Rockies Notes: Coaches, Front Office, Rogers

With the Rockies off to an underwhelming 13-21 start, there is no shortage of speculation about what the team could do to shake things up.  Let's check the latest news out of Coors Field…

  • GM Dan O'Dowd tells Troy Renck of the Denver Post that he doesn't plan to make any changes to the Rockies' coaching staff.  "It's been frustrating for everyone involved, for our fans, for the players, for everyone. But I don't sense that we are that point (where there would be changes). That's not how we do business," O'Dowd said.  Renck points out that the Rockies "are historically patient with personnel decisions and almost never act during the season."  While Colorado signed manager Jim Tracy to an indefinite contract extension last winter, Renck notes that the club wanted to keep Tracy as part of the overall management team, not necessarily as the on-field manager.
  • "If 2012 turns out to be a disaster, Rockies ownership must take a very hard look at the entire front office," writes Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post as part of a reader mailbag.  
  • Troy Renck writes that Colorado is keeping Esmil Rogers on the Major League roster since the right-hander is out of options and the Rockies don't want to risk exposing Rogers to waivers.  Rogers has a 9.18 ERA in 16 2/3 innings with the Rockies this season, while the more effective Carlos Torres was just optioned to Triple-A to make room for Jeremy Guthrie's return from the disabled list. 

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  1. BobbyJohn 3 years ago

    O’Dowd should resign if he feels inclined to fire anyone. The system has failed to produce enough MLB talent, either through the draft, trades, or free agent signings. That’s on him.

  2. TruthHonorCourage 3 years ago

    The Rockies value Esmil Rogers’ arm and he has had flashes of success but an ERA of 9.18 this season and a career ERA close to 7.00, with a high level of hits allowed per nine innings shows Rogers is not worthy of a major-league roster spot.

    If the Rockies can’t deal him (again, based on arm strength and hope, nothing more), then they should cut bait.

    Yes, Rogers could find success down the road but continuing to give the ball to someone who has a long resume of failing is unwise management.

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    Colorado Rockies Prospects Report (google)

  3. BobbyJohn 3 years ago

    Respectfully, I disagree. In O’Dowd’s tenure the Rockies are the only NL West team to not have at least one division title, and the number of guys who have left here to go on to significant success elsewhere is very, very small. That tells me it’s about talent level, which is the GM’s responsibility,¬†and not coaching.

  4. leachim2 3 years ago


  5. BobbyJohn 3 years ago

    The got the wild card that year, not the division title.

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