Rangers, Hamilton To Wait For Offseason To Negotiate

The Rangers and Josh Hamilton will hold off on contract negotiations until the end of the season, sources tell Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.  Hamilton said last winter that he didn't want talks to extend into the season, but the two sides held light discussions in May, when Hamilton was in the midst of his early-season tear.  Both Rangers GM Jon Daniels and Hamilton's agent Michael Moye declined to comment on the state of negotiations.   

It was seen as a longshot that an agreement would be reached, with even Nolan Ryan saying that he expected Hamilton to test the free agent market.  Heyman reports that the Rangers have yet to make Hamilton a contract offer, which Heyman interprets as a possible sign that the team isn't willing to extend the kind of eight- or nine-year commitment that Hamilton reportedly wants.  The Rangers shy away from very long-term contracts in any case and "indications are that they won't buck that trend here" for Hamilton.

Signing any 31-year-old with a checkered injury history to a big multiyear deal would already be a risk, but that uncertainty is compounded by Hamilton's struggles with substance abuse.  Heyman hears from two rival general managers that Hamilton carries too much risk to get more than a five-year deal (worth $100MM-140MM) on the open market, though the GMs note that Hamilton just needs one particularly aggressive team to potentially offer him that longer contract.  One GM suggests the Dodgers could be in on Hamilton this winter as their new ownership is willing and eager to spend.

Hamilton looked to be on track for one of baseball's greatest seasons after he posted a .368/.420/.764 line with 21 homers in April and May, though he has struggled badly since, hitting just .209/.284/.383 since May 31.

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  1. i can already hear this next year which i hopefully dont hear, Batting 3rd for the Los Angeles Dodgers number 33 since (32 is retired) left fielder Josh Hamilton. ):

    • Ian Masterson 3 years ago

      I would love to see him as a Dodger, but I’m still under the belief that he’ll sign somewhere else.

    • Me 3 years ago

      I’m guessing the Yankees grab him and the Dodgers resign Victorino.

      • Slopeboy 3 years ago

        Yanks won’t sign him. They’re looking to get under the $189 MM threshold and his contract would destroy those plans. They have Cano and Granderson to deal with first. In addition, and not to harp on his substance abuse issues, he’s admitted to at least two incidents with alcohol in the past year, despite having an ‘escort’ to keep him out of trouble . Yankees will not take a chance on someone with those issues.

        I look for Hamilton to have just a few serious suitors in the off season, with not the huge money offers that he and his agents are expecting. My bet is that he signs with the Rangers again at something more reasonable than they’re currently talking about.

        • johnsilver 3 years ago

          I think they would pass on him regardless myself. Boston also, even though he is a RH power threat. Risky, risky, risky and not what many trolls here are always attacking him for, but injuries + age, but the massive amount it would/will take to sign him.

          I see him signing with a team that doesn’t normally spend big.. think Duquette making a big splash, if he can get Angelos to go along. His Manny Ramirez type deal to try and get the Orioles over the top.

          If not going back with the Rangers all along? orioles are my prediction.

        • vtadave 3 years ago

          Yeah I don’t see that either. Yankees are already at $119 million committed. They will also need to find two starting pitchers and a catcher, pick up Granderson and Cano’s options ($28 million), and give a big raise to Phil Hughes. Then they need another couple relievers.

    • rainyperez 3 years ago

      If that were to happen that would mean they have invested over at least $200 million dollars in their outfield in the next five seasons or so.

      • So? *shrugs*

        • rainyperez 3 years ago

          So you’re committing at least $65 million a year to an outfield. With a raise to Kershaw thats another $20 million or so.

          So thats $85 million to 4 players?

          • soxfan123123 3 years ago

            So? The Dodgers are a big market team and there is no salary cap.

          • bucs_lose_again 3 years ago

            I love spending money that’s not mine.

          • vtadave 3 years ago

            Pretty sure that still wouldn’t prevent the Dodgers from fielding a competitive team.

          • Yeah I would. Kemp, Kershaw, and Hamilton are arguably all the best at what they do.
            Kershaw – Best LHP
            Kemp – Best CF
            Hamilton – Best LHB
            Eithier may have been an overpay IMO.

            Anyway, LAD is willing to spend, so why not get the best talent?

  2. Visionsofsilver 3 years ago

    It’d be bitter-sweet if the Dodgers signed Hamilton. Bitter because of the contract he’d most assuredly require, but sweet cause he’s an excellent player when focused and healthy.

    • vtadave 3 years ago

      nah, it would just be sweet.
      A middle of the order consisting of Kemp, Hamilton, Hanley, and Ethier is impressive. Still need a guy at the top to get on base however.

  3. Rex_Chestington 3 years ago

    He’ll be a Detroit Tiger a week after the World Series.

    • vtadave 3 years ago

      Ha… can they really afford four guys making $20 million-plus?

  4. bigpat 3 years ago

    Maybe there will be one free agent in the market? One can hope…

  5. thekidfromyesterday 3 years ago

    Not a Rangers fan but I’d hope he’d resign with the Rangers sounding like the Pujols deals last year

  6. drjayphd 3 years ago

    It should be noted that the Rangers have also not begun talking about a new contract with Ian Kinsler, but that’s just because of their long-standing policy against negotiating with errorists.

    • HaloeD 3 years ago

      so they have to try and resign hamilton, napoli, and kinsler in the offseason?

      • Peg2 3 years ago

        Kinsler signed an extension at the beginning of the season. Napoli and hamilton are free? Agents after the season.

        • To be exact, Kinsler is signed through 2017 with an option for 2018

          • crashcameron 3 years ago

            why why ?

          • Why?? because that’s what the Rangers offered him, and that’s what he agreed to, and signed up for?? I’m just taking a stab in the dark, because that’s how the process usually works…

  7. swing1 3 years ago

    He’s in a slump right now and he’s 31. Not a lot going his way. If he’s looking for a $100 million dollar contract, the only suitors possible would be the Dodgers. Yankees are trying to cut back on spending but if they let granderson walk, it could open the door to some interesting discussion.

  8. macdice 3 years ago

    The Mariners have over $30 million coming off the books this season and I could see them over paying in terms of years to add some offense.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      I would worry about him playing on that field (hard surface) and with the dimensions how much his power would suffer. You know his team mate Beltre is a phone call away and could let him know all of that.

      Seattle is a team (like you said) with money available and could be a surprise spender this off season, but i don’t see that type of player as the target.

      A speedy type w/good glove if they spend. I know Figgins is a bad name to throw around to Seattle fans, but that type was the correct one..

      Victorino if he goes cheap and the years not too long, ditto Upton or Bourne.

      It’s just so tough to hit balls out of Safeco and really.. How many, other than griffey jr have had LT success at it? another vile name in Richie Sexson? I could have seen Seattle chase Adam Dunn a couple years back when he didn’t go for big $$$ and sticking him as the DH, cause no stadium can hurt his powr, but really.. How many Adam Dunn, Fielder, Pujols and Stanton’s are there?

      • macdice 3 years ago

        If the Mariners move the fences in, then it could affect a lot of things. I could see them offering a deal similar in average salary to what other teams will offer but they will have to offer more years for him to consider it. I would be surprised if the Rangers went more than 5 years but could see the Mariners offering 7.

    • rrwrayiii 3 years ago

      I would love to see the Mariners be aggressive and make a huge offer. He would be a huge launching pad to get the offense turned around. Right field is no problem for hitters so he wouldn’t suffer from the demise of playing at Safeco Field.

  9. I wouldn’t trust this guy in a large market like Los Angeles or New York. Unfortunately, those teams that reside in those cities are the only ones that can afford his insane demands. I just think he would give into those temptations pretty fast in the big city…probably on the first night after celebrating that contract. He needs a smaller market, maybe going back to Cincinnati or considering somewhere like Pittsburgh, Minnesota, or Colorado. Not that those teams have openings or could afford him, but for his career and his life’s sake, he needs a supportive city instead of the fast-paced temptation of New York or Los Angeles.

  10. The Dodgers will not sign Josh Hamilton. The Dodgers want to spend, I get that, but we signed a left fielder out of Cuba named Yasiel Puig to a 7 year, 42 million dollar contract, who also possess the 5 tools. The Dodgers want to make the team competitive, but they don’t want to be reckless, signing Hamilton would be reckless. As much as I would love to have Hamilton on the Dodgers, I just don’t see it. I think we’ll be focusing on pitching and maybe one more bat.

  11. Ellenok 3 years ago

    they signed a contract with Ian at the beginning of the season. I for one hope they will keep Josh and he will get his eye problems fixed once and for all. He would be worth keeping in the long run.

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