Twins Designate Jason Marquis For Assignment

TUESDAY: The Twins announced that they designated Marquis for assignment and selected the contract of right-hander Cole DeVries.

MONDAY: The Twins are set to designate pitcher Jason Marquis for assignment, a source tells Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports (via Twitter).  The 33-year-old has struggled so far in 2012, posting an ERA of 8.47 with 3.2 K/9 and 3.7 BB/9 in seven starts.

The right-hander inked a one-year, $3MM deal with the Twins in December after picking up interest from other clubs, including the Mets.  Morosi notes that despite his struggles in Minnesota this year, the hurler has a history of success in the National League.

Marquis made 23 starts for the Nats and D'Backs in 2011, finishing the year with a 4.43 ERA, 5.2 K/9 and 2.9 BB/9 across 132 innings.

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  1. Good.  Bring up Hendriks, nothing to lose at this point.

    • CrisE 3 years ago

      Nothing? Are you sure? They seem to have been losing plenty…

      • 0vercast 3 years ago

        He’s right.  Any warm body would be an upgrade, with an added advantage if it’s somebody that might fit into their future plans.  This season appears to be another bust, obviously.  Time for some younguns to get some on-the-job training.

        • Speak no evil of a man who led 3 categories for the 2006 categories.

          Even if those categories were homeruns allowed, earned runs allowed, and ERA.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

             He can go back to Washington, go to AAA and keep Lannan company. Thereby forming a superb overpriced lefty/righty duet of useless arms some people on this board think are of great value as of.. a few days ago??

            Not you, but many Nats fans think both are…

          • Before he started getting shelled at AAA I could’ve swore someone would’ve taken Lannan for an innings eater, at least.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

             LOL. I can tell u 1 person It T’waint <<< He may 'a been in the NL, but those 2 be 2 peas in a pod (useless) in the AL.

    • CrisE 3 years ago

      If Hendriks doesn’t get the call this could be Drew Butera’s big break.  Terry Ryan taking the long view pays off!

  2. game_7_1991 3 years ago

    Good.  Hopefully they’ll put Duensing in the rotation and call Slama up.  He’s earned another shot.

    • 0vercast 3 years ago

      Good call.  I think so, too.  Slama has been lights out in AAA…again, and Duensing looks like the best pitcher on the entire roster at the moment.  I love Duensing in a bullpen role, but I’d rather see him get another shot than Liriano.  We’ll find out Thursday, when Pavano is pushed back a day.

      • Bernaldo 3 years ago

        Nothing has changed since he was up before: Slama can’t get big league hitters out.  He can be tough on AAA hitters but big leaguers aren’t AAA hitters. Besides, the Twins bullpen has been pretty solid and Slama is not a candidate to start.  If they do bring up a reliever and move Duensing or Liriano back into the rotation, it should definitely not be Slama. 

        • Sky14 3 years ago

          You know Slama cannot get big league hitters out based off a grand total of 7 innings over two years? Slama has dominated at every level and deserves an extended look in the big leagues.

          • Bernaldo 3 years ago

            It’s not what I know, it’s what the Twins know.  They do not intend to bring him back up.  In fact, I don’t think any MLB team sees Slama as anything more than a career AAA pitcher. Slama could be had by any team seeking a reliever – and there are plenty of teams who are looking for bullpen help and no team has expressed any interest. You need at least some semblance of a fast ball to have big league success.

        • game_7_1991 3 years ago

          Diamond couldn’t get big league hitters out last year either. 

  3. Blue387 3 years ago

    Didn’t he get hurt pitching against the Mets last season? Perhaps he’s still suffering from a lingering injury.

    • Lastings 3 years ago

      He injured himself against Washington. I wonder if his daughter’s serious injury has/had something to do with his performance…

  4. can’t be worse than chris volstad – 5th starter for the Cubs? Theo and Jed seem to love signing guys who were successful, like, in the Bush administration.

  5. Harley Schultz 3 years ago

    Im guessing Liam gets another shot, or maybe they  try Duensing as a starter again

    • Steve Johnson 3 years ago

      I don’t know why everyone is high on Duensing as a Starter since he’s been quite ineffective against RH batters since he came up.  It’s better to leave him as a short reliever against LHB than take him out of a role he can suceed in just because there is this sudden fancy for the Club to shuffle deck chairs on the Titanic

  6. Twins have only one of their current veteran starters under contract for next year, Nick Blackburn.  The Twins should move Duensing back into the rotation to help build some certainty for next year if nothing else.

  7. Loody 3 years ago

    I believe he grew up a Yankees fan. I am going to bet that either the Mets or Yanks take a flier on him.

  8. 0vercast 3 years ago

    The only thing worse than Marquis’ pitch placement is his body language on the mound.

  9. bigpat 3 years ago

    Wow, Minnesota has just about dumped everyone from their opening day rotation except Pavano. Epic fail.

    The Pirates have a few extra pitchers you guys can have if we can get something good? Maybe Willingham if we ask nicely? 

    • Ryan 3 years ago

      NO WAY! He is our only good player!!!

    • 0vercast 3 years ago

      I don’t think Willingham is on the block, but I bet the Twins would at least listen if the offer were sweet enough.  Span, Capps, Doumit, and maybe Valencia likely are available for some pitching, preferably starting pitching.

  10. CommissionerBart 3 years ago

    Bad signing. But who would have guessed he would have been THIS bad??

    • 0vercast 3 years ago

      Right.  I was expecting him to be like the Twins version of Carlos Silva, but instead he performed like the Mariners Carlos Silva.

    • nick1538 3 years ago

      A 33 year old career NL pitcher with a career ERA over 4.50 and K/9 barely over 5.0 coming off of an injury?  No, I never saw this coming…

  11. Twins GM 3 years ago

    Time to add Lind to the Roster!

    • Dan Leritz 3 years ago

      I was thinking the same thing!  Can’t hurt since our current 2nd basemen have no chance of going deep unless we play at Williamsport

      • $1529282 3 years ago

        Lind is a first baseman… and a pretty poor defensive one at that.

        • Dan Leritz 3 years ago

           Thinking more in terms of power output.  Not exactly a defensive stud.  I still think he has a 20 homer season in him which will lead the Twins by at least 10.

  12. Dan Leritz 3 years ago

    On the game yesterday the Twins play by play team referred to Jamey Carrol being a typical Terry Ryan move.  What about …..
    Rondel White, Greg Monroe, Jason Tyner, Juan Castro, Tony Bautista, Livan Hernandez, Rick Reed, Doug Jones, and God who else knows what other spare part he found on the scrap heap.  Not that Bill Smith was any better, but enough of this Terry Ryan love fest.  Isn’t he the one that signed Marquis in the 1st place?

  13. 1980CHAMPS 3 years ago

     “the hurler has a history of success in the National League.”  If you call multiple seasons of over 6+ & 5+ ERA’s success.  With the exception of a few seasons he’s always been a 6th starter in the majors.  I know he didn’t pitch much for the D-backs last year but his ERA was around 10.  Also it was NL team that gave him his worst start and got him DFA’d today.

  14. JoshSyvertsen 3 years ago

     I was thinking the same thing…veteran rotation depth is always a good thing

  15. johnsilver 3 years ago

     Brandon Duckworth (sitting at Pawtucket for almost 3 seasons) is even better than Marquis and that is sad.. Marquis is one of the most over hyped (and over paid) SP who has managed to hang onto a major league SP job for years…

  16. I can’t believe you actually just tried to defend Volstad.

  17. chico65 3 years ago

    Jason is the marquis de sad today.

  18. first of all, “the bush administration” was exaggerated literary license for comic effect. It was not meant to be taken as the actual time period before 1/20/09.

    second, I am not bad-mouthing theo and jed just for giggles, I was as excited as anyone to see them come in, and still am pretty psyched – but when you look at the slash lines of people they’ve given up compared to what they’ve picked up (Colvin vs Stewart for example, or Z vs volstad, and Sonnenstine was a gem, wasn’t he?) I am still waiting for this crack talent-evaluating team I’ve heard so much about, to show up. Theo and Jed seem to be enamored of anyone who was once a first-round draft pick and had a decent year 2 or 3 years ago and now needs a “change of scenery” – this is different from Hendry’s excuse for signing Milton Bradly how, exactly?

    finally, as for “one bad inning” – apart from that, Mrs Lincoln, how was the play? The guy is still winless in almost a year and has an ERA approaching his hat size. He has had ample time to prove that his lack of game management skills will not allow him to be a starting pitcher – if he was told to air it out for 3 outs, could he be a closer?

  19. jb226 3 years ago

    “I am still waiting for this crack talent-evaluating team I’ve heard so much about, to show up.”

    I don’t find any of your comparisons to be particularly fair ones.

    Colvin, for example, is running off of a .385 BABIP.  His career is .266.  Even if you assume he’s far better than he showed to that point, he is due for a massive fall off.  He’s still only getting on base at a .309 clip, which is pretty solidly in the awful area.  Even his “successful” year with the Cubs saw him fall off pretty much every single month after a scorching-hot start.  More importantly, he is an outfielder and the Cubs’ best prospects and those closest to the Bigs are outfielders.  Even after jettisoning Byrd there are still far too many players we want to fit into those three outfield spots, including possibly trying to fit Jackson and LaHair in late in the season.

    Stewart, while obviously not working out great, plays in an area of need (3B).  Without him the Cubs’ starting third baseman is — who?  Josh Vitters, who isn’t doing much better than Stewart is while playing in the PCL?  Or Joe Mather, the career journeyman?  Considering we basically got him for a player so awful he couldn’t bat his way out of the minor leagues last year, it wasn’t a bad deal.  Heck, I’m more upset at giving up DJ LeMahieu.  Which is to say not that much.

    Zambrano was a headache moving into a walk year.  Even if there was some fathomable way in which the Cubs weren’t going to dump him, whether or not he would have achieved anything similar to the numbers he’s putting up in Florida is an open question; pretty much the only thing that has improved for Zambrano is an unsustainable BABIP in the low .200s, his ERA, and his HR/9 — which is down from even his peak years.  At the time of the trade, Theo told you exactly what he was doing: He was trading one year of control for multiple.  He never claimed Volstad was the answer to the starting pitching woes.  His “crack talent-evaluating team” can only evaluate potential trades that actually exist.  What do you think was out there that he passed up?  If the criticism that you’re proffering is that he should have held on to Zambrano in hopes of the fluky start he’s having, fair enough I suppose, but I struggle to see how it’s not purely with benefit of hindsight. And wouldn’t that really be what you just criticized him for doing with Stewart — hoping to run into some good luck with a player coming off a bad year?

    And with all of that said, neither of these guys was ever meant to be a long-term answer to anything.

    Theo and Jed may yet turn out to be flops, but these are horribly poor items to try to evaluate them on.  Rizzo for Cashner will be a good one, though the jury will be out on that for another year or two at least.  The best, ultimately, will probably be what they do with their first draft, especially with the new CBA in effect.

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