Blue Jays Claim Bobby Wilson

The Blue Jays have claimed catcher Bobby Wilson off of waivers from the Angels, Alden Gonzalez of reports (on Twitter). Toronto's 40-man roster is now full.

Wilson, 29, appeared in 75 games for the Angels this past season. He posted a .211/.277/.292 batting line in 201 plate appearances and prevented 29% of stolen base attempts from behind the plate. Though the right-handed hitter struggles against right-handed pitching, he owns a .242/.315/.455 batting line in 156 plate appearances against left-handers. Wilson will be arbitration eligible for the first time this offseason and had projected as a non-tender candidate in Anaheim. 

The Blue Jays are monitoring the waiver wire closely. They claimed Tyson BrummettCory Wade and Scott Cousins last week.

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  1. Wes9825 3 years ago

    Will he get traded to the Rangers now, and hit all-world only against the Halos?

  2. safari_punch 3 years ago

    Just because a player can be claimed doesn’t mean you have to claim him.

  3. Wow. First Mathis then this guy. Alex must like slap hitting ex Angel catchers

  4. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    Well this is rather pointless.

  5. Matt Plamondon 3 years ago

    who cares depth move AAA welcome to the bisons

  6. jb1996 3 years ago

    The blue jays just claim everybody now. save some for the other teams

    • Let_My_Cameron_Go 3 years ago

      They are probably going to end up DFA’ing half the guys they claim. They are hoping that these guys will stay in the organization, and will either fight for a MLB job or head to Buffalo…

    • $17154452 3 years ago

      Sure we’ll let the other teams have them when AA starts trading.

  7. Toronto310 3 years ago

    umm pointless, didnt they sign mathis to a 2 year deal last season, have JP and dranaud.

    • rikersbeard 3 years ago

      depth. unless you want more Yan Gomes.

      • Jaysfan724 3 years ago

        What’s wrong with Yan Gomes? 1B/3B/OF/C

        Sounds like a versatile bench player to me. Obviously the bat is a little weak but he’s got some pop.

        • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

          yah.. he can’t hit, but either can wilson.

          so this move is odd.

          • Jaysfan724 3 years ago

            Maybe the bullpen catcher retired *shrugs*

        • at the very least, Wilson can play C defensively. Gomes not so much.

          • Jaysfan724 3 years ago

            What I’m getting at though is Gomes would nothing more than a 3rd catcher, however still capable to play the position…he can be valued defensively at other positions more so than Wilson.

          • which kind of explains the depthy addition of Wilson. Its not like either is going to be pressed in to a situation where they’re playing C everyday unless it was an urgency anyway.

          • Jaysfan724 3 years ago

            Yeah, Wilson is basically going to be what Torrealba was in his brief time here (minus the expanded roster). He’ll be in AAA waiting to be called up to back-up in case of injury (Mathis in particular, if it was JP I’m sure d’Arnaud will get the call). Yan will more so only see time behind the plate if say JP is DH’ing and for some reason Mathis gets hurt, or we play a 15 inning game, or any other odd ball incident.

          • PushDown 3 years ago

            “Wilson can play C defensively”
            Well, Alex Grady, your in for a surprise next year!

            In all seriousness, I really hope Wilson does well in Toronto, he just never got the chance with the Angels. But know this, defense isn’t what he hangs his hat on. If anything, that would be his offense, though his hat isn’t really secured on that either.

          • you should see Gomes behind the plate.

  8. That’s the 3rd catcher to go to Toronto from the Angels in 2 1/2 years? I think they also got the Molina’s after the Angels too(Jose to NYY first)

  9. First Napoli (kind of), then Mathis, now Wilson. Scioscia is clearly coming from ANA to be the next manager for the Jays.

  10. Matt 3 years ago

    as an angels fan this seems interesting does this mean they think conger will be the fulltime backup finally or hester? or someone else?

    • johnsmith4 3 years ago

      It means Bobby Wilson is out of options and has to be DFAed at some point to be assigned to the minors. Angels either (1) thought they can sneak him through waivers at this time of year; or (2) had to make room on their 40-man roster for a valuable prospect who is about to become eligible for the Rule 5 draft

    • Commander_Nate 3 years ago

      Yes. I think I remember reading a statement to that effect somewhere after they extended Iannetta.

  11. Darrell 3 years ago

    Move over now – the Blue Jays trade John Farrell and get Mike Aviles and Bobby Wilson. Boy the World Series wagon must be pulling up now, ‘eh Alex?

    • it’s a process.

      • Darrell 3 years ago

        You’re kidding right?

      • Blue Jays first base coach Torey Lovullo will become Boston’s bench coach: Just another reason Blue Jays fans feel hurt and let down by the terrible decisions made by this organization. Toronto is a HOCKEY town and this WAS the year to SWING the hockey crowd over BUT instead you dropped the ball! TORONTO NEEDS TO GET RID OF AA & BB!

        • lefty177 3 years ago

          My eyes just had mini seizures with those random all-caps words in that 2nd-to-last sentence

  12. johnsmith4 3 years ago

    Bobby Wilson is out of options. He can only be assigned to the minors by getting DFAed. Expect him to get DFAed between now and April.

  13. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    once there is a shortage around the league for relievers and catchers who cant hit, AA is going to have all of the power.

  14. Thurman8er 3 years ago

    This was clearly a requirement of the Vernon Wells trade. AA told Reagins, “Hey, if we take ALL your lousy catchers off your hands, will you take Vernon?”

    • Wes9825 3 years ago

      i’m really interested on if Conger is finally up for good, as backup, or if they have someone else in mind…not Hester. Knowing Jerry, which I DON’T, i’m thinking he may go after Miguel Montero….

      • VegasANGELSFan 3 years ago

        They just re-signed Ianetta to be their everyday guy, they aren’t signing Montero

        • vtadave 3 years ago

          Yeah pretty sure they aren’t “signing” a guy who is locked up already through 2017.

          • VegasANGELSFan 3 years ago

            Excellent point. They just re-signed Iannetta to be their everyday guy, they aren’t trading for Montero, who happens to be under contract through 2017.

  15. Howard 3 years ago

    Only reason I see this being done is to move Arencibia in a package deal for a starter via trade.

  16. crashcameron 3 years ago

    i’ve always liked Yori Torrealba myself. wasn’t sure why Rangers released him and thought he did a good job with Jays. never will hit more than the occasional clutch hit but he had a good grasp of the pitchers right off the bat. if they hadnt signed Mathis on extension I thought he would be a good mentor for JPA and/or DArnaud

  17. FanInWhite 3 years ago

    Just a guess but I could see Arencibia to Texas for something involving Matt Harrison or Alexi Ogando. I’d really like it if they could add Michael Young to the deal somehow. As much as I like Arencibia and I know he loves Toronto, I think d’Arnaud is the future at catcher. I’d be ok with Mathis starting the year as the Jays #1 while d’Arnaud gets a little more seasoning at AAA. It’s possible d’Arnaud would even be ready for the bigs now. Mathis doesn’t have the bat JP Does but he has really improved since coming to the Jays. He’s good with the staff and behind the plate. The only problem is I don’t know how willing Texas is to trade starters at this point. Of course if they would trade Profar that would be cool. Thoughts?

  18. PushDown 3 years ago

    Ahhhhh Bobby Wilson. You will be missed dearly in the OC. The way you embraced your role as offensive blackhole. The way you made it look like you never threw one runner out the entire year. Hank Conger has some big shoes to fill.

    But Blue Jays fans, fear not, if Jered Weaver lands in Toronto, I heard he has amazing rapport with Bobby Wilson!

  19. Aidan Smith 3 years ago

    Great pickup as a solid defender

  20. Darrell 3 years ago

    I don’t have a clue what you are getting at Alex Grady (I am talking about Alex Anthopolous not you)? Alex Anthopolous blew it trading Farrell + a garbage player and only getting Aviles from Boston (a divisional rival this team cries and bellyaches that they can’t compete against). That day passes and his first move after that is signing Bobby Wilson and your response is “It’s a process” and making excuses for AA? I am not even a Jays fan.

  21. the fact that i share a name with AA is merely coincidence. I knew you weren’t addressing me personally.

    But it is a process.

    And lol at your analysis of the Farrell trade. Aviles might be the best player to be traded for a non-player in the history of baseball.

  22. Lunchbox45 3 years ago


    yah he should have signed grienke and hamilton! would have been really amazing since free agency hasn’t started yet

  23. vtadave 3 years ago

    Just a horrible post. It’s October 22, not the eve of Opening Day. How about waiting to see what other moves are made first? So they claimed some garbage catcher. Pretty sure that is not part of some master plan to take over the AL East. It’s a depth move that ALL 30 teams do. As for Farrell, are you really complaining about trading a manager for a guy who might actually help?

  24. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    randy winn?

  25. He was traded for a player David Carpenter

  26. johnsmith4 3 years ago

    You winn

  27. I had always thought that Lou was traded for the negotiation rights to Winn. Guess not.

  28. Darrell 3 years ago

    Not once am I suggesting that. However do your research and work at ways to entice your fans back to your side. It’s clear Toronto Blue Jays have MAJOR damage control to do between now and the start of the season.

  29. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    are you serious?

    Why because Farrell either wanted an extension or to be on a club who would give him one?

    Farrell did nothing here that should make fans in any way upset about losing him. We need pitching and have a few other holes to fill, a new manager, whether its alomar, acta or fasano, will be just fine.

  30. Darrell 3 years ago

    I am not a Jays fan, but it is painfully obvious that this team has made a mess of things. I was not a fan of John Farrell, but I don’t think he was as horrible as Jays fans are making it out to be. I think the trade of John Farrell was equivalent to the garbage the Toronto Raptors got for Vince Carter when he said he wanted out.

    The Escobar mess, the Lawrie base running mess, the Lawrie tantrum against the umpire, Omar Vizquel mess – it was hardly a sign of promise for this franchise.

  31. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    Vince carter was a player that brought value to court, he was an asset.

    Farrell is not an asset, because no managers are, maybe sans Joe Maddon. Farrell is far from the worst manager in the big leagues, he’s also far from the best, the jays will be able to sign a new manager thats just as good if not better.

    and you might want to look up the word mess, you are grossly over exaggerating. Lawrie needs to scale back his aggressiveness, he’s a young player, Vizquel is gone, there was no mess and escobar needs to mature.

    none of these are issues or a mess if the team was winning.

  32. $17867741 3 years ago

    I’m sure 1982 wasn’t a bright year, but look how 1983 turned out…

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