Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Giants, Damon, Red Sox

Six years ago today, Julio Franco hit a pinch-hit home run for the Mets against the Padres in Petco Park. At 47 years and 240 days old, the blast made Franco the oldest player to ever hit a homer. He went on to hit two more homers in his career, extending his own record. Here's the latest from the baseball blogosphere, which hopefully ages as gracefully as Franco did…

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  1. I stopped reading the story about Wieters when it said Molina was an “average” hitter. .305 BA and 14 bombs deserves a much higher ranking than “average hitter”.

  2. Rolen is not a Hall of Famer.  His injuries will keep him out.  Right now is in the Hall of Good players.

  3. Bernaldo 3 years ago

    Scott Rolen is no way,  no how a candidate for Cooperstown!  Very good career but not worthy of Hall of Fame consideration. 

  4. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Funny how while people of mediocre to good level fans will think that some guys belong and if these bloggers would just do simple searches into players of the past? They would find guys much better who are not in the HOF.. Dwight Evans, Lee Smith, Jim Kaat.. Rolen is no HOF’er, he is just a solid player and those 1st 3 are not HOF’ers either. The only 2 who should even be considered (seriously) are Lee Arthur Smith and Jimmy Kaat. Smith as a dominant closer for 15 seasons and Kaat because he won 283 games.

    When they start allowing in mediocre people like those guys, Luis Tiant, Jack Morris etc.. Then maybe the Scot Rolen’s of the world will get in but the HOF already has enough of that type voted in by the old timer’s committee as it is.

    • Alex Foltz 3 years ago

      Everyone knows that the first person on any list of screwed over players out of the HOF is David Justice. If you don’t believe me, just ask David Justice.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

         Justice never had the outstanding glove at his position that either Evans, even Rolen possesses/possessed. For instance? Evans, in his time had the best RF throwing arm in the game during the 70’s thru early 80’s.. One just did not try to take an extra base, nor score on him when a play was questionable.. His arm was deadly and accurate and his glove was as outstanding as his 8GG proved. His were of the earned variety, much like many of Rolen’s. Justice was known as a hitter, not for his glove.

        Rolen and Evans were/are complete offensive/defensive packages in that regard, just neither seems like (in Rolen’s case) quite put up good enough offensive numbers to earn enshrinement.

        IF Justice gets in?? It will be by the old timer’s committee.. Same with both Evans and Rolen and take decades.. Look over Orlando Cepada for someone who had somewhat comparable career to Justice, though somewhat better. It took Baby Bull 26 years for the old timer’s to finally elect and Cepeda (to me) had one of the sweetest swings ever saw.

        • Alex Foltz 3 years ago

          It was a joke. Seems about every time I see Justice on tv doing color commentary, he’s spouting off about his stats as a player. I’ve even heard him tout his own credentials as a HOF’er a few times.

          Don’t get me wrong, I loved watching Justice and the Braves growing up on TBS, since you could watch them all over the country you didn’t need to be around Atlanta to get there games. But he’s certainly no HOF’er.

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