NL Central Notes: Greinke, Cardinals, Rodriguez

All three of the National League's unsigned arbitration eligible players play in the NL Central, as MLBTR's Arbitration Tracker shows. Here are the latest links from the division…

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  1. CyYoungSuppan 3 years ago

    I know it is all talk at this point, but reading Zack’s comments is promising for an extension.  And with him saying he wants to keep the team competitive going forward might even mean he is willing to sign a team friendly contract to help out other areas of need.  I see no reason this couldn’t happen and hope it does.

    • Josher 3 years ago

      It’s probably more of him telling them he will sign if they stay competitive.

    • basically dont go the KC route and you will have me the rest of my career is what hes telling him

      • Otis26 3 years ago

        Except that they did go the KC route to get him and emptied their farm system.

        It will be fun watching KC start winning over the next couple of years and see a disgruntled Zack throwing in the towel on a mediocre team…just like he did in KC.

        • And yet they made it to game 6 of the NLCS last year, will be very competitive this year (and have enough talent signed to remain so for the next few years), and have plenty of time to restock through the draft. How is that like KC at all?

    • UVA_McIntire_Student 3 years ago

      Doug Melvin: Do you like being a Milwaukee Brewer, Zack?
      Zack Greinke: I like turtles.
      Doug Melvin: Oh boy…

      • CyYoungSuppan 3 years ago

         Then Dougie better get him a dang turtle!  Zombie paint if need be, as well.

  2. The Cardinals are doing the right thing here. No reason to go out and overpay Oswalt when there is not an overwhelming need. $6 million. Take it or leave it, not a penny more.

    • Josher 3 years ago

      I agree. It would be nice to have Carp, Waino, Garcia, Oswalt and Lohse going. But only at $5-$7 million.

    • Guest 3 years ago

      Absolutely. Oswalt signing with the Cardinals would be a bonus….but its not a necessity.

    • Exactly. Berkman needs to have a little chat w/ him. Berks took a pay cut his first yr in StL, look what that got him. A $4M raise!

      • Jdobb 3 years ago

        I agree. I think the Cardinals are trying to wait it out to see how healthy Wainwright and Carpenter are. Lets not forget that Loeshe has his best years in contract years. Westbrook is a groud ball pitcher and has a SS and second baseman behind him this year. With all that being said I would like for the Cardinals to sign Oswalt at a fair price around 6-7 million for 1 year.  

  3. BucSox 3 years ago

    I could see the Pirates going hard after Greinke after the season. He would be their best chance at landing a top of the rotation starter via FA.  Still doubtful, but his desire to not pitch in a large market coupled with the Pirates recent theoretical loosening of the wallet could make for a good match.

  4. vtadave 3 years ago


    Don’t sign with the Brewers.


    Magic Johnson

  5. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    I expect a fire sale from Milwaukee if they are out of contention before the deadline.

    For that reason i dont think Grienke will get an extension just yet

    • toddcoffeytime 3 years ago

      I wouldn’t say they’d need a fire sale, trading Marcum/Hart at the deadline is going to get them more than enough talent to restock the farm.

      Resigning Greinke is the smart move for the Brewers, and he really does seem to want to pitch in Milwaukee.  He is not going to hire an agent, and if he gets a 5/80-90 or so he’ll take it, without the agent’s percentage off the top.

  6. I guess Wandy is staying in Houston for another couple weeks….then the GM will say he is available

    • Hal Jordan 3 years ago

      Luhnow said Wandy is an important part of their plans.  He didn’t say he’d be staying in Houston.  He’s an important part of their plan whether he’s traded or not.  Not traded, he’s their ace or #2.  Traded, he nets them prospects(or maybe just one good one). 

  7. gocubs418 3 years ago

    If Greinke sees FA, I hope the Cubs sign him long term.

  8. DK_hits_20 3 years ago

    The Astros have a plan?

    • Hal Jordan 3 years ago

      Yes.  I’d explain it to you, but I’m not a rocket scientist.  Or a decision scientist. 

  9. UltimateYankeeFan 3 years ago

    IF the top 4 pitchers that right now are scheduled to hit FA at the end of the 2012 season actually do it’s going to be a very hot, Hot Stove next winter. There will be no shortage of suitors for: Hamels, Cain, Greinke and Anibal Sanchez.  Then coming in at numbers 5, and 6: Jackson and Marcum.  It’s going to be a lot of fun.

  10. StL can get him then. :) We have Lohse and Westbrook coming off the books. Miller will fill one slot, which leaves room for one more pitcher.

  11. Ptk123 3 years ago

    A large market yes, but the most laid back large market there is.

  12. good one.

  13. BranchRickeysGhost 3 years ago

    I would want Zack Greinke as a Cardinal about as much as I would want Nyjer Morgan.  In other words, I would rather gouge my eyes out with a spoon.

  14. $3513744 3 years ago

    especially when the team offers him half of what he’d get in FA.

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