Morosi On Dempster, Victorino, Liriano

The Mariners don’t intend to trade Felix Hernandez this summer, Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports reported yesterday. However, many other stars will be available in trade talks between now and the end of July. Here are Morosi’s latest notes and rumors:

  • The Dodgers and Tigers are among the most serious suitors for Cubs right-hander Ryan Dempster, Morosi reports. Ten teams have reportedly shown interest in Dempster.
  • One executive predicts Shane Victorino will be the first big-name player traded. The Dodgers have some interest in Victorino, and the Rangers, Tigers, Pirates, Marlins and Giants have all scouted him recently.
  • The Blue Jays and Angels are showing interest in Twins left-hander Francisco Liriano, Morosi reports. Liriano has a 2.83 ERA with 10.5 K/9 and 3.9 BB/9 in 57 1/3 innings since returning to Minnesota's rotation at the end of May, so many teams have been watching the Twins on days Liriano starts.

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  1. Wasn’t aware Shane Victorino was a big name. LOL

    • $1529282 3 years ago

      Yeah, that bum’s only averaged 4.5 wins per season over the last 4 years… what a loser.

      • If you are talking about WAR, 4.5 is nothing-special-to-average.  Regardless, he is not a big name. Period.

        • Luke Adams 3 years ago

          Uh, posting 4.5 WAR annually over four years is decidedly better than average. Guys who didn’t match Victorino’s WAR from 2008-11: Prince Fielder, Matt Kemp, Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, David Wright, Carlos Beltran, etc.

        • BLB25 3 years ago

          Guys who will likely be about 4.5 WAR players this year:  Andre Ethier, Adam Jones, Buster Posey, Carlos Gonzalez, Carlos Beltran, Dan Uggla, Brandon Phillips, Ian Kinsler….   Yea, I’d say its a little better than average.  

        • notsureifsrs 3 years ago

          the average major league starter produces 2 WAR. 4.5 per year over 4 years is a great player

  2. JohnPaulP 3 years ago

    Is Shane Victorino is a big name, what is Kevin Youkilis?

  3. After Hamels and Grienke he’s probably the biggest.

  4. Youkilis is no longer on the market

  5. Manfrenjensen 3 years ago

    If King Felix was available, I can’t even fathom what it would take to get him.  For a guy that good, with 2.5 years remaining under club control?  It’d take a three- or four-team deal just to compile that many A and B prospects!

    • Leonard Washington 3 years ago

      I hope the Sox never trade for Felix. The price would be way overblown and the guys arm might start to fragile up a bit by 30 from throwing 230 innings a year. If it never does great, but I don’t want the Sox to be the team that gave away an entire roster for a TJ surgery. I would rather wait and try to pay money to take that chance. 

      • The_Unnatural 3 years ago

        Why does it matter how many innings he throws? It’s not like he’s throwing 135 pitches each start. He’s just efficient.

  6. No, Victorino is not > Upton, the article said first “big name” traded.  

    • MB923 3 years ago

      But you said after Hamels and Greinke he’s probably the biggest.

  7. Of the players being rumored to be trade, the writer thinks Victorino will go first.  

  8. Hamels is being rumored to be trade, so is Grienke.  Of all the big name players being rumored to be traded, I think Victorino is third behind Hamels and Grienke.  If there is a bigger name, I’m not as in tune with the trade market rumors as you guys.  I’m also a Phillies fan so, I’m more focused on them.

  9. nick1538 3 years ago

    The more people that are interested in Liriano the better.  I am not expecting a huge return for him, but anything will help the Twins.  He has got to be in the mix for most teams who have interest in Hamels, Garza, Greinke and Dempster.  I just hope Greinke extends with Milwaukee and Hamels extends with Philadelphia.  

  10. txftw 3 years ago

    Felix for Profar, Olt, Perez, Chad Bell and Julio Borbon, who says no?

    • melonis_rex 3 years ago

      If that offer ever sits on the M’s table, it needs to be taken NOW.

    • williswinning 3 years ago


    • Would never happen.  Profar is untouchable right now.

      • notsureifsrs 3 years ago

        texas would trade profar for hernandez in a heartbeat if they could

    • $1529282 3 years ago

      Rangers would never make that trade.

    • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

      I don’t think the Mariners would get all three of Olt/Profar/Perez but 2/3 would probably be a fair offer considering their status around baseball.

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      While that deal would never happen, I have to think the Ms would want more OF prospects being they have Liddi, Seager, Franklin, and Ackley plus their 3 pitching prospects.

    • The_Unnatural 3 years ago

       The Mariners have enough prospects. They need proven producers.

    • BLB25 3 years ago

      Texas doesn’t even consider that.

  11. let me say, i’d rather have Victorino than Upton, makes more sense for the top of the order, i dont believe in giving up prospects for Upton, the hole deal with him seems shady, i almost think it’s just talk because they inquired, i cant see them giving up Marte and more for him.  If they wanted to make a risk, then why not sign Appel….none of it adds up!

  12. The thing about Liriano is that no one is going to give up enough prospects for him because he’s so inconsistent from start-to-start. Unless we can get something like Banuelos or Betances from the Yanks or similar, I think they should try extending him for cheap (3 yr, $12MM)

    • MSUcorner 3 years ago

      Agree. Except for banuelos and betances. They arent going to amount to anything. Twins need pitching bad, teams won’t give them anything of value for him, so Twins should extend him for cheap. And I think he can be had for cheap.

      We loaded up on arms pretty well this draft, and will hopefully do the same next year. Best move the Twins could make is to get your payroll set, and try to get Geinke next year. Pohlad has the money, although I doubt he’ll use it.

      • I think Greinke would fit in great for the Twins. Another guy on my wish list would be Brandon McCarthy, though I’m not sure how much he’ll be demanding. If we signed both of them, declined Baker’s option, then re-signed him, that would gives us three fine starters in Diamond, Greinke, and McCarthy. I doubt that would happen, but it would be a step in the right direction.

        • MSUcorner 3 years ago

          Diamond has been a great surprise. I hope he doesn’t regress hard next season like Duensing did his 2nd season starting. The offense is in great shape. But adding Greinke, much less Greinke AND McCarthy would be great. Greinke, Liriano, Gibson would be a solid enough top three to have a good shot at the central in 2013.

          Biggest question for next year would be if Slama and Gutierrez are healthy, and who else they can find to fill out the pen.

  13. Luis 3 years ago

    Shane isnt a Super Star but he is a big name. Sort of along the lines of the Sixers Andre Iougodala. You can say he is a star, just not a “Super Star” Two world series appearances, 3 Gold Gloves a .290 career BA, before this year. 

  14. Leonard Washington 3 years ago

    The 2012 Boston Red Sox’s Kevin Youkilis…..yes. The 2012 Chicago White Sox’s Kevin Youkilis….no. Your welcome Chicago.

  15. ImperialStout 3 years ago

    They’re foolish not to.

  16. bigpat 3 years ago

     Liriano is on fire right now though, and he can be much better than those two. Arrieta has shown a few flashes but Matusz has been absolutely useless for two years now. Liriano would sadly be an enormous upgrade in that rotation.

    I feel like a lot of teams are going to be in on him now, he’s still such a high risk but he’s finally starting to show the reward for a team that would acquire him.

  17. nick1538 3 years ago

    That is why I am hoping Hamels and Greinke sign extensions.  Liriano can be dominant (as he is showing now), but he is so inconsistent.  I will wish him the best with his next team, but want to cash in on a trade now.  

  18. txftw 3 years ago

    Dude I agree on all points, but you’d have to think that is what Seattle would want. Interesting to see everyone’s reaction to that

  19. Dylan 3 years ago

    Not really, they could trade him next year and get very similar value or the year after…

  20. ImperialStout 3 years ago

    It’s true, absolutely.  But you have to think that he’s of no use to them right now, really, and can bring in a MONSTER haul… The more they wait, the more they risk losing him to injury or Lincecum Syndrome.  His value is as high as ever, and you’d better do that before it dips for reasons unforeseen. It’s not like they’re going to contend in the next three years with him.  What are they waiting for?

  21. The_Unnatural 3 years ago

     The Mariners wish they were mediocre.

  22. ThinkBlue10 3 years ago

    I really hope so. Dodgers don’t need Dempster.

  23. they’ll pass on failed prospects, the same way they passed on chris volstad, ian stewart, andy sonnenstein and (at that time a failure) travis wood? I hope you’re right but theo has some proving to do for me.
    Oh and by the way I believe they only get a draft pick if they offer Demp 13 mil for next year.

  24. Jacob Viets 3 years ago

    Are you skeptical they’ll offer him that?

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