Cubs Claim Socolovich, Designate Lalli

The Cubs have claimed right-hander Miguel Socolovich off of waivers from the Orioles, Doug Padilla of reports (on Twitter). The Cubs designated catcher Blake Lalli for assignment to create roster space for Socolovich, who they optioned to Triple-A.

Socolovich had been designated for assignment nine days ago. The 26-year-old appeared in six games with the Orioles this year, allowing eight earned runs in 10 1/3 innings, while striking out as many as he walked (6). He spent most of the season at Triple-A, where he posted a 1.90 ERA with 9.0 K/9 and 2.4 BB/9 in 52 innings of relief work.

Like Socolovich, Lalli made his MLB debut this year and appeared in six games. He has a .257/.292/.392 line in 319 plate appearances at Triple-A Iowa, where he has been playing since May.

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  1. Shel K 3 years ago

    great numbers for AAA. but 8 runs in 10 innings, SO/BB 1:1 in MLB? just how desperate are theo and jed? does the organization need that much filler? meanwhile juan cruz released by the pirates, pitched to a 2.78 ERA with 8.3 K/9 and 4.8 BB/9 IN THE MAJORS. So he’s 33, so what? who do the cubs have that’s better than that this year, or promises to be better next year?

    • moghopper 3 years ago

      you can’t really base much of anything on 10 innings.

      • mstrchef 3 years ago

        Except that if you watched him pitch those ten innings like I did, you saw ten innings of deer-in-the-headlights. He pitched as if he didn’t think he belonged.

        • Brent Hatch 3 years ago

          Seriously, 10 innings in the majors after a dominate run in AAA? I would put more weight into his AAA performance, OR maybe Theo and staff have what is known as “scouting reports” and don’t make decisions about their rosters based on the back of a bubblegum card? I do not understand people ripping baseball gm’s and scouts for decisons they make. Would it be fair for these gm’s and scouts to second-guess the rest of us at work?!?! KNUCKLEHEADS.

          • Shel K 3 years ago

            oh, yeah, “scouting” reports, like the ones that got us Chris Volstad, Travis Wood and Ian Stewart? Bang-up jobs, those. Scouting reports are opinions, the “back of bubble gum cards” have what is known as RESULTS. I’ll take the results, thanks. Oh, and by the way? people judge your results and mine at work all the time.

        • MonsterPike 3 years ago

          Okay, according to sources… he is only 26 yrs. old… Has very impressive minor league #s & is probably making at or near the league minimum… They only had to DFA Blake Lalli to claim him, so he’s a low risk acquisition… Not everyone is lights out in their MLB debuts…

    • MonsterPike 3 years ago

      Looking at the little picture vs. the big picture… = Theo & Jed with FO gigs & posters on internet sites just posting on internet sites… LoL!!

  2. Ryan SoftballGod Siembal 3 years ago

    i hope no one claims lalli, he looked pretty good during his breif stint

  3. Cubs Anappreciation 3 years ago

    They need pitchers…..Jed says so, Theo says so, look at the roster…….I think hes worth giving a shot to, he cant be any worse than anybody currently on the roster!

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