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  • Melvin Mora has received offers from the Athletics, Rangers, and Marlins, but he's told all three teams they'll have to wait on his decision, the 40-year-old told Nelson Suárez at the Caracas paper Correo del Orinoco. Right now, Mora is dedicating himself to overseeing the construction of a weather shelter for Caracas' thousands of motorcycle messengers. "They've offered me minor league contracts with the possibility of returning to the majors, which I'd be able to do, because I feel like I'm in shape," Mora said. "I've still got two years left in baseball, but for the moment this project is my priority."
  • At the other end of the spectrum, Magglio Ordonez told Marcus Grunfeld at Beisbol Venezolano that he's still waiting for offers. "There's still nothing," he explained. "The games have barely begun, and the teams are still studying their needs. It's possible that I'll receive an invitation to some camp." Ordonez insists he won't discount any possibility, though he would prefer a starting role.
  • The Blue Jays signed Dominican outfielder Andres DeAza, reports's Gregor Chisholm.  The 17-year-old was passed over in last year's July 2nd class.
  • The Pirates signed three players from the Mexican League's Leones de Yucatán, according to the Mexican team's site. Infielder Julio Perez, 20, left-handed pitcher Omar Basulto, 19, and lefty Eduardo Vera, 17, will all report to the Pirate's Dominican complex before receiving minor league assignments stateside. 

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  1. Eduardo Medina 3 years ago

    Mora only option is Oakland, due to Sizemore´s injury, Marlins really don´t think so…Rangers?? never…   

  2. Dan Mazzaro 3 years ago

    c’mon Melvin! Priorities..who cares about poverty back home where your family & friends live? get on the field and make that league minimum and add to your millions that you’ve earned over the years

  3. InLeylandWeTrust 3 years ago

    Magglio might get a gig as a pinch hitter but I can’t see him getting a regular job.

  4. Shawn Baublitz 3 years ago

    Yeah Mora! Whats wrong with you? You could be competing for a job in MLB or getting in the way of professionals paid to do a job there. Unless you are now a contractor able to draw up plans for buildings.

  5. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Heya..Mr Beane?? I would give Jorge Cantu a shot before Mora if you are scraping the very bottom of the barrel for a 3B guy.. Serious.. besides the fact Mora is 40YO, he hasn’t hit since 2008.

    Sure Cantu didn’t hit last year, but is 10 years younger and neither is really going to have much of a chance of being more than a band aid anyway..

  6. Shawn Baublitz 3 years ago

    I thought Cantu was with the Angels.

    Also Mora can come in. Compete and then go home because he isn’t on the roids anymore.

  7. Cantu signed with the Angels in January.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      Thanks.. Checked Baseball ref. and it didn’t show him as anywhere…

      I hope he signed a minor league deal though..

      The guy did make an amazing comeback with the Fish after having a couple good seasons with TB, then falling flat and falling flat again.. Maybe he has another comeback in him?? The guy is STILL just 30YO.. Hard to believe..

      He’s not much with the glove at 3b, better at 1b, but the Fish had “The Jake” at the time and he was forced to play there.

  8. bobbybaseball 3 years ago

    If ever there was a player who benefitted from the steroid era, it’s Mora.

  9. Let_Timmy_Smoke 3 years ago

    A little outside the box, but Astros should offer Mags a minor-league deal.  He could play some OF and come on from the bench, and if his bat returns (yes, he was horrible last year in an injury-filled season, but consistently hit over .800 his whole career before that) he could be one of their best hitters.  Plus, next yr the ‘Stros go to the AL, so he could DH, and with the money they save with El Caballo coming off the books, they can fill other needs.

  10. Marinersforever71 3 years ago

    The Mariners need to sign either Magglio Ordonez, Johnny Damon, or Vlad Guerrero that can help the team on offense as they have a young ballclub outside of Chone Figgins, Ichiro, and Miguel Olivo.  One year deal will not hurt on salary cap for the M’s to be more competitive in the division this season in spite picked to finish third in the division. One of them can help Miguel Montero at DH on his day off, play outfield at times to give either outfielders some rest once in a while and also pinch hit for Brendan Ryan late in the game.

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