Hanwha Eagles To Post Hyun-jin Ryu

NOVEMBER 2nd: The KBO informed MLB that Ryu will be posted, according to a KBO press release (link in Korean via Dan Kurtz of MyKBO.net). The bidding can begin once MLB informs its teams about Ryu's availability.

OCTOBER 29th: The Hanwha Eagles of the Korea Baseball Organization will post South Korean left-hander Hyun-jin Ryu in a move that could be the first step toward a Major League Baseball career. The Eagles will accept bids for Ryu via the posting system this offseason, Jee-ho Yoo of Yonhap News reports.

Once the Eagles post Ryu, interested MLB teams will submit secret bids. After the bids are in the Eagles will decide whether to accept or decline an offer for the 25-year-old. If the Eagles accept an offer then Ryu, a Scott Boras client, would negotiate a deal with MLB the team that won the rights to sign him. Assuming the sides reach an agreement, the Eagles would then collect the posting fee from the MLB team. Dan Kurtz of MyKBO.net has a copy of the posting rules for MLB and KBO teams.

Ryu has been one of the KBO's most dominant starting pitchers since 2006, according to the Yonhap report. He was on the South Korean team that won the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics and placed second in the 2009 World Baseball Classic.

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  1. gkstkddn93 3 years ago

    $4M posting fee + $1.5M × 3 years : I(Me is Korean) think this would do it for acquiring Ryu. But the Hanwha Eagles might want more than $4M. I think they might want at least $6M~$7M. But the important thing is, MLB clubs may not see Ryu as a full-established starting pitcher for MLB level. Remember Kei Igawa? He also had a decent changeup like Ryu but the Igawa-in-pinstripes was awful. I know my opinion can sound like piece of sheet but some Korean MLB fans do think that Ryu’s pitching might not good enough for the MLB level.

    Well, I do cheer for Ryu ’cause I’m Koreano but I don’t think he’ll have success in Major Leagues as much as KBO.

    • Goat_Rider 3 years ago

      Nice run down. Big 6’2” lefty, 25 years old, 4 pitches and good performance on international stage. A total investment of $12 to $15 mil seems really reasonable. I bet it approaches $25 mil total though. I am rooting for this guy too.

  2. Danny 3 years ago

    Ryu has 4th or 5th starter potential for MLB level at most. Absolutely non-sense for him Multi-million posting fee. 50K posting fee , 1 mil signing bonus and split contract for him.

    • John 3 years ago

      have you watched Ryu’s pitching before?..
      Then you can’t say like that i think..

  3. gkstkddn93 3 years ago

    Danny is right. $50K would be enough for his potential. But Hanwha will never let him go to the big league unless Multi-million posting fee is acquired. That’s why Ryu-to-the-big-leagues might never happen in this offseason

  4. Rangers4Life 3 years ago

    So does he throw a gyroball? It’s about time we get to see an Asian pitcher that really throws one.

    • East Coast Bias 3 years ago

      No gyro… but that Darvish guy is pretty good.

  5. aj7380 3 years ago

    He’s not Sabathia, but more of a big Sid Fernandez type lefty. His only impedent to having a good run in the MLB as a 3-5 type starter is the shorter rest period and more overall innings. Other than that he should be successful if expectations are held in check

  6. himenezubaldo 3 years ago

    He is good player I guess

  7. Ryu is a good investment as long as the winning bid is $10M plus 3 years 10M contract – assuming the posting fee and the contract will be 50:50. This guy is lefty and can control his 92mph fastball with above average change up – good combination as a MLB pitcher. Lately most 3rd/4th SPs get 4 years 44M or 5 years 52M range of deal so getting a guy who can be 3-5th SP for 3 years 20M is a bargain. I would rather sign this guy over Loshe or Jackson while allocating 20-30M saving for other positions.

  8. $7562574 3 years ago

    angels! they will make money back from extra korean fans.

  9. Rangers4Life 3 years ago

    We need a Japanese pitcher named Ken to post right now

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