curtis, cano, and Gardner days off

        • if the yanks get choo for aj every one in cleveland should be fired

        • Yankees420 3 years ago

          Why would the Indians give us arguably their best hitter for A.J. Burnett? 

  15. Vmmercan 3 years ago

    And now he *has* a controllable front-end starter for a few years. Guess which one is easier to replace?

    • Jake White 3 years ago

      I’m still betting on Montero to be a better big leaguer, but we’ll see.  Major league ready pitching isn’t exactly a weakness of the current Yankee farm system.

      • Vmmercan 3 years ago

        He very well might be, but a player without a position who offers more of what they already have, compared to a cost-controlled pitcher is a no-brainer. If the Yankees’ have a surplus of front-line starting pitching, they can use it to fill any hole they have. You can’t say the same for Montero.

      • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

        Yeah but Pineda is a step above “mlb ready”. Just imagine a possible 2013 staff of..


        That’s a veteran lead staff followed by a bunch of 26 and under pitchers. They could easily have one of the youngest staffs in the AL but Nova, Pineda and Hughes would have some seasoning already. Great!

  16. AJ for David Ortiz. 

  17. Mike1L 3 years ago

    The Yankees don’t want to pick up a contract that goes beyond 2013.  2014 they have a legitimate chance to get below the luxury tax threshold-AJ, Soriano, and Jeter come off.  Assuming Jeter still wants to play, he’s probably going to be less than the current 17 million he makes.  And Mariano, assuming he doesn’t decide to have his robotics replaced, will probably be retired as well.  That’s $60 million right there.

    • Too Many Idiots 3 years ago

      Jeter has an $8M option for 2014 with a $3M buyout.

      • Mike1L 3 years ago

        Good point.  You wonder whether Jeter would pick up the option for that year at half pay.  He’s pretty much accomplished what he wanted individually, and he’s coming to a point where his qualitative numbers are being impaired.  I think he will take the $3 Million, a Derek Jeter Day, and a place in Monument Park. 

  18. MNTwins12 3 years ago

    I would like to see the Twins somehow trade for Phil Hughes.

    • Liam Gallagher 3 years ago

      for who?

    • John Pinto 3 years ago

      What would the Twins give in the the trade for Hughes.  It has to be what the Yankees need.  So tell me.

      • Liam Gallagher 3 years ago

        i can’t see Moureau because I don’t see the Yankees taking an injury prone guy, unless the Twins pay most of his salary. I was thinking about an outfielder in return. Maybe someone like Joe Benson, but even that doesn’t satisfy me.

        • Caballo14 3 years ago

          I would like to see Morneau, but not for Hughes. If you let Morneau DH from now on, and let him play the field maybe to give the Tex a day off, then I don’t see why not. Also they can sign a Russell Branyan type to a minor league deal just in case he goes on the DL. I wonder if the Twins even want to trade him, and what would the price be?

          • Liam Gallagher 3 years ago

            Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Morneau in the Yankee lineup. When healthy he can be a great hitter with power. I just don’t think the Yankees should go crazy on getting a DH. I would like to see either Matsui or Damon back on one year deals. I would rather get a one year solution rather than getting a guy like Morneau or Butler with multiple years of control because in the future we’ll need that DH spot for A-Rod/Jeter. The Yankees got 6 more years of A-Rod and it’ll make more sense to put him at DH full time after this season.

      • MNTwins12 3 years ago

        Did you not notice the “somehow” part? I’m sure Terry Ryan and Brian Cashman could figure something out. I’m not saying this is likely, however, by any means. The Twins farm system really isn’t as bad as some people think. Miguel Sano is rated second best 3B prospect in MLB. He is projected to have significant power, though I would be hesitant to send him packing for only Phil Hughes.

  19. Chris Roy 3 years ago

    Yound controllable hitter sounds a lot like Kendry’s Morales to me :) Hughes and Laird for Morales.

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      Angels don’t really need more pitching do they?

      I think the Yanks would go after a young position player that could move into a spot soon. If the Mets resign Wright then maybe Murphy becomes available?

  20. How about AJ ($33 million – 2 years) for Carlos Lee ($18.5 million – 1 year) and the Yankees put in $7 million. The Astros will have to pay AJ $7.5 for 2 years. Reasonable?

  21. FillyPhan 3 years ago

    Haha who was the guy last week that told me it would be easy to trade AJ and not eat his whole salary. How does pie in the sky sound now whoever you were!

  22. levendis 3 years ago

    heres a solution, use Andrew Jones exclusively for leftys. For rightys, have a revolving door at DH, alternate with guys like Jeter, Arod, even Swish/Tex on some days, and just have Eduardo Nunez play the possition. I’m really interested to see what he can do with even more playing time, plus it adds more speed and youth to the lineup. We went all of last year without a legitimate full time DH, it was a revolving door between bench players like Posada, Jones, and chavez. I would like to see Nunez get more playing time, and if the Yankees dont want to fork over more money I dont blame them.

  23. levendis 3 years ago

    btw way guys AJ isnt complete garbage like people think. I’m the only Yankee fan who still believes in AJ, so there might be some bias, BUT last year was actually encouraging. He had a far worse season the year before. I’m not sure if any Yankee fans actually watched the games last year, but he was pretty solid the whole year, pitching at around a sub 4.00 ERA. His ERA is inflated b/c of the dreadful August where he pitched to a 12.00 ERA.  Yeah hes not pitching to his contract, but we all expected that when he signed. To think hes complete garbage and wouldnt benefit from a switch of ballbarks, and getting out of the AL East is ridiculous.

  24. iheartyourfart 3 years ago

    Jesus Guzman for Phil Hughes? he hit .312/.369/.468 while playing half his games at petco and is cheap and controllable for the next several years.  The padres have also been kind of shopping kyle blanks but i don’t think he brings back hughes.

    • Yankees420 3 years ago

      Given the lack of depth in the Padre lineup and the relative easiness of turning less than stellar pitchers into quality options at Petco makes me think they’ll try to find a spot for Guzman instead of trading him for a pitcher.  

  25. Guest 3 years ago

    Going to be hard to move AJ, even if they take on half his salary.

  26. Yankee Stadium is especially great for LH sluggers (Which Pronk COULD be). And I like the idea of having a 6th starter instead of a permanent spot in DH taken. I would also like to see Vlad sign if this happens. God knows the Tribe NEEDS more RH hitters.

  27. MB923 3 years ago

    Why compare a horrible pitcher to a horrible hitter?

  28. jwsox 3 years ago

    Because butler does not hit for power or field at all and by the time the royals are ready to compete he won’t be there and they get a legit pitching prospect and a place holder in aj

  29. notsureifsrs 3 years ago

    burnett has negative equity; he isn’t an asset. trading four years of billy butler for dellin betances straight up wouldn’t even make sense. adding burnett just makes it absurd

    trading butler isn’t a bad idea for the royals, but trading him for that mess would be

  30. John Pinto 3 years ago

    God forbid.

  31. MNTwins12 3 years ago

    That’s actually really interesting, although Adam Dunn was by far worse than AJ based on last years stats.

  32. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    Not a bad idea imo. Would probably prefer a lefty though to complement Jones.

  33. Guest 3 years ago

    3 years of Billy Butler. It is a difference. Disagree with the negative equity. People make it sound like he’s been injured constantly or gets blown out in every single game. That’s just untrue. He could definitely have great success somewhere else. And it isn’t like the idea I presented was $33mm going one place and $1mm coming back. Bulter is owed $24mm and he’s worth it, but it’s a redundant player for the team. 

  34. notsureifsrs 3 years ago

    neither butler’s remaining control nor burnett’s equity are matters of opinion. butler has three years + a club option and burnett is a 1.5 WAR pitcher making with 2 years and $33M owed to him

  35. Guest 3 years ago

    Insert Delin Betances with 6 years of control to absorb the difference of $9mm. The Royals can certainly use the pitching more than hitting. Burnett should be good for 165-200 innings for 2 years. 

  36. notsureifsrs 3 years ago

    “the difference of $9M” would be mitigated well by a prospect if we were talking about two equally valuable commodities in the first place. but we’re not. we’re talking about billy butler and a.j. burnett

    to help you understand, just imagine if burnett played for the red sox. you wouldn’t be caught dead saying something as deliberately misleading as “he’s good for 165-200 innings for 2 years”

    you’d rightfully talk about the quality of those innings. specifically, that it is often so low that a team wants him out of their rotation even when that rotation is already thin

  37. MNTwins12 3 years ago

    U.S. Cellular Field is also a very hitter-friendly ballpark as well, but yeah I think he will bounceback.

  38. Caballo14 3 years ago

    Yeah, have fun with watching Lackey and Crawford play, or if you’re a White Sox fan have fun watching Dunn and Rios play.

  39. Too Many Idiots 3 years ago

    You have zero understanding of the business side of baseball.  Please stick to your PS3.

  40. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    How about the Yankees DON’T do that, huh? How about the fact that it’s when mediocre talents are given crazy contracts THAT has a much greater effect on things? Who had a bigger effect on the market place? The Soriano, Zito, Rowand, Carlos Lee and Arod (texas) or Jeter, AJ, Sabathia or Mo? AJ wasn’t “elite” but when he was signed he was a solid #2 in the AL East whose main concern was his ability to stay healthy and not questions of his performance.

  41. The horrible pitcher had notoriously bad month, an inflated ERA (according to FIP and xFIP) and at least can still eat close to 200 innings. Soriano can’t play a full season, can’t hit even for a passably mediocre average or OBP (average below .250, OBP below .300) is two years older and has one more year of contract. So, no matter how bad everyone says Burnett is, Soriano is much much worse.

  42. Too Many Idiots 3 years ago

    No thanks.

  43. Too Many Idiots 3 years ago


  44. YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

    Not all but that idea WAS crazy. No way the Yanks should settle for less than Masterson and Kipnis.

  45. roomwithamoose 3 years ago

    yes make a sweeping generalization while making fun of other people’s intelligence. One crazy idea from someone doesn’t mean all fans of a team are like that… and what would your comment say about all sox fans if we follow your “rock solid” logic?

  46. Mikey Roederer 3 years ago

    I agree….see Carlos Zambrano

  47. Vmmercan 3 years ago

    You’re evaluating a pitcher based on a rookie season. More specifically, half a rookie season. He is injury prone just as much as Montero is. Pineda has no history of chronic injuries, and Montero has been dinged up in AAA on multiple occasions, also with no chronic history of injuries. Pineda has two legitimate out pitches. You don’t become a starter with one. He has a couple of other pitches which can still develop seeing as he’s still young. Same as how Montero’s defense can develop into “passable” which would pit him at Jorge’s level. Remember, Jorge started out at shortstop, the athleticism was there. Not saying Jesus doesn’t have it, he seems very athletic, but there’s no guarantee he sticks at catcher. If you’re talking about ANY other combination, he’s either blocked here or valued  much less than a potential front-end starter. 

    And if you use your flawed logic of not trading for power pitchers because their injuries could be cut short, than power pitchers would never go anywhere and aces wouldn’t exist. 

    Not to mention, the Yankees are swimming with catchers in the system. It’s their deepest offensive position. They had no front-end starters ready for the majors. This was a no-brainer for both sides. If Banuelos and Betances pan out to join CC, Pineda and Nova than so be hit. They can trade Hughes, dump Burnett, trade Mitchell, Phelps and whoever else they want for a bat down the road and replace Montero much more easily.

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