NL Central Notes: Snyder, Mejdal, Young

We've already heard that the Reds don't expect to make any additions before Spring Training. Here are the latest rumors from the rest of the NL Central…

  • Chris Snyder, who signed with the Astros earlier this offseason, says a part of him had always wanted to join his hometown team, according to Zachary Levine and Sam Khan Jr. of the Houston Chronicle. The 31-year-old backstop is a Houston native.
  • Newly-hired director of decision sciences Sig Mejdal explained to Levine how he intends to use data in a way that will allow the Astros to improve their on-field product.
  • Dmitri Young worked out for the Pirates today and manager Clint Hurdle said he got a good read on the first baseman/outfielder, according to Tom Singer of "He met all the criteria we wanted to see," Hurdle said. "He ran the bases, took balls at first base, threw from the outfield and hit from both sides of the plate." The 38-year-old is attempting a comeback after losing 70 pounds.
  • In case you missed it, Brewers reliever Jose Veras had an arbitration hearing today and the Cubs are interested in Ramon Ortiz.

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  1. Lastings 3 years ago

    Happy for Dmitri and it seems like he has made progress, but does he still look dapper in a suit?

  2. BarrelMan 3 years ago

    It appears a lot of weird stuff will happen in the next couple weeks with MLB rosters.

  3. Wanting to play for the Astros, never heard of that before.

    • I obviously get the attempted comedy here but Houston would be an ideal place for an older vet to go and prove himself if he hasnt yet in his career. They will get the most opportunity to play.

      • I do love their stadium. I travel down there to see the Rangers play every year, and it’s awesome. The whole center field is kind of weird though.

    • stros1fan 3 years ago

      Considering the Dallas area is home to two of the biggest collapses in professional sports finals history (the 2006 Dallas Mavericks and the 2011 Texas Rangers) I am surprised you have even have the gumption at trying to be comical at the expense of another team or city.

      • Yeah, but you do know that the Rangers have made back-to-back World Series and the Mavs just won the championship, right?

    • MetsMagic 3 years ago

      Until the last four or five years, everyone knew that the Astros were the predominant team in Texas. Don’t get a swelled head because your team is currently better. 

  4. Ian_Smell 3 years ago

    I’d honestly really like to see Dmitri Young come to the Pirates.

  5. Well considering that everyone makes jokes about the Astros I think your being pretty harsh. I mean, C’mon, it’s hard not to make jokes about them.

  6. indybucfan 3 years ago

    The guy was diagnosed with Diabetes and he’s gotten his health on track! That’s kind of harsh don’t you think?

  7. formerdraftpick 3 years ago

    Aren’t those the only comments on here?

  8. vikray 3 years ago

    Easy there, plus the sandwich would be made up of whole grain bread, wheat grass and free range chicken of course. The promise of a $400k+ minimum salary to play baseball for a living all the while increasing ones quality of life seems like enough to drop the ho hos. I thought I was going a bit easy actually considering this is former alcoholic who choked out his girlfriend months after his divorce and skipped the pretrial hearing. Sounds like he’s really hurting after the $10 million contract he banked and only played for a fraction of too. I hope he does make a comeback, but only if his morals do too.

  9. goner 3 years ago

     Regardless of whether or not he makes the Pirates, I am likewise glad Young has his health back on track… at 6’2, 295 pounds was not a good weight for him at all

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