Orioles Release Jamie Moyer

Jamie Moyer has asked for and received his release from the Orioles, the team announced.  The left-hander had the option to get out of his contract if his contract wasn't selected from Triple-A.

Moyer, 49, has a 1.69 ERA with a 16K/0BB ratio in three starts for Triple-A Norfolk this year.  The Rockies released the veteran earlier this month shortly after designating him for assignment.  Moyer made ten starts for Colorado this year, posting a 5.70 ERA with 6.0 K/9 and 3.0 BB/9 in 53 2/3 innings.

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  1. EpiphanyinBaltimore 3 years ago

    Seems kind of dumb. Why wasn’t this planned for? It’s not like a team’s need of a 5th starter is a surprise when it comes up. 

  2. Manny Being Manny 3 years ago

    Moyer pitched about as well as you could have expected him to do in Triple A, so why even sign him if you weren’t going to give him a chance to be called up?

  3. Well the move could be seen as a win/win for both parties involved… Moyer was released by Colorado and had no where else to go.  The O’s probably said something along the lines of, “we’ll stock you in AAA for 3 starts, and it will keep you fresh.  We’ll most likely use you after or before your 3 starts are up.  If not, you’ll have been able to showcase your sub 2.00 ERA for anyone else who may be in need of your services.  No loss for either side, not like teams were tripping over themselves to get him (again).

  4. Is this the end of Moyer? He’s becoming sort of a novelty act and nothing else. I know Boston won’t take him, since he was there 16 years ago and was not very kind about his experience.

  5. $4555515 3 years ago

    i think he shouldve atleast been given a call up and a shot even if its only for 1 start

  6. Odawg8 3 years ago

    Why didn’t he get the call over hunter or arrieta, or even matusz??? Given his AAA stats, you’d think he’d at least give you a chance to win a game, unlike some of the aforementioned clowns.

  7. Was he even on the 40 man roster when he signed? I thought it was a minor league contract so reason not to call him up for one start is they would have had to pay him more and removed someone from the 40 man

    • newera36 3 years ago

      That was the problem someone had to come off the 40 man & the O’s had no obvious players to remove

      • Rabbitov 3 years ago

        Kevin Gregg + Zach Phillips. 

        • newera36 3 years ago

          Gregg would of been ideal but for reasons only god knows the answer to gets to keep his spot…Gregg & Nick Johnson must have sold their souls to keep jobs

          • Rabbitov 3 years ago

            Nick Johnson has been hitting since his abysmal start and he rarely plays so his numbers are skewed.  He’s raised his average from below .100 to over .200 in very few games. 

            Gregg we keep so he can fight with David Ortiz in September. 

          • newera36 3 years ago

            Very true about Johnson. I only include him because of the extreme lack of an outfielder on the team. Their really is no point in having him on the roster if his playing time is as rare as it is

          •  Yes, Gregg might have been ideal to drop from the 40-man, but that reason only God knows is actually six million reasons known to the front office.

            Besides, Gregg has actually pitched reasonably well of late.  They would be better off dropping Endy Chavez, who is simply awful.  Nick Johnson is not on the 40-man, I don’t think.  At least he does not have a major league contract.  But they have my permission to drop him either way.    

          • EpiphanyinBaltimore 3 years ago

            Johnson is on the 40-man and has a major league contract. Initially he was signed to a minor-league deal and was a non-roster invitee, but once he made the big league roster, he gets a major league contract and a place on the 40-man.

          • newera36 3 years ago

            Him being Kevin Gregg is all the reason to DFA him. That out weighs those 6 million reasons

        • johnsilver 3 years ago

           HAHA. Kevin Gregg is every Orioles fan obvious choice to DFA, like Darnell McDonald is Boston’s, or mine at least.. The sooner the better. It’s like every time the guy is in a game he misreads balls in the OF and singles go for XBH, then K’s at the plate..

          Like Gregg enters the game and walks the bases loaded..

          Man I watched that guy do it seemingly every game with the Fish and was sooo happy when they shipped him off to the Cubs. They didn’t have to get anything in return, just getting rid of him was enough.

  8. DanMizer 3 years ago

    dude you had a good career, made some money, and got to play the game of baseball for your entire working career.  go home and bang your wife, go hang out with your kids… take up a cooking class or something.. your 49 and pitching and riding the bus at triple A.  i understand some people just dont want to quit but whats that same about life outside the ballgame?  id be traveling the world/sipping cocktails in paradise with my wife and just living life.  ITS OVER.

    • I throw in the old standby that he’s keeping a young prospect from playing/fulfilling a dream. Jamie has a better-than-average shot at being the only major leaguer that’s an AARP member. Think about it.

  9. Come on Terry Ryan, let’s give Jamie a shot in the rotation. He couldn’t really be worse than P.J. Walters, and Target Field will keep some of the would-be HRs in the park.

  10. Would love to see the Royals and the pitcher friendly K give Moyer a shot!

  11. Gotta get Jamie back to Philly to be in the bullpen.

  12. Kurisu Rg 3 years ago

    Next stop: Toronto

  13. How about going to the brewers possibly?But maybe in the bullpen? 

  14.  ohh how I was just thinking the same thing when I saw this

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