Josh Johnson Rumors: Sunday

Cole Hamels, Zack Greinke and Matt Garza are off the trade market, which leaves Josh Johnson at or near the top of the list of potentially available starting pitchers. The Marlins will listen to trade offers for Johnson, who's under contract through 2013 at $13.75MM per season, but the team’s asking price remains high. Here are the latest updates on Johnson and the Marlins, with the most recent notes up top:

  • The Rangers aren't interested in Johnson and the Red Sox are "not engaged," Peter Gammons of MLB Network writes (on Twitter). It's unlikely that any team will offer a package that tempts the Marlins to part with him.
  • The Rangers aren't that high on Johnson,'s T.R. Sullivan reports.
  • The Rangers have interest in Johnson, but they aren't close to meeting the Marlins' asking price, Jim Bowden of and MLB Network Radio reports (on Twitter).
  • The Red Sox sent top scout Gary Hughes to see Johnson's start today, Bowden reports (on Twitter).
  •'s Buster Olney reported today that the Marlins aren't especially motivated to trade Johnson.

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  1. The Red Sox sent a scout? I would send the team doctor instead.

    • Dynasty22 3 years ago

      The team doctor is pretty busy nowadays any way.

      • Bo Rasch II 3 years ago

        God isnt that th truth. I wish Cherington and BobbyV would go on the DL for good!

  2. Vance 3 years ago

    The Red Sox should be asking the Marlins for tips on how fire sales work. They shouldn’t be buying anything right now.

  3. mgsports 3 years ago

    Who says Garza off the Market because they could be a team that desprate for Starting Pitching and might not mind him little banged up.

    • Steve Keasling 3 years ago

      I was wondering the same thing. There is no indication he is off the market. The Cubs will trade him, but they just won’t be giving a discount.

      • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

        why would the team trade for a injured starter with a high asking price?

        • Steve Keasling 3 years ago

          he’s throwing his bullpen session tomorrow. all meds are being made available. josh johnson much bigger injury risk. asking price will be just as high in winter with more teams bidding.

          • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

            Johnson is currently healthy so no it is not. And they will be more likely to reach their asking price if he is healthy over the winter.

  4. LazerTown 3 years ago

    I would be hesitant to trade for Johnson only because of injury history.

  5. Daniel Bard
    Ryan Larvanway
    Bryce Brentz
    Drake Britton

    for Johnson

    • dc21892 3 years ago

      No way they move Lavarnway. Maybe that package minus Lavarnway, plus Aaron Cook and Ryan Sweeney or something.

      • Crucisnh 3 years ago

        Agreed. Lavarnway is almost untouchable to me. And certainly shouldn’t be included in any deal for an injury prone pitcher.

      • sdsuphilip 3 years ago

        marlins say no

  6. Garza is still very much available

  7. Good I hope the Fish dont trade him. He will give us a stud in the rotation next year to use to hold everything down. Plus the arms we picked up we should be fine. I also expect Stanton to be healthy and Reyes to bounce back. The team has said that they will spend the money that they saved on hanley and we should be fine.

    Only should trade Johnson for an overpayment. He is a number 1 pitcher on most of the teams in the league.

  8. mlbscout6 3 years ago

    Redsox initiated the crawford talks and marlins shot it down immediately. Redsox are stuck with crawford.

  9. rikersbeard 3 years ago

    hard to see how that would work unless Boston is paying all of the money.

  10. Steve Keasling 3 years ago

    first, that doesn’t mean he is off the market. second, that’s simply your opinion. I disagree. Trades already made have been high. you under-value his value.

  11. mlbscout6 3 years ago

    Besides the fact that I get information directly from people within the industry (I’m sure you’ll reply with jealous dismissal so I won’t even use this as part of my reasoning), just use a little common sense. yes, it’s much more probable that the Marlins were asking to take on $100+ mil of contract on a declining player. That has Marlins written all over it. Combine that with the fact that the Red Sox are still trying to trade Crawford and it should be pretty obvious who initiated the talks. Please tell me about all these articles you’ve read on the subject, I should be very interested to hear about the ones not written by Bob the Blowhard.

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