Nationals Sign Koyie Hill

The Nationals announced that they signed catcher Koyie Hill and assigned him to Triple-A Syracuse (Twitter link). Hill elected free agency this past weekend after the Cubs designated him for assignment and outrighted him to Triple-A.

Hill appeared in 11 games for the Cubs this year, collecting six singles and a double in 39 plate appearances. The 33-year-old has experience in nine MLB seasons, but most of his professional career has been spent at the minor league level, where he has a .278 /.344/.410 batting line. Sandy LeonCarlos Maldonado and Wilson Ramos are all on the disabled list, so the Nationals don't have much catching depth right now.

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  1. Big splash move, def puts them over the top.

    • Disappointed_commenter103 3 years ago

      Don’t make a mountain out of a hill

    • FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

      That wasn’t even a good joke….. I hope its a joke

  2. Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

    The Batless Wonder strikes again!

  3. ctownboy 3 years ago

    How can Koyie Hill CONTINUE to get Major League jobs?  Does he have incriminating pictures of Front Office people?

    I imagine, looking at his stats and watching him play, that there are guys around the country who were Catchers in college (and who are NOT in pro baseball now) who could do just as well as what Hill can do. 

    Yes, they might not have the “experience” that Hill has BUT, imagine the PR some team would get if they released Hill and pulled some guy off the street to take his place.      

  4. sascoach2003 3 years ago

    Of all the positions I played in high school and college, why oh why, didn’t I learn to play catcher? I may have a job in baseball…

    • lefty177 3 years ago

      Imagine my predicament, I was a tall lefty pitcher but my high school coach called favorites so I only pitched a total of 5 mop-up innings between junior & senior years, I wasn’t a bad pitcher though, 85 mph fastball with tons of movement, so-so curve, nice slider, & good circle change, oh well, they say lefty pitchers are always needed, yeah, maybe when they get experience

  5. johnnythoren3 3 years ago

    What was the point of refusing a AAA assignment and then turning around and signing a AAA contract, apparently just doesn’t like Des Moines that much……

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