Cafardo On Soler, Gonzalez, Ibanez, Abreu, Kazmir

In today's column, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe looks at the Red Sox's shortstop position after the trade of Marco Scutaro.  Major league evaluators are skeptical that Mike Aviles and Nick Punto can get the job done, which could leave the door open to prospect Jose Iglesias getting the nod.  All eyes will be on manager Bobby Valentine to see how he handles the club's shortstop situation this spring.  Here's more from Cafardo..

  • Two GMs told Cafardo that Jorge Soler will go for more than the five years and $15MM-$20MM most thought he would settle for.  Some of the clubs who elected to stay away on Yoenis Cespedes because of the hefty price and question marks about his game have decided that Soler is a better value.  The Red Sox are one of about eight teams in on Soler.
  • Mike Gonzalez is likely headed to the Rangers if they can trade Koji Uehara.  The A's have also been connected to the free agent reliever recently.
  • The Yankees prefer Raul Ibanez to Johnny Damon because of cost.  Damon is seeking about $5MM while Ibanez will likely be in the $1.5MM-$2MM range.
  • Angels veteran Bobby Abreu would have gone back to the Yankees in an A.J. Burnett deal.  The Halos have a logjam with Kendry Morales returning and Albert Pujols at first base and Abreu has been offered around.
  • The Red Sox didn’t attend Scott Kazmir’s workout on Friday and have no plans to watch Brandon Webb throw when he is on display.  That's because Boston decided not to delve into the rehab market for pitchers.  The club has tried a number of pitchers coming back from serious injury and in most cases, it hasn't worked out.
  • Cafardo wonders if Cardinals backup Tyler Greene is worth a look for the Red Sox shortstop mix.  The 27-year-old was once a promising prospect and is out of options this year.

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  1. cano24 3 years ago

    The Yankees prefer Raul Ibanez to Johnny Damon because of cost. Damon is seeking about $5MM while Ibanez will likely be in the $1.5MM-$2MM range.

    Is that a quote from someone, or the opinion of the author?

    • melonis_rex 3 years ago

      It’s in Nick Cafardo’s article linked to at the top of the post. 

  2. So who would give Damon $5 million?  I mean I don’t understand how he could expect to get that much as a DH.  He needs to ditch Boras.

    • cubsfan97 3 years ago

      According to Baseball Reference, Johnny Damon has been worth at least
      2.3 WAR, and the going rate for a win is about 5 million, so him taking a
      5 million contract is an under payment. If you want to go with Fangraphs WAR, he was still worth 6.7 million.  If I were a contending team, and I had to pick one of the remaining DHs, Id pick him.

      •  But not at this point in the season where most teams are at their budgets.  He waited far too long to sign and it may not end up paying off for him.

        • cubsfan97 3 years ago

          Yea, I understand that, to be honest I havent paid attention to Damon rumors most of the offseason, so I dont know if it was him being stubborn, or teams just not wanting to spend 5 million on him.  I know for a while it seemed like the Rays were going to take him, but that fell through. 

          •  I believe he was under the assumption the Rays would re-sign him after a pretty good year with them.  We all know how that ended up and of course that narrowed down his suitors.  Once the Yankees traded Montero my initial thought was a Damon reunion to help bring some life back into the clubhouse.  With Burnett gone, that’s going to be a little bit of life gone from the clubhouse and I think Damon would have helped not only on the field but off.  It’s unfortunate really…

          • What happened was, the rays were prepared to to offer him a contract a month an a half ago then backed out when they decided to go with luke scott, then the tigers were going to sign him for a year at like 6 or 7 million after Vmart got hurt, then they signed fielder. but alot of teams are starting to get away from boras’ players because no one wants to really deal with boras anymore. Yankees are one who have said they do not like dealing with him. Arod had him as an agent but changed agents last year. its going to hurt when cano becomes a free agent because he hired boras last year. and the way hes been hitting hes going to want to be the highest paid 2B in baseball.

          • Redsoxn8tion 3 years ago

            Cano definitely deserves a raise. However, I don’t picture the NYY topping the charts with him. He’ll have to decide if playing for the Yankees is worth more than a lucrative paycheck with Scott Boras

      • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

        Using WAR to determine someone’s actual worth is the worst thing to do. Simply based on the market, Damon is no where near being worth $5 mil. Just for comparative sake…

        Miguel Cabrera (the highest rated player in WAR w/ more than 6 years experience) was good for 7.3 WAR, fan had him valued at $32.7 mil. He’s signed for $20 mil last year so his actual earning was about 61% of his perceived fangraph value. JD was worth 1.5 WAR, was valued at $6.7 mil and if he was paid $5 mil his real value would be about 75% of his fantasy value, which is much higher than comparison’s of much better players who are earning market value salaries.

        You simply can’t apply fangraph and br values to real baseball economics or it’s market place.

    • BoSoxFan1950 3 years ago

       Despite that sappy, self-serving special on Scott Boras, the entire planet needs to ditch Boras.

  3. Guest 3 years ago

    Solent will be a Cub. Theo will not let this guy go to another team. This is someone you build your future around.

    • start_wearing_purple
      start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

      Yes… but will they be in on Soler?

    • jwsox 3 years ago

      The tribune is reporting that the whitesox are actually the favorites now to sign
      Him. Heard it on the score.

    • Bones 3 years ago

      Damn spell check on the phone!

  4. BoSoxSam 3 years ago

    I like Boston’s strategy not to get involved with rehabbing pitchers. Now if they would just spend a few million on SOMEONE to help solidify that rotation, I’d feel even better.

  5. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Pretty sure the last SP rehab guy the sox had who ended up really solid was Sabes (Bret Saberhagen) and that was one of The Duke’s classic buy low moves.

    As much as am a fan of Shaky Gonzalez.. Moving a good and dependable arm, like Uehara, for a guy just coming back from arm troubles does not seem like a wise move for any smart GM.. Could see picking him up for 1-2m tops, but he’s not worth the 3m Uehara is making on a guaranteed deal until he proves he is healthy again and after 2 seasons of woe with Baltimore and texas, Shaky has a LOT to prove IMO..

  6. except Tyler Greene is going to be the Cards opening day second baseman 

    • He’s in the running. Nothing is set in stone. It’s likely the be a platoon of some sort.

  7. The amount guys are seeking is fairly well-known throughout the industry. Players and agents make their number available so teams know where the starting point is.

    As outlandish as it sounds, with the decent production Damon had last season (and his “name” value, he will get 4-5 mil.  

  8. melonis_rex 3 years ago

    Soler getting more than 20MM when Cespedes only got 36MM probably won’t happen. Soler is much more of a crapshoot than Cespedes. 

    (Yes, he has more upside. But Cespedes is just about MLB ready, and Soler is not. Lots can happen before Soler takes a PA in the bigs.)

    • I think Soler will sign for 4/$20.  That would put the total commitment in the mid $30s assuming he reaches his potential over 6 years.

    • Cespedes is just as much of an unknown because he struggled really bad with breaking pitches.

    • jwsox 3 years ago

      What makes you say cespedes is more MLB ready that soler? Is it because his age? Because that favors soler.

  9. Jose Iglesias isn’t starting for Boston we know he has great defense but his bat isn’t there yet.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      That might have been true under the francona ruleset where everything was set in a pecking order with veterans, or his buddies on the team came 1st and rookies had to prove their worth, or be pretty much be forced onto him by management.

      Bobby V does not use that 1960-70’s and long out dated rule set. he will probably take a long look at how the other positions and bats stack up, then see if the kid has the chance to hit *some* this year and a legitimate chance to improve at the MLB level and not hurt him by doing so.

  10. jwsox 3 years ago

    Where are the cubs fans clamoring for soler. I remember reading a few guys here saying it’s a done deal that soler signs with the cubs because they had a deal in place even though he is not allowed to sign. Yet the tribune is reporting that the whitesox are now the favorites to sign him.

    • disgustedcubfan 3 years ago

      In theory, nobody should be favorites because he is not a free agent. I think he is still officially a Cuban citizen which means it’s a violation of US law to hire him.
      Once his paperwork comes thru in the D.R., MLB should declare him a free agent.
      I’m guessing he has  his unofficial, off the record, offers already in place.
      With all the cost cutting going on with the White Sox, it seems unlikely they will outbid Philadelphia, the Yankees, Cubs, Toronto and Boston.

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