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Despite the constant stream of rumors surrounding Brewers right-hander Zack Greinke, General Manager Doug Melvin still sounds like he wants to see how the team fares early in the second half before making deals, writes Tom Haudricourt of the Journal-Sentinel.  Haudricourt writes that moving their other upcoming free agents, however, won't be an easy task.  Randy Wolf and Francisco Rodriguez haven't done much to boost their trade value while Shaun Marcum is on the disabled list with an elbow issue.

Meanwhile, the Royals haven't ruled out bringing Greinke back if he hits the open market after the season, a person familiar with the team's thinking told Jon Heyman of  The odds of a reunion aren't terribly strong though as Greinke is looking for a chance to win right away.

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  1. Any truth to the rumor that a trade with the braves getting greinke and the brewers  getting Delgado and more are in more advanced stages?

  2. Colin Christopher 3 years ago

    The AL Central is wide open. Add 1-2 frontline starters to the Royals and they could be leading the division right now. Take note, Zack.

    • stl_cards16 3 years ago

      Add 2 frontline starters to pretty much any team and they could be leading their division.

      • Cody Bradley 3 years ago

        but the thing is… that is our only lacking area. good offense.. great defense… amazing bullpen… just need an arm or two to start

      • vtadave 3 years ago


        – Houston fans

      • Colin Christopher 3 years ago

        True, but adding 1-2 frontline starters to most teams would leave them with 3-4, while it would leave the Royals with only 1-2.

    • Devon Henry 3 years ago

      I doubt anybody is taking notes from the Royals.

      • Colin Christopher 3 years ago

        That’s pretty funny. Old and cheap, but still funny.

  3. Seems like a tough deal to get done with the new CBA. The Brewers have to get more value than two compensation picks, and the acquiring team wouldn’t be able to recoup anything. It’ll be interesting to see if these bigger names actually go anywhere.

    • Alex Sanchez 3 years ago

      I feel like it really shows how confident a team is in their winning it all in that particular year. Is Grienke (Or any other big name) that one missing piece? Or do you save your prospects and hope that not trading for him doesn’t cost you a championship?

  4. Beltran got a pretty great prospect back. So maybe.

  5. Bigger deal in the works.   May include Taylor Green and Matt Gamel in the trade.   I just heard this would be a multiple top prospect deal with an undisclosed AL team.  Trying to find out more.

    • not_brooks 3 years ago

      Gamel has negative trade value, as he’s out for the year with a torn ACL.

      Nice try though.

    • Sage 3 years ago

      I could see a deal including Green, as that might explain a bit more why we sent him down to AAA the other day so he could get more consistent playing time: to re-establish value. But, if you actually heard this from a source, that source is way off, since you can’t trade a guy on the 60-day DL (unless, I believe, if the Commissioner gives his consent).

    •  These two players are potential candidates per my source.  This would give the acquiring team other assets in case Greinke doesn’t resign.  It may or may not be Green and Gamel, but don’t expect Greinke to be dealt alone if the Brewers are to get the prospects they are seeking.

      • Sage 3 years ago

        Care to specify who exactly your source says is the acquiring team?

      • Robb Logan 3 years ago

        With Gamel out for the season he is not a trade candidate I would think.

  6. RiverKKiller999 3 years ago

    If the Angels can get Mark Teixiera for Casey Kotchman & Stephen Marek then I think the Braves could get Greinke for Tyler Pastornicky & Todd Redmond. HAHA! But that would mean Jack Wilson would have to play SS until Simmons is off the DL. :( Christ

  7. JW_28 3 years ago

    I wonder if K-Rod to STL could be pulled off seems like itd be a good deal for both sides

  8. it wouldn’t be a 2 month stand anyways because the Braves said they only want to trade for him if he would resign a long term contract with them…

  9. K-Rod to StL won’t happen. They need a left in the pen to help with Browning and Scrabble, maybe they pull someone to be a 7th inning man but with the setup/closer duo of Boggs/Motte, no need for K-Rod.

    As for Greinke, I can see him going to StL for Shelby Miller and two other prospects. That would work out for the Redbirds because they can resign him in the offseason. As for the fire coming in on a Miller for Greinke trade, it would be a good deal with the Cardinals iffy history on bringing in top prospects to the Majors.

  10. Crewers 3 years ago

    Send Greinke Marcum Jungmann Bradley Thornburg and Gennett to LA for Trout

  11. I like minor’s stuff. he has had about 2-3 good starts. so ya delgado in place of minor and spruill. We might need pastornicky right now so Nick Ahmed is a good prospect for SS.

  12. davbee 3 years ago

    How many times do Braves fans need to read the Minor is garbage before they stop thinking he has any significant trade value?  If anything, he’s regressing.  Any team that trades for Greinke might not get draft pick compensation, but the Brewers will, so unless a team ponies up something of the value of a first round pick, the Brewers might as well hold on to Greinke.  And if Braves fan here are indicative of the kinds of offers Atlanta is thinking of  putting on the table, there’s no way Greinke ends up in Atlanta.

  13. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    … I’d just take the picks at that point. Those players are all very much overrated by Braves fans.

  14. davbee 3 years ago

    The only thing that you don’t take into consideration in the Beltran example is that pitching (particularly difference making pitching) > hitting when it comes to pennant race dealing.

    You also don’t give enough weight to the number of teams that may be in on Greinke.  Right now I hear the Angels, Braves, Rangers (though they prefer Hamels), Orioles, Tigers, Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers, Cardinals, and Reds all have varying degrees of interest.  The more teams, means the more the price gets driven up

  15. RiverKKiller999 3 years ago

    I was actually agreeing with him on the part where he 

    “Do the Brewers fans really think they will get Teheran and Delgado AND 2 more pieces for 2 months of Greinke? No , you won’t.
    You won’t get Machado, or Bundy for him either.
    What you might get , is one of Minor,Delgado plus Zeke Spruill and an add on lower level player….”

    To add to that though, the only reason the Mets got Wheeler in return was because the Giants were so desperate for offense and tended to give up their best prospect which was a dumb move.

  16. RiverKKiller999 3 years ago

    Brewers ain’t getting Teheran for 2 months of Greinke. Did the Braves get the Angels #1 top prospect when they traded 2 months of Mark Teixiera for Casey Kotchman & Stephen Marek (9th prospect also a C+) ? No.

  17. melonis_rex 3 years ago

    No because they got an established MLB player in Kotchman instead.

    That Kotchman fell flat on his face after being traded was relatively unpredictable.

    Also: organizational prospect rankings are incredibly relative since “#1 prospect” depends on how top-heavy the system is.

  18. Tony Bennett 3 years ago

    More comparable trades would be: 
    Cliff Lee: 4 B prospects (Carrasco, Knapp, Donald, Marson)
    CC: 1 A prospect (LaPorta) and 3 B/C prospects
    Lee again: 1 A prospect (Smoak) and 3 B/C prospects

    Teheran + Pastornicky + Drury + Terdoslavich seems like a fair package to me. You get an A guy and 3 B/C guys.

    If Braves fans want the package to start with something like Delgado and one of Gilmartin/Graham/Minor then you probably have to add 2 more B prospects (guys better than Drury/Terdo).

    Delgado + Gilmartin + Salcedo + Pastonicky, maybe. 4 quality guys but no future stars.

    Funnily enough, as was pointed out by FanGraphs last week, of all the players dealt for rental aces in the past few years, Michael Brantley has been the most productive!

  19. Jacob Swain 3 years ago

    It’s funny–I remember Minor 2-hitting the Brewers through 7-1/3 April 14th. It must be rough rooting for a team that gets 2-hit by “the worst starting pitcher in the MLB for years to come.”

  20. Sage 3 years ago

    Fair point. Possible, but I still can’t really see how including Green and Gamel would really up the value of Greinke for a contender. Maybe Green, if they have an immediate need at 3B/2B/1B.

  21. Sage 3 years ago

    I think you’re mistaking Chen for Luis Mendoza. But, point still made. We make awful pitchers look amazing, but we’ve also been known to make good pitchers look awful. It’s confusing to watch.

  22. Jacob Swain 3 years ago

    Oh, the Braves are guilty of the same, almost on a regular basis. I’m just a little miffed at the ridiculous idea that Minor is now garbage because of a handful of poor starts in May. He has huge potential; a lefty who sits 92 with a plus-change is valuable. If he can control his curve better, then he’ll be an easy #3 on any team, and a #2 on some.

  23. Jacob Swain 3 years ago

    He hasn’t allowed more than 4 runs in any start since mid-May, so you probably didn’t look at his game-logs, and if you did then your definition of horrible is pretty bizarre. I guess you think he sucked last year too when he went 5-1 and threw up a 3.79 ERA and 9.0 K/9 after his mid-season call-up, right?

  24. Jacob Swain 3 years ago

    Parra’s problem was always extreme wildness. He has good stuff, but he hasn’t been able to harness it. Minor falls a tick below in terms of raw talent, but he has much better control which gives him a much better chance of having it all click for him. Braves fans almost saw it the second half of last year when he kept a Hanson-less rotation afloat with some really solid pitching.

  25. Jacob Swain 3 years ago

    That’s fair. Thanks for giving me something other than “MINOR SUX LOOK AT HIS ERA!!!”. In the end it comes down to Frank Wren and Doug Melvin, and our internet musing definitely aren’t going to influence their decisions. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Braves’s interest never materializes and some mystery team ends up winning the Zack Greinke sweepstakes, making us all debating Mike Minor look silly in hindsight.

  26. With how Pastornicky looked to start the season, I don’t know that I would call him “MLB ready”.

  27. Brewcrew00 3 years ago

     Teheran and Delgado and a top SS prospect gets it done.

  28. teams were able to receive comp picks for those guys or in the first lee trade, 1 year plus two months of team control.  Also, I believe CC was traded sometime in may or early june.

  29. you’re right his point was crazy…but to bring up a guy who came up 6 years ago…might as well have brought up pujols

  30. Brewcrew00 3 years ago

     They can get what you stated if he signs a long term contract and that is what all teams involved will go for.

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