Quick Hits: Cardinals, Seager, Harper

Hank Aaron joined Babe Ruth and Willie Mays in the 600 home run club with a round tripper against the Giants on this date in 1971. Here are today's links…

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  1. BMiggy 3 years ago

    …. jumping the gun…

  2. eyeglass1 3 years ago

    I really think the Cards will fall back to earth with their rotation. At some point, Lynn, Lohse and Westbrook will fall back to earth once the season warms up and the balls start to fly out of the parks. I hope for their sakes that Carpenter and Wainwright get back. (I can say this even as a Reds fan, competition is great). 

  3. Cards never get credit for anything they do… and all they do is win.

  4. TheLoLgen 3 years ago

    Not so sure about Westbrook (his sinker is back to the form it was when he won 15 games with the Indians).  Maybe Lohse, but his command has been absolutely dominant so far.  Probably Lynn, but you’d be surprised at how well a pitcher can pitch with an effective fastball/cutter/curve mix.

  5. going to have to change the comments about Harper being youngest by two years, Trout is getting called up in Anehiem.

    Also Those 3 cards pitchers will fall back to earth a bit but that does not mean they wont still be good/effective

  6. DarronSinclair 3 years ago

    hey,reds fan. u better hope things unravel 4 the cardinals. allen craig and lance berkmam are back at the end of the week. its over. chase one of the wild card berths!

  7. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 3 years ago

    Man, I love Jose Altuve!  The Little Engine That Could is what he is.  His short stature made him one of the most  overlooked young talents, but I like his game and kudos to the Astros for overlooking the size factor. 

  8. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 3 years ago

    I think it’s kind of funny that the Cardinals are doing so well.  All off season the media talked about how the Cardinals were doomed-they lost the ‘greatest manager of all time, the greatest pitching coach of all time and the greatest right hand hitter of the past decade’ and they have a never before ML manager and a pitching coach that has less than 1/2 season of experience.  They were doomed!

    I guess you really don’t need all the ‘greatest guys’ if you have the right players in place. They have gotten off to one of their best starts in years.

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