Astros Acquire D’Andre Toney From Royals

The Astros announced that they have acquired outfielder D’Andre Toney from the Royals as the player to be named later in the March 20th trade that sent Jason Bourgeois and Humberto Quintero to Kansas City.  Toney was drafted by the Royals in the 14th round last year.

Drafted players cannot be traded until they have been in professional baseball for a year which is why Toney was made to be a PTBNL rather than in the initial trade.  The 20-year-old hit .340/.432/.587 in 43 games last year for the Royals' Arizona League affiliate.  At the time of the deal, Astros GM Jeff Luhnow noted that the PTBNL would be the "key component" of the trade.

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  1. Charliesmithm 3 years ago

    Who is he

    • Devern Hansack 3 years ago

      …an outfielder who hit .340/.432/.587 in 43 games last year for the Royals’ Arizona League affiliate.

  2. itsmewade 3 years ago

    Not a bad PTBNL for that trade.

  3. This is quietly one awful trade for the Royals.  We gave up a promising reliever and a toolsy young OF for a no-hit, overrated defense catcher and a speedy loser currently toiling away in Omaha.

    •  I would hardly call Chapman a promising reliever. He is sucking it up. He is not looking like anything more then a loogy type pitcher. I hate giving up Toney though.

      • stroh 3 years ago

        What game of baseball do you follow?  Kevin Chapman in AA Corpus Christi, 2.30 ERA and 31 strikeouts in 27 innings.   That’s promising enough.   D’Andre Toney is a good young talent.   The Royals got two guys who the Astros were going to cut at the end of spring training for a couple of young players with some promise.   Another in the set of continuing great moves by Jeff Luhnow.

    • Kyle Cotton 3 years ago

      I would bite your togue on Huberto Quintero. because quite frankly he’s one of the most underrated catchers in all of baseball. plus there is a reason why Felipe Paulino is pitching like he was back when he was in Houston. it’s because of Quintero.

  4. trevorc 3 years ago

    They obviously aren’t top prospects but its good to be able to get 2 legit prospects that COULD potentially turn into a late innings reliever and possible Bourgeois-type player that will be ready when we can actually use him, for 2 guys who had little value for our current team.

  5. Baseball America said Chapman had the best slider in the Royals minor league system.  And Toney can atleast play free safety for the Stros if need be.  I love this trade!!!

  6. Koby2 3 years ago

    I think this is the beginning of the end for Dayton Moore, he can find great amateur talent and build up the minor leagues, but he just can’t make good trades, or almost any move for that matter, at the major league level. 

    • GSports4 3 years ago

      Should have just shipped Qunitero and Bourgeois’ sorry behinds back to Houston as the PTBNL’s. What a loser deal for GMDM and Royals fans. Beyond the draft, Moore has not shown to be very good at acquiring major league talent for a good price, except Paulino off the scrap heap.

      • Felipe Paulino has a tremendous arm and plus stuff all around. His problem in Houston was his penchant for injuries, and I just saw that he went on the DL.

      • Kyle Cotton 3 years ago

        You could probably atribute Paulino’s resurgence to Quintero considering the last time he put on performances as he is now he was in Houston, and quitero would always catch him. Trust me you would have a hard time finding a better Defensive catcher then Humberto Quintero with better offensive number. heck in Houston we already Regret trading quintero considering neither Snyder (who we kept over quintero for offense hasn’t really worked out) and Castro couldn’t block a ball to safe there lives.

        • Paulino had at best a spotty record in Houston. His relief outings were abysmal. He showed signs of brilliance at times as a starter but just could never convince the Astros brass that he had what it took to pitch in the big leagues on a consistent basis. That also seems to have been the case in Colorado. Of course, Lindstrom didn’t exactly work out for the Astros, so the club may have been better off keeping Paulino.

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