NL East Notes: Harper, Hamels, Rizzo, Brown

Phillies left-hander Cole Hamels created a stir last night by admitting he hit Nationals rookie Bryce Harper intentionally. Though Harper didn’t publicly express frustration at being hit, GM Mike Rizzo fired back at Hamels this morning. The details and other NL East-related notes…

  • Rizzo called Hamels' act the most "classless, gutless" thing he's seen in his career, according to Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post. “Cole Hamels says he’s old school? He’s the polar opposite of old school,” Rizzo said. “He’s fake tough." I’d recommend reading Kilgore’s entire piece for the details.
  • Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports points out that Hamels won't be signing with the Nationals next offseason and writes that Rizzo will be lucky if he is not reprimanded for his comments.
  • Jon Heyman of notes that there's "nothing doing" with respect to an extension for Hamels (Twitter link).
  • Morosi expects Harper to stay in the Major Leagues for good, since he's played too well to be sent down to the minor leagues (video link).
  • Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports says Rizzo's comments were an overreaction to legitimate old school play from Hamels (video link).
  • Bill Ladson of suggests the Nationals may make a trade instead of relying on Xavier Nady and Roger Bernadina in left field (Twitter link).
  • Jim Callis of Baseball America hasn't given up on Phillies prospect Domonic Brown despite his struggles. Brown could still hit for a high average with 20 homers per season to go along with plus speed and arm strength, Callis writes.

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  1. The Cole Hamels situation is being so overblown. Its not like he was head hunting. 

    • NickinIthaca 3 years ago

       I’m glad this was the first comment on here.  I will now stop reading because at least I know that someone knows what they are talking about.  The big deal isn’t that he hit him – it’s that he admitted to doing it on purpose.  If you watched the pitch you can see him deliberately take something off of it, and without a doubt, deliberately hit him square in the back.  It’s baseball.  It needed to happen to the kid, and not only did Hamels man up and do it, but he also manned up and admitted it.  I’m sure he’ll serve his suspension, and I’m sure he’s earned a little more credit with the rest of the players in the league.  Regardless of what Rizzo says.

  2. chico65 3 years ago

    Wow, I don’t think you hear a GM call players “gutless” too much.  Seems a little classless to me.  I think it’s safe to say Hamels won’t be signing with the Nats.

    • FillyPhan 3 years ago

      Way to repost what Morosi said above.

      • chico65 3 years ago

        That’s hilarious.  I clicked on the Kilgore article link, glanced at it, and then posted.  If only I had Morosi’s salary…

        Did you read the article?  I haven’t seen that many bleeps from a GM in a long time.  Hamels may be suspended, but I certainly agree with Morosi that something is going to happen to Rizzo, too. 

        • FillyPhan 3 years ago

          I agree. Intentionally hit batters are an every occurrence. You dont see a GM flip out every time a player is hit. Whether Cole said he did it or not doesnt change the action. Believe it or not some people are honest people and don’t lie simply to make life easier.

          • stl_cards16 3 years ago

            So it was admirable for the player to be honest but wrong for the GM? I’m starting to see how this works.

          • Guest 3 years ago

             It’s one of their many double standards. Kind of like that one where they talk like they’re in first place when they are actually in last place.

  3. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    If it was a “legitimate old school play” then Hamels wouldn’t of ran to the media to talk about what he did.  Old school players let their actions do the talking.  They wouldn’t of had to go tell people that they are “old school”. 

    • Muggi 3 years ago

       ? He was asked if he hit him on purpose. It’s not like Hamels help a press conference or something.

      • stl_cards16 3 years ago

        And he had to be arrogant and tell everyone how old school he is. If it’s because he is old school, how many other rookies has he hit this year?  Players get hit all the time on purpose.  You don’t talk about it, you take care of it on the field. 

        I suspect Hamels won’t be too liked in his own locker room if he continues this act.  Guys don’t like getting plunked because your pitcher likes to run his mouth.

        • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

          Chase Utley lead MLB in hit by pitches on more than one occasion.

          It’s going to take more than a few HBP to break the Phillies club house chemistry.

          • beisbolista 3 years ago

             Utley also stands right on top of the plate and hangs over the strikezone.

          • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

            He’s been thrown at intentionally by Mike Pelfrey and Jonathan Sanchez on multiple occasions.

          • beisbolista 3 years ago

             Which is completely unacceptable, especially considering it is a well-known fact that Utley is a fragile, injury-prone player. I would be outraged if a MLB star asset like Utley ended up on the DL thanks to a malicious bean from any opposing team.

        • Muggi 3 years ago

          …Hamels got plunked, as he should have. Yet another reason the DH sucks.

          It was taken care of on the field. It appears the only thing you’re upset about was a reporter asked Hamels if he did it on purpose, and he didn’t lie about it.

    • I didn’t realize Hamels did all this last night, there is only so much baseball “Lefty” can watch in one day. Another thing maybe Hamels should have done since he’s “New School” was twitter what he had done instead of going to the media. Yeah, I plunked him (Harper), I plunked him rotten! Cole “Austin Powers” Hamels.

      PS I wonder if Cole would have plunked Bryce if his father was in the stands? Bryce is a solid dude, but his father is even bigger. I saw him sitting in the stands with his wife  and Vin Scully pointed out that he was an iron worker or something. Let me tell you he looked the part. I always saw Cole as a prima donna though.

      • Muggi 3 years ago

         This post in incredibly confusing. Bryce Harper’s Dad is going to come out of the stands? What is this Little League?

        • beisbolista 3 years ago

           I think Lefty is wondering if Cole Hamels would have picked on a teenager in front of his parents. It’s a matter of respect and decency. You don’t go out of your way to bully a kid when you’re a grown man.

          • Muggi 3 years ago

             uh…if Harper is going to play in the bigs, he doesn’t get protection. He’s good enough to play with the adults, he’s going to get treated like one.

            So are catchers supposed to avoid contact if he’s charging the plate? He’s just a kid, after all…

          • beisbolista 3 years ago

            I think the difference between blocking the plate and intentionally pegging a batter are perfectly clear. 

          • Muggi 3 years ago

            Well you just said he should be treated differently since he’s a teenager…what else should or shouldn’t he be expected to put up with that other MLB players have to?

          • beisbolista 3 years ago

             Your point is well taken. He should be treated the same as other Major League players. Maybe I should rephrase my complaint. You’re comparing the intentional HBP (something that no MLB player should have to put up with) with blocking the plate (something that is not targeted, and which is generally accepted). At least with plate blocking, the level of contact is optional for both baserunner and catcher, whereas with beaming, only one player is given an option.

          • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

            (something that no MLB player should have to put up with)

            HBP have been a part of the game since the start. It’s not going away.

            Harper had no problem with getting hit by Hamels and made him pay for it by stealing home.

          • beisbolista 3 years ago

             Perhaps you would feel differently if another of your stars ended up on the DL thanks to a HBP. I’m sure you resent Jayson Werth now that he’s left Philly for a more lucrative contract, but remember several years ago when he missed two years with a wrist injury from a HBP? It wasn’t intentional, but it illustrates the risks of beanball. It’s wrong to intentionally risk taking another player out of the game when it can be avoided. An inside pitch would have served the same purpose without that kind of risk. And to say that Harper had no problem with getting hit is ridiculous. There is a clear difference between being diplomatic in his post-game response and not caring about getting pegged. He was trying to show his maturity, which has been in question is the past, and that is precisely what he did.

          • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

            There’s nothing wrong with hitting a player on purpose as long as you do it in the right spot.

            He threw it right where you’re supposed to throw it.

            Zimmerman threw a ball right at Cole Hamels’s shin… if that hits his leg it does serious damage.

            That’s good old school baseball. I’m with Cole, we need to go back to this.

          • beisbolista 3 years ago

             This is really getting ridiculous. Aiming at the spine, ribs, heart, or anything in that region is certainly not ideal. Nor is the shin. Both pitchers were in the wrong.

          • Phadreus 3 years ago

            That’s like saying there is nothingwrong with driving drunk as long as you dont kill anyone.

          • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago


      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        Pitchers hit in the NL, let them fend for themselves.. About the only way many of them can get on base is via HBP…

        • HobokenMetsFan 3 years ago

          spot on. ive got no problem with this kind of play in the NL. Over in the sally league, however……..

    • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

       “That’s baseball,” Hamels said. “I’m kind of happy that’s the way it
      works, because that’s the way it should. I don’t think the umpires
      should interfere with it. Let baseball be baseball. I grew up playing
      the game hard and watching it. That’s the way it was. I’d hate for them
      to change it, which has kind of happened in recent years. Just let it
      play out and then we get back to playing. That’s just the way it is, and
      I’m not going to argue with it.”

      “It’s impressive,” Hamels said of Harper. “He’s got a lot of talent.
      He’s going to be a really good ballplayer. He’s got a lot of energy. To
      be able to steal home and stretch a single into a double on one of the
      hits, if he keeps continuing to do that, he’s really going to make a
      really good name for himself.”

      Where does he gloat about being old school? It was an old school play.

  4. FillyPhan 3 years ago

    Rizzo is just upset his team is getting the injury bug like the phils had starting the season. Classless would be sending that message by going for Harpers head.

    • beisbolista 3 years ago

       Not for nothing, the ball hit pretty high on his back. Not far from the head at all.

      • Lastings 3 years ago

        Yeah, Harper’s anatomy (along with his baseball skills) is not human . His head is directly above his “wallet.” Please, Hamels didn’t go anywhere near his head.

      • FillyPhan 3 years ago

        Do you even know what your talking about? The ball barely made it to the bottom of the 4 on his back, about a kidney shot. Do you know where the head is located on the body?

      • hoagiebuchanan 3 years ago

         All for nothing.

    • FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

      the Nats had the same amount of injuries to start the season. The phillies injuries may be just a little more than the Nats at the beginning but now, its not even close. Almost a third of the guys who should be on the team are hurt, just look at the Nats disabled list, its insane.

  5. brett 3 years ago

    Its simply Rizzo standing up for his player. people are making way more of this than need be. As to Doc. The franchise has all the ability to turn into the Yankees type of long success. They have a great foundation. Sutcliffe said it best. They are the Rays with the exception that they have the payroll to go out and get any piece they need. I know you Philly fans are mad because the Nats are #1 and your last. You lost the 3 and 4 hitters. Nats have missed significant time from their 3,4,5 and now 6 hitter and are still in 1st. 

    • hoagiebuchanan 3 years ago

      Are you saying the Nationals are better then the Phillies because they are in first place on May the 7th?

      • FillyPhan 3 years ago

        A whole 4.5 wins ahead.

      • imachainsaw 3 years ago

        i think the nationals are better than the phillies because they have a better team

      • brett 3 years ago

        No but I do think that too much is being made regarding the Phillies injuries. And the Nats can very much play with the Phillies. 

      • Cosmo3 3 years ago

        Com’on man, you can read the writing on the wall as well as anyone, even if you’re in denial. We’re at the turning point in the NL East. The Phillies’ dynasty is beginning to crumble, and the Nats are rising stars. Doesn’t matter what the standings say or what time of year it is–Nats have the better team now and in the foreseeable future. 

      • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

        I think they’re better… at least long term.

  6. Lastings 3 years ago

    You mess with Rizzo’s prospects and you will pay! Ask Rob Dibble what happened when he had an opinion on Stephen Strasburg. I don’t think he is even alive anymore…

  7. Gilster44 3 years ago

    The end is near for the Phillies, it’s decline time in Philly !!!

  8. Really?  What purpose did beaning a 19 year old serve?  I agree with “Lefty” Hamels really played the party of a prima donna by making that statement.  Was he supposed to be “tougher” because he admitted to beaning a kid.  No respect for Hamels only disdain

    • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

      He stood behind his actions instead of lying to the media about it like Zimmerman did.

      The whole thing is getting blown out of proportion.

  9. Lastings 3 years ago

    “If Cole Hamels wants a dog fight, he met a junkyard dog in Mike Rizzo”

    Best quote I have read in a long time…

  10. schellis 3 years ago

    I’m somewhat surprised that the league hasn’t suspended Hamels for admitting he intentionally threw at a player, especially when that player is a potential high profile hitter like Harper.  Not like he’s throwing at Willy Harris of the Reds after all. Usually the league doesn’t stand for that sort of thing any more.

    I don’t have a problem with Rizzo firing back either, though it does look rather unprofessional.   

    Of course they could throw at a offensive player of the Phillies but with Howard and Utley already down the options are limited when it comes to face of the Franchise type players.   I suppose one could target Rollins or Victorino but it just doesn’t feel the same.

  11. ThePunisher91 3 years ago

    The Phillies comments are the signs of a dying breed. It will only be a matter time before they are obsolete.

    • 1980CHAMPS 3 years ago

      If you think this team is going back to a low or modest payroll anytime soon you better stick with your Marvel comics.

      • ThePunisher91 3 years ago

        Ha. Typical wealthy elitists. Thinking money is the answer to all problems.

  12. garettf 3 years ago

    The phillies still had well over a third of the stadium as the road team, and that is even though they weren’t allowed to buy tickets for the first month. I was there for the series. You lost credibility for speaking when you said the hamels pitch almost hit harpers head.

    • beisbolista 3 years ago

       I didn’t say it almost hit Harper’s head. I said it wasn’t far from his head at all. Less than a foot. If Hamels had erred a bit or lost his grip, it absolutely could have hit him in the head. That’s why you don’t throw a 93 mph object at another person.

      • FillyPhan 3 years ago

        Youre not impressed because its your stadium getting invaded. If you ever get the chance try to be part of the 8K visitors and it will feel like you never left your home park. So philly transplants are all over the country then? They have the largest away game attendance jumps in the NL.

        • Guest 3 years ago

           Look around next time. Most of those Phillies fans you saw are DC college students.

      • 1980CHAMPS 3 years ago

        The only reason why DC has any sort of economy is its sucked the tax dollars out of the country for all those gov’t jobs.  Remember this…90% of congress wanted to keep Philadelphia the capital.

        • Guest 3 years ago

           I’m not here to argue politics or to support the federal government. I’m as libertarian as they come. But you don’t refute the fact that there are thousands of Philadelphia area transplants in the DC area for education and jobs. And they come out in numbers for Nationals/Phillies games.

  13. Roger Wilco 3 years ago

    Does anyone else think Rizzo was a stand up guy for calling a player out?  Was he really gonna go after Hamels in the offseason anyway?  I doubt it since their focus seems to be acquiring a CF.

  14. FillyPhan- I don’t necessarily agree with you but that was hilarious. Well done.

  15. Sorry. That was to the Oompa Loompa comment. Classic.

  16. Lastings 3 years ago

    It must be said, as much as I dislike Harper and the Nationals, you got to respect the guy for taking the hit without making a big deal out of it. He plays hard, and stays quiet. How long that will last will remain to be seen. I just don’t wish the Nationals well…

  17. schellis 3 years ago

    There are kids his age still in high school. 

  18. Wudlander3000 3 years ago

    Well, I don’t think that one should make such a big story out of this. Intentional HBP happen all the time, I am convinced. Hamels is the only one who admits it.

    Of course it is no class act, but at least a fun story. Suspend Hamels one game and forget it.

    A intentional HBP is less wicked than intentionaly sliding into basemen.

  19. CommissionerBart 3 years ago

    Funny we’re talking about the Phills and Harper here…..Harper’s hustle and extra effort reminds me of Rose’s determination….though Harper has power and perhaps more speed.

    • chico65 3 years ago

      Hmmm.  He likes to bet, too…though it’s on his own talent

  20. Prozac_for_Mets_Fans 3 years ago

    Are there any theories as to WHY Hamels hit Harper? I’ve seen/heard nothing on the subject.

    • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

      There’s so much hype surrounding this kid and his antics can rub people the wrong way. I don’t know why Hamels personally had a grudge against him but I’m sure Harper was going to get drilled eventually.

      I remember the guys from MLB Network/ESPN saying it was a matter of time.

      • Prozac_for_Mets_Fans 3 years ago

        If Hamels doesn’t like the “hype” around Harper, maybe he should throw at the sports writers and ESPN analysts rather than Harper.  Similarly, if he’s upset about being squeezed, than he should throw at the umpire(s), not Harper.

        ***Something*** caused Hamels to select Harper to hit with a pitch. He had an entire roster to choose from, and he choose Harper for a reason. I, for one, would be interested to hear the background, because based on the (i) Hamels may have been “rubbed the wrong way” by the attention given Harper, and the (ii) Hamels is upset above being squeezed, years ago, when he was a rookie; Cole sounds exceptionally petty and jealous. Hitting people is part of the game, like it or not, but those two explanations simply don’t constitute reasons to hit anyone, especially when that person has nothing to do with the actual complaint.

        If Hamels was as “old school” as he’d like to think, he should’ve engaged the relevant parties (umpires and/or analysts), like Ty Cobb or Pete Rose might have done, rather than pluncking someone who has nothing to do withhis complaint. Maybe Cole was just feeling overshadowed by Harper, because everyone’s talking about Bryce rather than Hamels and his impending contract. I don’t know, but you don’t get a gold star for hitting someone who doesn’t have anyhting to do with your complaint(s), even if you’re honest later to reporters about it.

        • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

          He had an entire roster to choose from, and he choose Harper for a reason.

          Who else is worth hitting on that team right now?

          I honestly don’t know why he hit Harper. I’m sure it’ll be far from the last time somebody hits him on purpose.

  21. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    I’m sure Cole Hamels is scared of Mike Rizzo… What’s he going to do, honestly? Settle down.

    “He doesn’t know who he’s messing with.”


  22. I’m on Hamels’ side here. Good for him for hitting a kid with a cocky reputation, age is not an issue. Harper’s a big league player and if I was Bryce I’d be more upset about Rizzo pretending he’s my daddy. 

    The kid can take care of himself and Hamels is creating a reason for his struggling team to get pumped up. I’m also sick of seeing pitchers getting tossed for throwing at a player with curveballs or whatever the situation may be. It takes away from the game, let the rivalries live out.

    So Nats and Phils, duke it out. Let the Braves take over first while you squabble amongst yourselves.

    • Prozac_for_Mets_Fans 3 years ago

      I don’t get it. Was Cole Hamels crowned the Arbiter of Proper Attitudes, who has the implicit authority to strike at all those whom he deems too cocky for baseball? Who is Cole Hamels to elevate himself to such a lofty position, a summit above the unwashed masses upon whom he passes judgement and assigns punishment with impunity?  That sounds like hubris to me.

      • Hey, cocky baseball players make the game. Would baseball really be as entertaining without the eventual Milton Bradley, Carlos Zambrano, Jeff Weaver, or AJ Pierzynski?

        The great thing about Hamels is he can get away with it. I’d love to see more players like him in baseball(from a Braves fan) as long as they understand to keep it on the field and not let it effect their team’s chemistry. Hell, he may have created the whole charade to pump up the Phillies. He’s not “in the right” in this situation at all but that doesn’t make him some self worshipping demigod. Rizzo just took this way too far.

  23. Cole H. Just should have kept it to him self about hitting Harper.

  24. flash222 3 years ago

    I’m still confused as to what “antics” harper has committed to deserve being thrown at. Was it tossing his helmet 8 games ago against another team? or going hitless in two games against the phillies. If it’s because he is a rookie then why hasn’t Cole been throwing at other rookies this year? Is it because he’s a good up and coming player because i don’t remember Cole ever targeting Heyward, maybe that would have been considered racist? I haven’t seen harper do anything in the major leagues that warrents being thrown at, even by ‘old school’ standards.

  25. For all the people hating on the Phils Phans, saying that we are bitter over the fact that we are in last place, we realized at the end of the 2011 season that this first half of the season would be a struggle.  Howard is out, Utley is out, Clifton Phifer Lee is out.  We know it isn’t going to be easy competing with the Nats, Fish, and Braves.  The only thing that matters is the date October 4th, 2012, when the playoffs start.  By the way Nats fans, get a good look at Bryce Harper.  You have until 2015 to see him, before he signs with the Yanks.

  26. Eduardo Medina 3 years ago

    Welcome to the Majors Kiddo…now shut up and keep playing, all the drama is because he´s 19 years old?? give me a break

    • Prozac_for_Mets_Fans 3 years ago

      It’s not because he’s 19, it’s because he did nothing to deserve it. Age has nothing to do with it; Harper’s playing with the big boys now, and he knows (I imagine) that getting plunked is part of the game. BTW, he did shut up; all he said were compliments to Hamels. Rizzo and Hamels are the ones who aren’t shutting up! I don’t see anything wrong with a manager protecting his young star, and I don’t see anything wrong with Hamels takingit to the media; although, realistically, he had to expect a firestorm would result.

      To me, the only question is WHY… and nobody seems to be able to answer that question.  If Harper did something to deserve it, then fine, plunk away… but no one can come up with even the slightest provocation for this occurrence. 

      If you know why, please tell me, because I cannot figure it out.

  27. exportedexpo 3 years ago

    I recall Jason Marquis getting suspended last season for throwing at Justin Upton because the league assumed that he threw at Upton on purpose. Hamels came out and said he done it, so why should there not be a suspension?

  28. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    5 games. If he serves this suspension starting tonight, he won’t miss a start essentially. It’ll just be like they skipped him for Halladay.

  29. 1980CHAMPS 3 years ago

    Why all this hype for a kid who has never done anything above A+ ball?

    • windycitywarrior 3 years ago

      If you really think this kid is a bust you are delusional my friend. White Sox fan here and Im tellin ya he is gonna be good. Sucks to be a fan of the other teams in that division.

  30. ThePunisher91 3 years ago

    I hove how all these comments are getting censored for no reason. Freedom in America is Dead! Some people just can’t handle unfiltered opinions.

  31. cookmeister 3 years ago

    Big deal.  The kid plays hard all the time, he can do what he wants.  Not like it’s hurting anybody.  And I’ll admit I don’t watch Nationals games, but I havn’t really seen him wearing eye black too much, and when he does it is just straight across like anybody else.  Get over it.

  32. Is there a rule against it?

  33. comish4lif 3 years ago

     Check a recent picture, he left the “warpaint” look in JuCo.

  34. Guest 3 years ago

     What do you think, he has two foot legs and a four foot upper body?

  35. FillyPhan 3 years ago

    Who’s Cole Hammels? There is a Jason Hammel on the Os…

  36. FillyPhan 3 years ago

    Hah and yet youre saying he has 4 foot legs and 1 foot torso ( the head is approx a foot tall and he is 6’3″.) If thats the case he can walk right over my 12 year old daughter. Get real he was hit in the middle of his body at least 2 feet away from his head.

  37. beisbolista 3 years ago

     It’s about a foot from the bottom of the head to the lower part of the letters.

  38. Lastings 3 years ago

    He’s been in the major leagues for not even two weeks. Let’s ease up on the Harper Kool-Aid…

  39. FillyPhan 3 years ago

    Hmm Whenever I type in Cole Hammels to any baseball reference, no one has that name…Odd I must not have a mind and type it in wrong…

  40. FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

    Lets ease up on the Nationals hate. 

  41. FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

    The thing is, he hasn’t. And, i know it gets old, he’s 19, let him do what he wants.

  42. cookmeister 3 years ago

    I havn’t heard anyone complain about the thickness of his eye black.  If the Nats are OK with what he is doing, i dont see the big deal. 

  43. Lastings 3 years ago

    Try selling that philosophy to the people of Montreal…

  44. FillyPhan 3 years ago

    Where did the neck go? Also the lettering is a foot

  45. FillyPhan 3 years ago

    Because metros drop people off in their dorm rooms. Please make another generality about people. So far its their age and where they live.

  46. Guest 3 years ago

     Say it’s three feet from where the ball hit to the head. That’s still way too close and within the margin of error. You shouldn’t throw an object at someone at 93 mph intentionally. That’s the bottom line. As a Phillies fan you should know how much it stinks having players injured as much as we do.

  47. Guest 3 years ago

     Actually in DC the Metros are named after the universities, and in the cases of ever school in Dc outside of Georgetown, the Metros actually do drop them off at their dorm rooms.

  48. Prozac_for_Mets_Fans 3 years ago

    Understood; but what prompted Hamels, in his mind, to hit anyone, let alone Harper. I get Rizzo’s theory, but something must have precipitated the incident beyond Hamels standing on the mound and saying, “I’m tough, old-skool-style, and I’m gonna prove it by plunking the Nats’ 19 year-old potential-rookie-phenom… Oh, Yeah [Kool-Aid man style]”

  49. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    It should be the end of it or the Nationals are the ones who are “gutless.”

    Hamels hit Harper.
    Harper steals home.
    Zimmerman hits Hamels.
    Hamels stands up like a man and admits to hitting him.
    Zimmerman lies.
    Rizzo overreacts to what Hamels said.

    The games are going to be intense but nobody should get hit over what Cole Hamels said.

  50. chico65 3 years ago

    Wow.  Guess they didn’t like Rizzo’s theory much, either.

  51. stl_cards16 3 years ago

    “Hamels stand up like a man”

    haha. I have no dog in this fight. Rizzo and Hamels were both wrong.

    I remember you from last years NLDS. You are possibly the biggest homer here.

  52. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago


    He didn’t say “I hit a 19 year old kid… haha.”

    “I’m not going to deny it. I’m not trying to injure the guy. They’re probably not going to like me for it, but I’m not going to say I wasn’t trying to do it. I think they understood the message, and they threw it right back. That’s the way, and I respect it. They can say whatever they want.”

    There was nothing wrong about what Cole said/did. It’s being blown out of proportion. He didn’t gloat about hitting a 19 year old man. He’ll be suspended or fined for his actions because there’s a precedent set for intentional HBP.

    This is the way baseball should be played and if it makes the games more exciting, I’m all for it as long as nobody’s seriously hurt.

    Go back and read the quotes… in fact, I’ve posted a couple in this thread.

  53. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    He missed Chase.

    I remember one incident, he threw behind Chase and then pretended like he slipped.

  54. Dylan 3 years ago

    Then Utley deposited one in Utley ‘s corner in CitiField

  55. actually, pelfrey’s had a nack for slipping off of mounds. i dont remember the specific indicent you’re referring to, but you have no idea what was going on in his head.

  56. 1980CHAMPS 3 years ago

    Let me know when any of those pitchers become a World Series MVP.

  57. Shawn Nichols 3 years ago

    1 and 2 type pitchers. Its may. one pitcher will be done in august one is brand new to the league and the four are third man at best. i love how natinals fans have been in first place for 5 minutes and they act like their WS cahmpions. But i guess when you’ve never been above .500, every win feels like a championship!

  58. beisbolista 3 years ago

     Your implication is that none of them have a chance at ever being a World Series MVP? I don’t get it.

  59. michael ortiz 3 years ago

    let me know when cole is back in a WS

  60. Prozac_for_Mets_Fans 3 years ago

    Hamels wasn’t suspended for what he said, but for what he did. Since you raise the ubiquitous, “what about the children argument,” I ask, what message would it have sent if Hamels plunked anyone, then told MLB and the world that he did it on purpose, AND those authorities did not suspend him? You seem to want to excuse the action b/c Hamels acknowledged it, which is like letting the robber go b/c he confessed to the theft.  As for Zimmerman, let’s not forget that Zimmerman’s actions, intentional as they were, were in response to Hamels plunking Harper; Zimmerman stood up for his teammate (as Cole would’ve if the situation was reversed) and everyone knows it was intentional–I’m not sure I see the value in making him admit to the obvious. Cole could’ve saved his club the suspension, but (I believe) let his emotions get the better of him and wanted to tell everyone the plunk was intentional. If your analysis is correct, than we should admonish every ballplayer, including Cole, who didn’t fess up to beaning players in the past, b/c of the “message [it sends] to the kids.”

    Furthermore, I watched the game where Harper threw off his helmet, and saw nothing cocky about it. The helmet appeared to be shifting and falling low on his head as he ran (for the first time while wearing an MLB helmet), so he threw it off. As for Cole hitting him “for the crap he did in the Minors,” I’ve already addressed this above. The short response is: Who made Cole Hamels the Arbiter of Proper Attitudes? Who annointed him with the authoirty to judge and exact punishment from players he feels are too cocky? As I said above, that sounds more like hubris than “old school” grit and honor.

    *** Just my two cents… and all are encouraged to disagree. 

  61. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    It was sometime last year… it was real obvious he faked it.

    Pelfrey’s a headcase though so maybe I wouldn’t know. He’s still thrown at him before.

  62. Phadreus 3 years ago

    They are just looking for a reason to hate the kid.  Eye black?1?  That is not a reason.

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