AL West Notes: Rangers, M’s, Hamilton, Adams, Uehara

Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels says that the door is open for reliever Mike Adams to return, but he doesn't sound terribly optimistic about it happening, writes Jeff Wilson of the Star-Telegram.  "I think Mike's earned the right and put up performances indicative of a substantial contract," Daniels said. "Historically we haven't done those kinds of deals."  More on the Rangers and other items out of the AL West..

  • While some have speculated that the Red Sox and Rangers could partner up for a swap of Jacoby Ellsbury and Elvis Andrus, such a trade won't be happening, tweets Rob Bradford of
  • People familiar with the Mariners' thinking told Jon Heyman of that the club could be a new entry into the Josh Hamilton sweepstakes.  Earlier today, we learned that the Orioles will be targeting Hamilton this winter.
  • Daniels also said that he wants to see Koji Uehara return in 2013, Wilson writes.  With the likely departure of Adams and Alexi Ogando's move to the rotation, the Rangers have three vacancies to fill in the bullpen.
  • The GM also confirmed that the club has discussed a minor league deal with right-hander Yoshinori Tateyama.  The Rangers declined their $1.2MM option on Tateyama last week.
  • Daniels believes that there is a perception that the Rangers do not want to retain Hamilton and said that it is inaccurate, Wilson writes.  The Rangers have maintained contact with Hamilton's agent, Mike Moye, but contract terms have yet to be discussed.
  • Earlier tonight, Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports reported that the Rangers are pursuing free agent first baseman Adam LaRoche.

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  1. Red Sox want all the leverage they can get that’s why they’re saying they don’t want to trade him. If Hamiliton doesn’t resign then the Ranger’s will go in panic mode and try for him. Red Sox are playing their best pokerface right now. lol

    • There’s no way they would trade Elvis for Ellsbury lol especially with all of the options via trade and free agency. Plus, they have already accepted they will likely lose Hamilton so there will be no panic mode, not Jon Daniels. If Andrus ever got traded, I think it would be in a package for an ace but it’s not likely.

      • NathanielFaunce 3 years ago

        I agree. Of the guys currently being reported as available, the only one I see Texas giving up Andrus for is Justin Upton. But I’m not sure if such a trade would make sense for Arizona.

        • Troy Dishman 3 years ago

          You think that if Texas was to trade Andrus it would be pitching. Im not sure what legitimate pitchers are available but I could see someone like St.Louis having the pitching to swing a trade for Andrus plus they could really use him. I dont know if St. Louis would want to though. In fact Texas if they wanted a prospect pitcher they could get an Adams type or maybe Craig? I just dont know how willing the Cardinals are to making a deal.
          I like Upton though. Would Texas be willing to get in on Swisher?

          • Jimmy Jack 3 years ago

            As a Rangers fan I’d only trade Andrus for:
            1) David Price
            2) Justin Upton and hopefully a pitcher of some sort
            3) A complicated deal with the Cardinals for one of Adams/Craig AND one of Lynn/Rosenthal, and maybe even Boggs if the Rangers also threw in something else

          • Baseball Lifer 3 years ago

            I like the idea of the Cardinals being a possible landing spot for Elvis…. But i do not think you trade Elvis for a 1B type (Adams or Craig). You still have Moreland, Olt is blocked at 3B so 1B could be a possiblity, and then you still have Gallo (1B) tearup up the lower minor leagues. I suspect SP, C, or OF would be the position of interest.

    • MadmanTX 3 years ago

      There is no “panic mode” in losing Hamilton. The Rangers are prepared to move on without him.

      • Da Buddha 3 years ago

        Just me, could be completely wrong, but I think the Rangers have been taking Josh for granted the last few years. If they don’t sign him, we’ll see just how important his presence and bat really was.

        • Baseball Lifer 3 years ago

          Truth being told the Rangers alredy know what it is like playing without him (presence and/or bat). Hamilton has missed 163 out of a possible 810 games played (25%).

    • Jimmy Jack 3 years ago

      Yeah nobody’s panicking about being able to acquire an injury-riddled guy like Ellsbury who is one year from free agency and represented by Scott Boras. The Rangers can and should get way more for Andrus.

  2. Troy Dishman 3 years ago

    Interesg we all though the Mariners may be players on Hamilton. How serious who knows but the quieter it is with Seattle on a situation the better. I bet they are in on Swisher to if they are in on Hamilton.
    The Mariners are probably going to be interested with any good bat going. Jack knows that this is year 5 and they have to get some signiicant progress done on the offense. They have some money and can anticipate the Figgins money coming off the books in relation to anything long-term (after this year). Plus the new TV deal they will get soon.
    It all depends on if ownership is willing to give us a chance to win. They know that there may be the Sonics coming back to compete with the recreational money of the people. Personally he wil cost more than Swisher but he would be worth it. Get it done Mariners he would love the right field porch plus the guys around him will start looking nice real soon.
    All I have to say is Jack has to improve this offense big time and Hamilton would be a huge cog to accomplishing that. Plus Seattle would be a good place for him. Get

    • mwagner26 3 years ago

      As a M’s fan, I’d much rather have Swisher. He’ll be less money, and most likely, a much better fit in the atmosphere. He’ll most likely be healthier

      • Da Buddha 3 years ago

        I’d rather take the chance on Hamilton. Swisher is an average player who was helped by the launching pad in NY. Hamilton is a stud hitter everywhere. When’s the last time Swisher was an MVP… or even thought of as an MVP?

    • The_Unnatural 3 years ago

      I’d rather have Swisher. More durable. Defense is about the same. The difference in OPS isn’t worth the difference of their prospective contracts. Swisher will likely cost half as much as Hamilton.

      • rundmc1981 3 years ago

        I guessed Swisher would get signed by SEA (and Hamilton signed by BAL). Long shots, but SEA goes out and gets a bat.

        • Troy Dishman 3 years ago

          Seattle has to get a veteran bat I would think. They need to do all they can to help the young guys (who have talent) by taking the pressure off them a little and showing them the ropes from an actual player. Swisher may be a better fit but in relation to his WAR that will regress as time goes I think that Hamilton will contribute more WAR over the life of the contract than Swisher. Plus I think Swisher will stay on the East Coast.
          In actuality we probably (seattle) doesnt get either guy and swings a trade for someone good. If they do make a trade for a middle of the order bat I would like to go after Greinke. Felix Greinke 1/2 would be as good as anybody.

          • Da Buddha 3 years ago

            Absolutely! I’d love to see them go sign Greinke, even if that means trading one of our big three pitchers to then grab a Troy Tulowitzki or Billy Butler or Alex Gordon… those are just examples.

    • Drugs 3 years ago

      in regards to the last part…i dont know if youve ever been to seattle but its a TERRIBLE place for a recovering addict to live. go m’s

      • Troy Dishman 3 years ago

        I disagree I am a recovering addict and live nearby in Skagit county. There is saying in NA/AA and that is “wherever you are, there you are.” So with that said anywhere you go your addiction can kick in. I could just see pressure leading to relapse in places like NY, BOS, LA, etc. Seattle is laid back but it would still be on him to continue on the right track. If Im owners/GMs I would group together and all contracts offered would have out clauses if he gets back into substance abuse problems. I know the Players Association would be upset but if everybody offering big money did it there isnt much they can do. Plus Hamilton may be down with it just for that much more accountability. That is alot of money for someone with the disease of addiction that can rear its ugly head at any weak moment no matter where he goes.

      • Da Buddha 3 years ago

        Wow… I hope you’re kidding! Seattle is an amazing place to live. All we hear is “it rains all the time in Seattle”. That is a lie. It actually rains more on the East Coast then it does in Seattle, it just is gray more. Seattle is quite beautiful, relaxing, and an absolutely easy place if Josh wanted to get away from anything that might sway his demons one way or another.

        • Troy Dishman 3 years ago

          Plus the summers are actually quite comfortable and not over the top stay inside during the day like so much of the country. Now when it comes down to it he will probably go only to the highest bidder. He knows this is the one chance, most likely, for a major payday he will milk it for all its worth. He will have great great grandchildren some day that he wants to be able to take care of :)

  3. Troy Dishman 3 years ago

    Get it done Jack Z. Get something in terms of offensive value that has experience so players can look up too. You know Wedge hopes it can get done.

  4. monkeyking42 3 years ago

    Tateyama destroyed AAA hitters, and was impressive in the majors except for his unfortunate home run addiction. If I were a GM with a large park to work with, I’d consider offering him an ML deal.

  5. Troy Dishman 3 years ago

    I do think Hamiton is going to be hard pressed to find anyone offering more than a 5 year deal. Just because of his age, injury history, and off the field issues. I would be really suprised to see him get 7 years. Also he may get the money he wants on like a 4 year deal maybe 5 but not a 7 year deal. IF I was offering 7 years I would offer at max (and he’ll prolly say no) 115 million. Thats just me though

    • Da Buddha 3 years ago

      Not sure what Jack Z. will do in Seattle… but I feel that if anyone overpays for him… it will be Seattle. BUT, at the same time, Jack Z. isn’t an idiot and wont make foolish moves. With that said… there was the Chone Figgins signing. Hell, I don’t know… toss a coin! :)

      • bavasisabum 3 years ago

        I don’t see Jack as the type to over pay but I hope he does a little if thats what it takes that O hard to watch. Figgins signing looked fine at the time dude had a .400OBP or close to it.

    • Da Buddha 3 years ago

      Don’t you just sense that Jack Z. might overpay for Hamilton? I think if Josh isn’t signed by January, and we haven’t been able to sign Greinke, or trade of a Butler/Gordon/Tulowitzki… then I think Jack Z. makes the move. The last year or two of the contract could hurt, but that matters not if we’re in the playoffs or have won a World Series. Here’s to hope!

  6. cochise 3 years ago

    I agree with Dishman trade Felix for a serious bat sign then Greinke who likes smaller market teams anyways and maybe Felix comes back

    • Troy Dishman 3 years ago

      In no way shape or form would I trade Felix. If we can swing a trade with all the young talent we have near the majors for a Middle of the Order Bat I would love to sign Greinke. For example it wont happen most likely but if we got Butler. Then got Greinke we would look really good for the upcoming season(s)

      • Da Buddha 3 years ago

        Troy, you and I are on the same page buddy!!!

      • cochise 3 years ago

        I’m saying Felix and some prospects for Trout buddy then sign Greinke go big or go home

    • Da Buddha 3 years ago

      I’d rather trade young prospects for the proven bat. Kansas City and Colorado have bats that could be extremely helpful… Butler/Gordon, Tulowitzki/Carlos Gonzales, just to name a few. One of our big three pitching studs mixed with a few lesser but talented prospects could get the deal done, especially since both KC and CO need pitching. THEN sign Greinke. Why just have one… when you can have both! Felix and Zach… all day long!

      • Troy Dishman 3 years ago

        Tulo would be nice but he there Felix and Gonzalez has some crzy home/road splits and when that comes from Colorado and their home field that makes me nervous.The best trade idea I have seen is getting Gordon. It would keep our defense top notch though most of his UZR comes from his arm. Alot of our future stems from if Smoak (if we dont look elsewhere) can turn it around and how Montero develops. Zunino will be a good player maybe great in relation to his position. I think things in Seattle long term are rosier than some but if we can trade/sign someone then it kick starts things and hopefully felix gets signed lon term.

  7. Konrad Verloc 3 years ago

    The elephant in the room is Michael Young… what to do with him in 2013? He’s killing them on defense, his bat was terrible this year, and they really need both a power hitting DH and a power hitting 1B (at the very least with the latter, someone who can platoon with Mitch Moreland). Young shouldn’t be the DH, shouldn’t be playing 3B, SS, or 2B, and really has no value to this team other than his leadership and friendship with some of the guys. What on earth are they going to do with him? Just pencil him in as DH again and hope for the best?

    • Baseball Lifer 3 years ago

      Your post is very true. The only good thing about M Young is that he is in the final year of his contract (16 million). It will be easier to eat part of that contract and possibly trade him (if he agrees), but other teams are aware of his current skill-set (or lack of) too.

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