Extension Notes: Wright, Ellsbury, Swisher

Ryan Zimmerman's six-year, $100MM extension earlier today isn't the only contract extension (or lack thereof) being talked about in the baseball world…

  • Mets GM Sandy Alderson said he'd love to keep David Wright in the fold and called him a "special player," writes Andy Martino of the New York Daily News. Martino's sources said the Amazin's would like to see Wright produce in 2012 to make an extension "palatable." An executive told Martino it'd take "four Zack Wheelers" for the Mets to move Wright, which makes an extension sound preferable to a trade (in my opinion). Both sides agree that Zimmerman's extension won't be a factor in contract discussions.
  • Jacoby Ellsbury is open to discussing a long-term deal to keep him in a Red Sox uniform beyond 2013, writes WEEI.com's Alex Speier. Ellsbury said he leaves negotiations up to his agent, Scott Boras, but that he loves the city of Boston and its fans.
  • Nick Swisher recognizes that the Yankees rarely negotiate additional years on top of existing contracts, and anticipates filing for free agency, according to Wallace Matthews of ESPN. Swisher said it's "not his style" to ask agent Dan Lozano to approach New York about a long-term deal. He also said New York is where he ultimately wants to be.
  • In case you missed it, the Reds are nearing an extension with setup man Sean Marshall and Josh Hamilton expects to reach free agency.

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  1. tacko 3 years ago

    Nick Swisher is the Yanks’ “friend with benefits” who actually believes they will have a long-term relationship going on.

    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      I wouldn’t mind keeping swisher around for fair value.  At $10 million, the yankees have a very good deal on their hands.  If he wants $16 million aav then say goodbye.

      • AmericanMovieFan 3 years ago

        Yeah, people constantly under value Swisher. He doesn’t look pretty doing his job and his streakiness can make him look downright ugly, but his glove is steadily improving and his end-of-year stats are right up there with the best of them. In 3 seasons with the Yankees he’s averaged:

        150 games played, 626 PA’s, 530 AB’s, 85 runs, 141 hits, 27 HR’s, 85 RBI’s, a .266 BA, one All-Star selection… The dude is an above average player. He’s got 30 HR power… His only “problem” is that his streakiness hurts his overall batting average. 

        I think a 2 year/$23MM extension would be perfect, given the lack of FA’s and in-house options that could arguably produce more than Swisher. If you ignore the low batting average, or if you placed all his other offensive stats with a player whose batting average was 30 points higher, people would feel way differently about Swish.

  2. I would take 2 Zack Wheelers for Wright. Hes not the same guy and hes going to be 30 next year. He used to be special.

  3. California_RedBirds 3 years ago

    It would take “4 Zack Wheeler’s” to trade for David Wright? haha this executive is funny. What GM in the mlb would even trade 1 or 2 top prospects for the 3rd baseman? 

    • 1 A prospect and 1 B prospect. That’s what is most reasonable.

    • Its just hyperbole to say that he isnt being traded…….yet. The Mets should hope to build up his value and then trade him next year. Either way, the team that gets him only has him for 1 year because he can void the option and hit FA.

      • California_RedBirds 3 years ago

        That sounds like something Billy Beane would say. If a player in Oakland has reached all-star potential, that only means one thing….he’s good as gone by the trade deadline for younger prospects

        • Somebody just watched Moneyball!

          • California_RedBirds 3 years ago

            Nope, I just know how Billy Beane is. Anybody could understand it even without watching the movie or reading the book. Just look at what the A’s did this offseason

          • Yeah you’re absolutely right…it really sounds like they’re trying to build up Wright’s value so they can dump him

  4. FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

    Nats somehow manage to stop gap centerfield for next two years and then add ellsbury? That would be sweet.

    • MaineSox 3 years ago

      I doubt they do it intentionally because there is still a pretty good chance he stays in Boston, and then what do they do?  But I could definitely seeing them being in on him if they do happen to still have an opening in CF and he doesn’t stay in Boston.

      • FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

        Oh of course not intentionally, but if they can’t succeed at acquiring someone……Its nice to dream.

        • MaineSox 3 years ago

          Exactly.  It’s too far away and not certain enough to happen for them to bank on it, but if they don’t find an answer between now and then, and he doesn’t sign an extension, I actually think there is a very good chance of him ending up there.

          • Yeah there is too much that can happen for the Nats to bank on getting him. Knicks wasted 2 years for LeBron and it just never happened. Too many variables

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            Not looking to stir up the Upton to DC mess again.. But you don’t think Rizzo is waiting for him to hit the market after this season, since he has not been able to get him via trade?

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            I wouldn’t be shocked to see Upton end up in Washington.  They don’t have a real answer for CF and unless they trade for someone at the deadline they still wont have one when Upton becomes available (maybe they trade for him at the deadline?), plus they have wanted him for a while now.

  5. Blue387 3 years ago

    I hope Wright stays with the team for his entire career. In my books, he’s a hall of famer.

    • GriffeyandSizemore 3 years ago

      Is your book located in the fiction section? 

      • Blue387 3 years ago

        It’s in non-fiction alongside Sizemore’s injury records. What do you have against David Wright?

        • GriffeyandSizemore 3 years ago

          Nothing against him just having some fun. He is a great player but i don’t think HOF worthy.

          • Give the guy a break man, he’s a Mets fan, what else does he have?

          • Blue387 3 years ago

            What’s wrong with my claim? I am not crazy. David Wright is on a hall of fame path.

            Wright is batting .300/.380/.508/.887 with 183 HR and 725 RBI right now. He currently owns team records in doubles and taken bases. The team is moving in the left field walls at Citi Field. If Wright plays a full season with the Mets in 2012, he has a good shot to become the Mets’ leader in runs, hits, RBIs and walks. He is signed for 2012 with an option for 2013.

            David Wright has put up 32.6 career WAR at age 29. He “plays the game” the right way. He has never taken steroids or appeared on Page Six. Honestly, his defense isn’t that great. He has class and dignity from a franchise whose owner has neither.

            David Wright is a hall of famer in my book.

          • GriffeyandSizemore 3 years ago

            I’m not saying it is impossible for him to be in the hall of fame, I just don’t see him putting up the future numbers. 

            So i am afraid your book will remain in the fiction section.

          • Joveoak 3 years ago

            Wright is still writing that book.  It’s not on any section yet.

  6.  If I’m the Sox, I wouldn’t try to lock him up on a long term contract this year, as Borasssss will try to use last year as a benchmark for big $$$$$$. I’d wait til after I see what he does this year. If he duplicates last year, then he’ll have set his mark. If he doesn’t, the Sox can use it to their advantage in any talks.

  7. Leonard Washington 3 years ago

    Wright for any package with four top prospects is insanity. 

  8. RaysHateStPete 3 years ago

    He doesn’t owe the Rangers but I’ll tell you who he does owe. The Tampa Bay Rays.  They drafted him, gave him a $4 million dollar signing bonus, which was huge for that time, and he did nothing except keep getting suspended for drug abuse.  Come back to Tampa Josh!!

  9. bigpat 3 years ago

    The Mets can’t make the same mistake with Wright as they did with Reyes, right? 

  10. jordan 3 years ago

    My only issue is if the price gets way up there (way more then CC $$)

  11. Theres going to be a point where contract $ just gets too much out of hand. Carl Crawfords contract was absurd. If Ellsbury plays like an All-Star for the next 2 years, the highest bidder could approach Crawford money. But to give Ellsbury much more than that is completely outrageous, even if he is a great player.

  12. MaineSox 3 years ago

    I think Ellsbury has to reproduce something pretty close to last years production for the next two years to get anything more than Crawford is getting, and at that point it would be more than worth it.  More likely, I think, is he puts up good but not middle-of-the-order-hitter type numbers between now and then and falls just short of what Crawford got.  In any case, with the guys they have coming off the books between now and then, and the players they have in the system to replace them for league minimum, I think the Red Sox will have the “extra” money to spend to extend him

  13. BoSoxSam 3 years ago

    I think either Boston Extends him signs him in free agency or he leaves for the team who pays him the most”

    Thanks for the valuable insight!

  14. andrewyf 3 years ago

    Ellsbury and Boras might very well have a fantastic argument that he should receive more money than Crawford. Ellsbury just had a season that Crawford couldn’t even sniff if he tried. If he even has 4-5 WAR seasons this year and next, Boston has no conceivable argument that he deserves anything less than $120M over 6 years. And that’s being nice to Boston.
    Remember – this is Boras we’re talking about. He’ll wring them for every penny, and if they don’t pay up, he’ll happily go elsewhere. In fact his free agency lines up very nicely with another guy’s free agency in New York…

  15. quintjs 3 years ago

     At least he ruled out retirement..

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