Quick Hits: Rangers, Jerry Dipoto, Ryan Dempster

With the calendar set to turn to August in less than two weeks, the Pirates continue to shock the baseball world with their sights on winning the National League Central. Winners of seven of its last ten, Pittsburgh owns the best record in baseball since June 16 thanks to the strong play of Andrew McCutchen and Pedro Alvarez. McCutchen, one of the frontrunners for league MVP, boasts a batting average of .470 during that time frame with Alvarez leading the Major Leagues with home runs over the last five weeks (h/t Jon Heyman). 

Let's catch up on the latest news and headlines from around the league…

  • Rangers manager Ron Washington told Jim Bowden of ESPN.com that Texas is willing to consider trading any of its prospects except for Jurickson Profar if the team looks to acquire a piece for another World Series run (Twitter link).
  • Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto spoke with Bowden about the team's plans for the non-waiver trade deadline and said that he's working incredibly hard to improve his roster but that the trade market has proven to be difficult (via Twitter).
  • With the Dodgers cooling on Ryan Dempster, the Braves have emerged as the favorites to land the right-hander, report Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of FOXSports.com. Potential suitors, including the Cardinals and Nationals, are wary of parting with better prospects for what could prove to be a rental given Dempster's status as a free agent at the end of the season. 
  • After signing Carlos Quentin to a multiyear deal earlier on Sunday, the Padres are in preliminary talks with Huston Street with hopes of retaining his services well into the future, writes Scott Miller of CBSSports.com

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3 years 1 month ago

Just hope the braves dont give up the farm for a 2 month rental. The braves need more than 1 pitcher, plus a few RH position players and 1 good relief guy. Even if we get to the one game playoff we dont a strong ACE for that one game. I.E. verlander,kershaw,dickey,etc.

3 years 1 month ago

I cannot believe anyone pitches to McCutchen. I’d walk him every time up and let the scrubs on that team try to scratch out runs.

3 years 1 month ago

One guy doesn’t make an entire team score the most runs in baseball for two months all by himself. Did you not read the part about Alvarez leading the league in homers since June 16? What about Neil Walker hitting .450 this month? Second best in baseball only to his teammate Cutch at .483. Maybe Casey McGehee’s .825 OPS since June 1? The team’s 4th most HRs in the NL?

Wake up. The Pirates are good….and it isn’t because of one guy (although he helps a lot).

3 years 1 month ago

I am a very firm believer in this team, but they need to address a few areas to become a legit contender. And I dont mean contender in the Central, I mean to win the World Series.

Here are a list of moves that I think would be integral to their long term success for this season (and the next few also) Im not suggesting that all of these need to happen, but all of these would be picturesque moves for this club:

1) Acquire Emilio Bonafacio from Miami for 2-3 B level prospects: Emilio could immediately step in and bat leadoff and replace Barmes as the Buccos starting shortstop. Barmes excelled in Colorado as a bench player, and would fit in best here as a bench player to be a late inning defensive replacement at 2nd, short, or 3rd.

2) Acquire Denard Span from Minnesota for 1 Top Tier Prospect and 1-2 B Level Prospects: Like Bonafacio, Span could immediately impact this lineup as a leadoff hitter and a good one at that. Although his baserunning is significantly worse than that of Bonafacio, he represents a huge improvement over Alex Presley in Left Field. This pushes Presley to the bench or back to indianapolis. either option doesnt make or break this team. For that simple fact, you cannot continue with him as your leadoff hitter or as a starter in a corner outfield position.

3) Acquire Jason Giambi from Colorado for 2 C Level prospects (or possibly 1 borderline B level guy): Giambi’s best days are surely behind him, however, he is still a professional hitter with a professional approach at the plate. Guys like this tend to have an impact on pennant races (IE Matt Stairs) He would be an outstanding late game pinch hitter off the bench and on occasion could make a rare start down the stretch if he is read hot. Also, in a world series atmosphere where a DH is required, can you think of too many other players earning less than 1.5 Million that you would rather have in your lineup? A player with his playoff experience could prove to be extremely valuable down the stretch.

4) Pickup Jonathen Sanchez from waivers from Kansas City: Besides money, you dont have to part with anything to get him. Sanchez has proven that he can dominate hitters in the national league from time to time. He also could prove to give you insurance in the rotation as a left handed starter if Eric Bedard falls back onto hard times. If he simply doesnt have it anymore, so be it, at least you didnt have to give up anything but a few greenbacks.

5) Pickup Xavier Nady from waivers from Washington: After a bunch of injuries Nady surely his not the impact player he was during his stint in the Steel City, however, his numbers inside PNC park are better than anywhere else he swung the bat in his career. Once again, this is one of those moves that wont cost you talent, only cash. It is well documented that Nady enjoyed hitting in PNC because of the visibility from the plate and the dimensions. Nady also posted solid numbers pinch hitting this season for Washington until injuries forced him into an every day role. Obviously, his body could not handle that job. Nady might be an interesting option for a spot start in RF or First Base down the stretch and would definitely be a better option than Jordy Mercer or Gorkys Hernandez coming off the Bench. In Nady and Sanchez’s case, if they dont work out, DFA them and wash your hands clean…however, if they contribute, you picked up a player from the scrap heap for free. Take a minute to look at Xavier Nady’s career numbers at PNC park…they are fairly impressive.

6) Acquire Either Matt Garza, Cole Hamels, or James Shields for 1 top tier prospect and 2-4 B level prospects: Garza is under team control for an additional year, so you get compensation from his after next year if you offer him a tender and he elects free agency anyway. Additionally, he would be an excellent addition to this rotation down the stretch and in a playoff run. My desire for Shields is simply…they dont call him Big Game James for nothing. The guy is simply outstanding in the big time spotlight. I think he would solidify, and possibly anchor the BEST ROTATION IN THE PLAYOFFS if acquired…and that possibility excites me, even if you need to overpay for it. Hamels, has a similar feeling to Shields in my opinion, but he will probabaly cost the most, hence he would be the one I looked at as the third option.

7) Finally, STAY CLEAR OF JUSTIN UPTON & JOSH WILLINGHAM: It is tempting to try and Add a 24 yr old coming off a 30+ home run season last year. HOWEVER, PLEASE go look at his home/road splits as a major leaguer…they are staggering numbers. Unless we move PNC park out to the desert, stay clear of Upton. His game might end of being smoke and mirrors when his time in Arizona finally comes to an end. Additionally, Josh Willingham projects as a left fielder in his career because he has a lollypop arm. To play right field, you need to have at least a respectable arm…of which Josh Willingham does not have. Due to the size of PNC parks left field, Willingham would be forced to play RF…something I want no part of. His bat would surely be an upgrade, but defensively he would be a liability.

Im not sure who the right choice is for a middle of the order bat, but I DO NOT want to see either of those 2 brought into Pittsburgh…UNLESS Arizona DRASTICALLY lowers its price for Justin Upton, which at that point, his age and projectability would be reason enough to at least give him a chance here…big contract or not.

I truly hope this was an interesting read for all you Bucco fans out there! Lets see if any of these ideals come to fruition. If not, lets hope the NH knows what he is doing and improves our ball team to the best of his abilities.


3 years 1 month ago

tell me more

3 years 1 month ago

Like does he have a car?

Chris Vinnit
3 years 1 month ago

I like some of your points but you have a weird fascination with washed up pinch hitters (Nady? Giambi?). I’d take Josh Harrison over Nady and also would like a couple bench guys who could at least be defensive replacements. I think you way over thought this. They don’t need to add 6 players! They’re on pace for 92 wins for crying out loud. To be serious contenders, they basically need 2 pieces, a top of the order guy who GETS ON BASE (Presley is awful) and another middle of the rotation (a good #2 or great #3, although a Greinke or Hamels would do). I’d like a big bat like Upton or Headley to protect Cutch as well (although I also am not real high on J Upton or his equally overrated underachieving brother ) but I’m not convinced the need is as desperate as many think. As Pat pointed out & the article stated, we’ve been scoring plenty of runs from non-Cutch sources.

3 years 1 month ago

Ewww……..I’d much rather have Greinke as a Braves fan

3 years 1 month ago

Why eww? Dempster has been great this year when healthy and probably wouldn’t cost as much as Greinke.

3 years 1 month ago

Dempster is also a 36 year old free agent in 2013. Last time ATL messed around with a 36 year old free agent coming off some career seasons….Derek Lowe.

3 years 1 month ago

Thanks Wash. Now things will be easy

3 years 1 month ago

i get why the Rangers won’t give up Profar, but isn’t he blocked? shouldn’t be completely untouchable…

3 years 1 month ago

More than likely he will be better than Andrus, wouldn’t be surprising if they traded Andrus in the offseason. There is nothing worth Profar available right now.

3 years 1 month ago

I can’t believe I havn’t seen this rumor on the site yet, especially since it came from Bowden (i think this morning). basically there is a buzz that the Rays and Angels are going to hook up in a trade that will send Shields and Zobrist to Anaheim and Richards, Hellweg, and Kendrick to TB

3 years 1 month ago

Can’t see Dempster commanding a top prospect. Giants gave up Wheeler for 2 months of Beltran – who did not produce; then, watched him walk, sign with the Cardinals, and proceed to tear up the National League en route to a career first half, and all star selection and got nothing for him.

these are the prospects I can see parting with for Dempster:

B level prospects: JR Graham, Salcedo, Spruill, Gartrell,
B+ prospects: Lipka, Gattis
MLB ready, A prospects: Pastornicky

those are the prospects i can NOT see parting with:

A prospects: Teheran, Bethancourt, Gilmartin
MLB Ready, A+ prospects: Minor, Delgado

3 years 1 month ago

What about Jurrjens?

3 years 1 month ago

What about jurrjens? Did you see him yesterday? I’m pretty sure any of his trade value just fell off.

3 years 1 month ago

I think if you can get a proven pitcher for prospects, you have to do it. Prospects fizzle out all the time. I mean, do we really know what Teheran is going to become? He hasn’t taken any steps forward, and really, has taken several steps backwards this season. The Braves starting rotation is an absolute mess right now. When Ben Sheets is your most stable pitcher, you have major problems. Hanson has been awful for over a month, you never know what you’re going to get from Minor or Delgado, Jurrjens is just not the same guy anymore, and Hudson is reliable, but has the ever-present ankle issue. Dempster could swing the balance of power in the NL East.

3 years 1 month ago

So you give up highly regarded prospects for a guy that is a 36 year old free agent in 2013? That’s how you run a baseball team…

Teheran’s 21! Come on…he dominated Triple A at 20! One off season and you give up on him?

3 years 1 month ago

I hope that Hellweg/Richards/Kendrick for Shields/Zobrist rumor turns out to be legitimate.

3 years 1 month ago

More likely Phoenix/Reno

3 years 1 month ago

But we’re all weary. It’s that time in a long season.

3 years 1 month ago

The Rangers will consider trading Olt, but it won’t be for a three-month rental. As part of a package for Justin Upton? Sure, then I can see him being moved.

3 years 1 month ago

there’s no way 2nd tier prospects land a Greinke or a Hamels, have fun losing the WS again.

3 years 1 month ago

Have fun not being in the WS again.