Diamondbacks Notes: Upton, Bauer, Putz, Drew

The latest on the Diamondbacks as General Manager Kevin Towers and Managing General Partner Ken Kendrick opened up a bit on the club's plans..

  • Towers told Barry M. Bloom of MLB.com that he has a very open-minded approach to improving the roster and wouldn't rule out a trade of Justin Upton.  However, finding the right deal could prove to be difficult.  "It's probably going to be very difficult to move him. We've explored it the last couple of years and there wasn't a deal that presented itself that made sense, that we felt was going to make us better," said Towers.
  • Kendrick had a similar take in an interview today on KTAR radio, tweets Nick Piecoro of The Arizona Republic.  "I would think it’s highly likely that we’ll see Justin Upton in a Diamondbacks uniform next year," Kendrick said.  Kendrick also emphasized the club's never-say-never attitude to trades (Twitter link).
  • Kendrick seemed to give a less-than-enthusiastic evaluation of right-hander Trevor Bauer.  "In an employer/employee situation it’s incumbent on employee to make adjustments to satisfy the needs of the employer," said Kendrick, according to Piecoro (via Twitter).
  • When asked if Bauer has a future with the D'Backs, Kendrick responded, "Well he has talent," (via Twitter).  Kendrick wasn't asked to expound on his specific issues with the former third-overall pick.
  • The club has time to decide on J.J. Putz's $6.5MM option for next season, but Towers termed it a "no-brainer" based on his performance this year and the going rate for closers of his caliber.  If Arizona has a sudden change of heart, Putz can be bought out for just $1.5MM.
  • Despite falling short of expectations this season, Towers told Bloom that he still believes that the club isn't far from contending once again.  The GM also chalked up some of the disappointment for the 2012 season to raised expectations heading into the year.
  • Asked about his shopping list for this offseason, Towers said that he will likely target a shortstop to replace Stephen Drew.  He doesn't see Willie Bloomquist as a full-time answer given his injury history and John McDonald probably couldn't fill the void at the age of 38.  Beyond that, Towers would like to bolster the pitching, but any veteran pitching they acquire would happen via trade.  Towers will also look to upgrade at third base this winter.
  • Towers won't completely rule out a return for Drew via free agency, but it's not likely seeing as how they already opted to move him this year.
  • In general, Towers believes that he will look to improve via trade rather than free agency.  The club could free up additional cash by moving an outfielder as they are high on both A.J. Pollock and Adam Eaton, though they should already have enough money to contend next season as it stands.

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14 Comments on "Diamondbacks Notes: Upton, Bauer, Putz, Drew"

3 years 10 hours ago

Chris Young is as good as gone it seems like

James Attwood
3 years 7 hours ago

Probably true. The one thing I see possibly keeping CY in Arizona is that Kirk Gibson absolutely loves him as a player. CY is GIbby’s type of player and also has a track record of being a clubhouse leader type. With the season coming to a close, Gibson all but blamed the organization for CY’s poor numbers this year, going on about how the organization was responsible for pushing him back way too fast because he had almost single-handedly been carrying the team the first 11 games.
The reality is, the team can save quite a bit of cash by moving him. But then there are questions of what are they getting back that doesn’t cost the same. If they are looking to upgrade the left side of the infield, the money is just getting spent elsewhere, not saved. Without injury, CY is probably about a .250 hitter with 20-30 HR power and 20-30 SB, playing exceptional CF. The other options bring a higher average, about the same in SB, but are significant downgrades in power and close to equal in OBP while playing CF at a full tier below CY.
CY is almost certainly gone so the money can go to a SS. But unlike most, I don’t see them just unloading him as a salary dump. They’ll be looking for like value in return, and that will be hard to find.

3 years 10 hours ago

Does Kendrick like any of his players?

3 years 9 hours ago

What is with Kendrick? Bauer is 21 years old, and only had 4 appearances in the majors. He was drafted just over a year ago. Let the kid pitch more before making such a ridiculous comment.

3 years 3 hours ago

As most D-back fans feel Kendrick is an idiot that does more harm than good with his comments. Did he really expect to raise Upton’s confidence and see him produce more the way he raked him over the coals this year and now he’s starting with a 21 year old who dominated the minor leagues in his first season. Kendrick needs to step down as managing partner he’s poison to this team.

3 years 9 hours ago

Aviles and Middlebrooks to Arizona
Cahill and Goldstein to Boston

3 years 8 hours ago

complains about jon lester; wants to acquire trevor cahill

2 years 11 months ago

Actually I am more interested in the 1st baseman, Goldschmidt.

3 years 8 hours ago

DEAL says this Snakes fan!

3 years 6 hours ago

Cahill and goldschmidt? Throw in cy and we can add sweeny. Deal

3 years 8 hours ago

kendrick is just the worst

3 years 4 hours ago


3 years 8 hours ago

Kendrick is clearly a blunt instrument. Looks like Chris Yong and Gerado Parra are on the block. Is that enough to upgrade SS and 3B? Probably not. AZ may have to consider moving one of their young pitching prospects to field a playoff caliber left side of the infield. Depending on the personnel, it might be worth it.

2 years 11 months ago

Rotation of lester buch cahill lackey doubrount. Lineup of els pedy papi ross goldschmit cy salty ciriaco iglesias. Weak end of lineup but should be solid enough on a rebuild yr