Fontenot Deciding Between Phillies, Braves

Mike Fontenot is deciding between two NL East rivals, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reports (on Twitter). The free agent infielder has narrowed his choices to the Braves and Phillies.

Fontenot posted a .227/.304/.377 line in 252 plate appearances at second base, shortstop and third base last year, but the Giants released him toward the end of Spring Training. The Fielding Bible Volume III suggests Fontenot provides adequate defense around the infield. The Braves are relying on rookie Tyler Pastornicky at shortstop, while various Phillies infielders have dealt with injuries early on this year.

This post was first published on Friday, April 13th.

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  1. He’ll go with the Phils….

  2. Tyler Gresham 3 years ago

    I hope he goes with the Phils. Who would we cut? Francisco? I don’t see any room for him on the Braves.

  3. Michael Brown 3 years ago

    No no no. I usually agree with Wren on his decisions but between this and Durbin I just don’t know what he’s thinking at the moment.

    • Yeah, I think Durbin was a mistake.  I’d rather put a rookie out there than Durbin, same as with Linebrink last year.

  4. BrandonP 3 years ago

    The only othe person i could see them cutting is jack wilson i would hate to see them cut a 24 yr upside powerguy for him

  5. Michael Brown 3 years ago

    I say sign Fontenot, trade Heyward to Miami for Ozzie and whoever they don’t want. Move Prado to SS and let Constanza start left field.


    Oh, and don’t tell either Fredi or Ozzie about the other and see what happens when they both show up to the field.

    • PTownBrave 3 years ago

      Wow…thats why you’re not a GM….

      1st the trading Heyward is once again too soon…

      2nd you want a mgr who is in deep hot water with MLB and a very short leash

      3rd and I state this to ANYONE who thinks otherwise….Prado can not play SS….not on a permanent basis, not a couple times a week, not at all really!

      This is NOT MLB The Show….you can’t just throw a guy in a spot and hope it works tonight

  6. PTownBrave 3 years ago

    Where would Fontenot fit?!

    He’s another LH hitter…

    Besides I can’t see the Braves cutting Wilson lose when he’s been heralded as such a great mentor to Pastor…

    And if you cut Francisco you’re conceivably stating less than a month later that you gave away Hoover….

    Maybe Diaz? But he’s so well liked and you don’t get rid of your only RH bench bat (dont count Ross)

    I’m just not seeing the fit at all

  7. Agreed. No need to bring in another LHer off the bench. Only thing I can come up with is they are trying to keep him from the Phils, but I think they could and should only offer a Minor league deal. 

    I would think if he is smart he sees that he won’t get much time playing for the Braves and will probably go with the Phils.

  8. Jason Klinger 3 years ago

    Who would the Phillies cut to make room on the 25-man? 

  9. Bruce Gross 3 years ago

    Phils wouldn’t cut anyone.  They’d send Galvis down to AAA.  While he’s got a great glove and picking up 2nd quickly, they need a bat that can at least hit .250 in their line up on a consistent basis.  While Fontenot didn’t hit much last year he’s a career .263 hitter, and even at .227 probably still fair batter offensively that Galvis.  Utley, defensively, was only ever average, and once back will be below average. When Martinez comes back I’d send him down, if he has to go through waivers and they lose him so be it.  With Pierre, Rollins, and Victorino they don’t need his marginal speed anyway and he can’t hit much anyway.

  10. ruben acknowledged that he should have kept wilson valdez.

  11. Bruce Gross 3 years ago

    Oh, yeah Pete Orr, I forgot about him; or should I say that I’m trying to forget about him…. he sucks.  I’d send him down or just plain cut him.   I heard Amaro said that about Valdez, but in my opinion, for the same $$$ he got Juan Pierre and at the time Martinez was healthy.  Martinez is younger, cheaper, and probably better with more upside than Valdez.  

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