Stark On Padres, Dodgers, Stanton, Phillies

The Tigers, Phillies, Mets, White Sox and Rays are among the most surprising teams in baseball so far this season, Jayson Stark writes at Here are some details from Stark's latest Rumblings & Grumblings column…

  • GM Josh Byrnes admits that "this season is probably unsalvageable" for the 19-39 Padres, but he isn’t looking to trade Carlos Quentin. "We need his home run production in the middle of the order,” Byrnes told Stark. “So we're not looking to trade him in mid-June. We're definitely open to keeping him around beyond this year." The Padres haven’t yet talked to Quentin or his agent about a deal for 2013 and beyond. I set out to determine the outfielder's trade value last week.
  • Rival teams say the Dodgers are looking for a starter, a lefty reliever and a bat.
  • There are no indications the Marlins will look to extend Giancarlo Stanton in the near future, Stark reports. One person says the Marlins would “never” consider giving anyone, Stanton included, a seven-year deal. Stanton probably won’t qualify for arbitration until after the 2013 season.
  • Anibal Sanchez will hit free agency a few months from now, but rival executives don’t expect the Marlins to sign another starting pitcher for $10MM-plus per season.
  • MLB execs believe Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. is aiming to make his team younger. Phillies scouts are eyeing young third basemen and center fielders as Placido Polanco and Shane Victorino near free agency.

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  1. Dylan 3 years ago

    With some decent chips to trade, Phillies should be able to get a really good young third baseman and a CF by July.

    Pence, Shane, Polly, Hamels, and Utley (if healthy) could all be on the block.

    I’d rather trade Rollins and Shane and sign Cole and Pence long term but that is not going to happen. While the Rollins contract was a decent value in my opinion, it was unnecessary.

  2. Gumby65 3 years ago

    Byrnes is obviously grandstanding regarding Quentin, trying to let it be known that he does not intend to give him away. “Surprise!”.

    • Beersy 3 years ago

      Hopefully some other GM is desperate enough to offer a Wheeler like prospect to get Quentin like the Giants did last year to get Beltran.  Pretty much the same circumstances, yet the acquiring club will have to pay alot less salary for Quentins’ services than did the Giants.

      • zer09 3 years ago

        It’s not the same situation. Beltran was fully healthy and producing from the get-go last year. Hardly comparable to Quentin whose only sample size will be about 40 games

    • 55saveslives 3 years ago

       Pads would be morons to NOT trade him!
      1. They aren’t going anywhere this year.
      2. His value is sky high.
      3. You don’t build around a “Carlos Quentin”

  3. Jorden 3 years ago

    “We need his home run production in the middle of the order,” Byrnes told Stark. “So we’re not looking to trade him in mid-June. We’re definitely open to keeping him around beyond this year.”


    It’ll cost whoever wants him a prospect with some pop.

  4. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    I’m curious to see how Ruben would pull off getting a young third baseman and a young center fielder. The only way to really do that’s probably to make Pence and Hamels available. (I still think they keep Cole long term, especially since Doc’s only got 1 year left).

    • $24144853 3 years ago

      You see them keeping Cole Hammels? Are you lending the Phillies $180mm?

      • nm344 3 years ago

        Phillies don’t have money?

      • zer09 3 years ago

        Halladay is coming off the books after next year. They could give Hamels a backloaded contract and just keep next year at status quo. Guys like Hamels aren’t normally traded by teams like Phillies. He’s staying.

      • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

        Cole HaMels… one M.

        … and I don’t see him pitching for LA, he’s just going to use them as leverage against the Phillies. Ruben’ll pay the guy what he’s worth.

        Halladay and Utley are off the books next year… That’s $35 million annually right there.

    • nm344 3 years ago

      I’d go after Headley.  Good under-appreciated young player with excellent OBP skills.

  5. Watch Ned Colletti stand pat on the offense but deal a prospect for a lefty reliever (when he’s already got Elbert). Nothing Ned likes more than sticking a band-aid on a gaping wound.

    • IdontknowwhyIpostonforums 3 years ago

      Can we at least wait until Ned makes a move before criticizing him?  I am no Colletti fan, but he has put together a pretty decent team this year and yet people are ready to bash him for moves he hasn’t even made.

      • monkeydung 3 years ago

        he got VERY lucky with Capuano and somewhat lucky with Hairston & M. Ellis. most of the Dodgers success this year is owed to homegrown Dodgers that Colleti had little to do with.

        • BlueSkyLA
          BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

          It couldn’t be that he saw something in these players that you and other grouchy fans did not. No, that couldn’t possible be it.

          • monkeydung 3 years ago

            I gave him credit on Hairston and Ellis but those could’ve easily gone either way. There’s a reason those two guys have played on a combined six different teams since 2010.

          • BlueSkyLA
            BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

            No, you said he was lucky, just not a “very” lucky. Funny to pick on Ellis as someone who’s been passed around like a bad check. You might look more closely (hint: 9 years with Oakland, one with Colorado). Hairston has always been a good ballplayer, now in the utility player phase of his career. Not selected because anyone expected him to hit .350, but for his versatility. Capuano was a bit of a gamble but he isn’t pitching crazy better than he did before he was hurt. But you must be right, Colletti can only be either wrong or lucky. It seems to be rule or something.

          • monkeydung 3 years ago

            Capuano had only ever had an era below 4 twice. 3.99 in 2005 and 3.95 in 2010.

          • BlueSkyLA
            BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

            I’m aware of that. I’d be very surprised if he finished the season with a sub-3.5 ERA, but if you look at his peripheral stats this year they are not far out of line with his career numbers.

        • IdontknowwhyIpostonforums 3 years ago

          Really?  Colletti was the GM when Gordon, Kershaw, Billingsley and most homegrown talent was drafted.  He traded for Either giving up the great Milton Bradley. Some of the others were signed the year before he was GM (A.J. Ellis comes to mind).  But lets give no credit for sticking with him through the likes of LoDuca, Martin, Barajas, etc.

          And don’t tell me that this talent is solely due to good scouting.  If he is to be lambasted for his bad moves (and he should be) he has to be credited with the positives.  No one wants to do that.

          Not that he is the greatest GM, but there have been, are and will be far worse.  If he fails under new ownership, than I will reconsider my position. But he took over a bad team after 2005 and has had winning seasons in all but one of his years as GM.

          • BlueSkyLA
            BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

            You certainly risk confusing people with the facts. My memory is good enough to remember all the yip-yapping we heard around here a couple of years ago about trading Kemp because of his one season of regression. The trades that don’t get made are sometime the most important ones of all.

          • What the?

            Coletti did not remotely stick with AJ Ellis, he regarded him as a backup, signed Barajas and traded for Federicowicz, and was basically pummeled into giving him a shot by his bloated contracts to +0 WAR guys.

            He deserves no credit in any way for AJ Ellis.

            You are also off at a number of facts.  Billingsley and LoDuca were before Coletti.

      • BlueSkyLA
        BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

        Ned Colletti is responsible for everything bad, and nothing good. Remember that and you’ve got it all covered.

    • Colin Christopher 3 years ago

      Seriously. It’s crazy how Colletti has done absolutely nothing while his team has staggered to the best record in baseball. When is he going to wake up?

  6. BlueSkyLA
    BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

    Note that the Dodgers are not “one of the most surprising teams in baseball,” presumably because everybody had them pencilled in as racking up the best record in majors.

  7. zer09 3 years ago

    Dodgers were expected to contend for the division. Their record is not a shocker

    • BlueSkyLA
      BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

      By whom? When Colletti said last winter that he thought the team already looked pretty good and it didn’t need a lot of changes to contend, I don’t remember anyone around here agreeing. In fact what I heard sounded to me a lot more like a chorus of raspberries than amens. Our hometown LA Times predicted third place.

  8. Robb Logan 3 years ago

    WOW The Coletti bashing here is insane. He did what he could as a GM under a crooked owner and managed to put together an above average team and some decent drafts. Even if having made a few questionable deals what GM hasn’t. It is part of the game. I actually as an Angels fan respect my cross town rival GM for being able to put a winner on the field despite the McCourt handicap he was under for so many years. 

    • BlueSkyLA
      BlueSkyLA 3 years ago

      I don’t understand why it takes an Angels fan to say this. Dodger fans (around here at least) sure have turned sour. A first-place team hasn’t even improved their mood. Well, at least these aren’t the same people I meet at games. All the fans at Dodger Stadium are pretty stoked.

      • IdontknowwhyIpostonforums 3 years ago

        I am with you.  It makes no sense.  I have bashed Ned plenty, but I also give him credit when he has done a good job and he has been a net positive for LA.  

    • IdontknowwhyIpostonforums 3 years ago

      Wait!? You wouldn’t happen to be Uncle Ned himself?

  9. Drew Tweedie 3 years ago

    Padres have no one to play even serviceable LF right now besides Quentin. Unless he’s getting offers for a top-60 prospect (I assume unlikely with his prolonged DL-vacation), Byrnes should stand pat.

  10. lefty177 3 years ago

    The Rays have been good for a few years now, why is it still a shocker that they’re doing well?

  11. zer09 3 years ago

    Backwards logic. The guy is under team control for another what, 4 years? What’s the point of extending him now, especially with his arthritic knees…
    he strikes me like one of those guys you give a big contract to and live to regret it.

  12. nm344 3 years ago


  13. nm344 3 years ago

    155? Where do you get that number.  Hamels makes 15 this year, Blanton 8.  Put that together and you’ve just paid Cole for 2013.   For 2014 the obligations are going to drop another 50 mil with Utley and Halladay.  Halladay can get a restructured extension, he’s not going to get 20Mil.

  14. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    For one out of 6/7 years. Punt 2013 and you can rebuild the team with a rotation of Hamels, Lee, Worley, Biddle, May

    Bullpen of: Papelbon, Antonio B., Aumont, Rosenberg, DeFratus, Diekman, and Savery

    Line up of:

    x Center Fielder?
    x 3rd baseman?
    x Right Fielder (Maybe Pence?)
    Galvis (who I think will be a better hitter as he ages)

    Obviously that’s a perfect world scenario where our top 3 prospects + relief prospects pan out. Not a great line up… but decent enough, especially if May and Biddle develop as expected.

    Hopefully around this point, some of the recent draftees develop into prospects and the Phillies will be looking up. I think that line up/rotation could compete for one of the Wild Card spots at least.

  15. Drew Tweedie 3 years ago

    Padres gave up peanuts to get an established hitter for cheapish. Byrnes said the whole time he was looking to extend Quentin after he traded for him and I’m starting to think it isn’t posturing anymore.

  16. Drew Tweedie 3 years ago

    Made me laugh and cry.

  17. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    We don’t have any… and if they trade Biddle, it’s a huge mistake.

  18. IdontknowwhyIpostonforums 3 years ago

    Outside of McDonald and Carlos Santana (how’s he doing this year by the way?) There really aren’t that many great young players he has traded away.  And none that are irreplaceable.

  19. Colin Christopher 3 years ago

    They extend him now because it means the team gets a few of his free agent years much cheaper than if he hit the open market. Stanton gives up the possibility of maximizing his dollars for his first couple of free agent years in exchange for long-term financial security now. It’s a win-win situation for the team and the player, especially given that it still allows the player to hit free agency during his prime. Believe me when I tell you they don’t want to go to arbitration with this guy. Power pays off HUGE in arbitration.

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