Olney On Phillies, Hamels, Athletics, Colon

The latest from Buster Olney of ESPN.com..

  • There's still no conversation between the Phillies and left-hander Cole Hamels on a new contract, Olney tweets.  A high profile agent who doesn't know Hamels told Olney (Twitter link) that between the Cubs, Dodgers, and other major players, the lefty will get a six-year offer as free agent.  Other agents presume that at some point this season Hamels will be so close to free agency that he'll test the market rather than sign with the Phillies, tweets Olney.
  • In today's column (Insider sub. req'd), Olney suggests that A's pitcher Bartolo Colon could be traded sooner rather than later.  With the A's building the team for 2015-16, they could be motivated to move Colon when they perceive his value is at its highest, rather than waiting until later in the year.  Colon's base salary for this season is just $2MM, making him more affordable than the alternatives that will pop up on the market. 

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