Mozeliak Talks Furcal, Kozma, Lefty Relief

For the most part, the Cardinals are well-positioned for the 2013 season. They’ll consider upgrades in the middle infield and hope their injured players recover quickly. Other than that, their biggest offseason need might be left-handed relief. GM John Mozeliak addressed his team’s offseason plans at the GM Meetings today in a conversation with MLBTR. Here are some highlights:

  • The Cardinals like internal middle infield options such as Rafael Furcal, Pete Kozma and even prospect Kolten Wong. Mozeliak said he’s “very hesitant” to seek a long-term answer in the middle infield at this point. “We feel like we do have some depth there, but clearly if Furcal were injured we might have to look at it a little differently,” the GM said. The shortstop dealt with an elbow injury late this past season.
  • Kozma’s late-season performance “definitely saved him” his roster spot, according to Mozeliak. The Cardinals like the shortstop’s energy and enthusiasm. 
  • Mozeliak said the Cardinals would offer free agent relievers multiyear deals under the right circumstances. “It really comes down to seeing if we can find the right fit for the role we’re looking for,” he said, acknowledging that the Cardinals are interested in adding a left-handed reliever.

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2 Comments on "Mozeliak Talks Furcal, Kozma, Lefty Relief"

2 years 9 months ago

“Furcal dealt with an elbow injury.”….except he didn’t deal with it by getting it surgically corrected. So he, the team, and Cards fans are hoping he will heal somehow on his own, but fans are rightfully nervous about his iffy track record with being fit to play.
We saw Kozma’s struggles in the Giants series, and no matter what happy face they put on his “improvement”, he shows no signs of being worth a #1 draft pick as a reliable starter.

They could use a good SS but are reluctant to spend on one, what with the hefty $$$ commitment to Furcal and their need to pay big for their starters.

Eric Champion
2 years 9 months ago

a major problem with this article is having Kozma’s name in the same sentence with “energy and enthusiasm”