Minor Moves: Daniel Cabrera, Dallas McPherson

Let's keep track of the day's minor moves right here…

  • The Diamondbacks have acquired Daniel Cabrera from the Pirates according to the MLB.com transactions page. Cabrera, 31, has pitched to a 4.58 ERA in 108 innings for Pittsburgh's Triple-A affiliate after not playing at all in 2011 due to Tommy John surgery. The 6-foot-7 right-hander owns a 5.10 ERA in 892 1/3 big league innings with the Orioles, Nationals, and D'Backs.
  • The Pirates have signed Dallas McPherson, also according to MLB.com. The 32-year-old infielder hit .253/.335/.463 with 12 homers in 264 plate appearances in the White Sox's farm system earlier this year. McPherson is a .241/.292/.446 career hitter with 18 homers in the show. He's suited up for the Angels, Marlins, and ChiSox.

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7 Comments on "Minor Moves: Daniel Cabrera, Dallas McPherson"

3 years 14 days ago

Let me be the first and hopefully last person to make the obligatory bad Cabrera joke of the day.
‘If this Cabrera wants to improve his performance, I’m sure Melky can introduce him to
A-Rod’s cousin’

3 years 14 days ago

DC never meet a batter he didnt want to walk.

3 years 14 days ago

I feel like Cabrera has been around forever. Snoop Lion is only 40, and that guy has been around for a long while.

3 years 14 days ago

Nice.. Dan Cabrera, Tagged by Dustin Pedroia at one time as “the worst pitcher in Baseball” and by Adam Dunn as “The one player you MUST see hit” has made it back to the game.

Cabrera throws hard, has been known to target players on opposing teams he does not like and has the most AWFUL swing of anyone known to mankind at the plate.. One must see it to believe it.. The guy actually hacks down at the ball, like almost straight down his swing is so pathetic.

Check out this career line from the plate:

26 career PA 24k and 2BB… Nice huh?

His pitching line is only a fraction above.

IMO, Dbacks would have done better trying to get Dontrelle Willis to come back from his newfound retirement.. At least he can hit for a pitcher…

3 years 14 days ago

The first paragraph reads like a movie trailer. Well done!

3 years 14 days ago

The Pirates also called up Navarro again. Something tells me they should have called up Holt instead. It’s not like they aren’t going to place him on the 40 man roster in a couple of months anyway.

3 years 14 days ago

It´s the same Daniel Cabrera that pitched for the Dbacks 3 years ago?