Rosenthal On Greinke, Free Agency, Trades

With a national television deal in place and labor peace established, MLB teams are ready to spend. Some people in the commissioner’s office are nervous about the possibility of more lavish free agent contracts, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reports. Here are more notes from Rosenthal on the day before free agents can sign with any team…

  • The Angels want to sign Zack Greinke, but so do their biggest rivals, the Dodgers and the Rangers.
  • Rosenthal points out that the offseason could unfold more quickly this year, partly because of the new MLB calendar. Teams won’t have to wait as long to determine which free agents are linked to draft pick compensation, which should accelerate the free agent market. I discussed the possibility in this week’s MLBTR chat.
  • Rosenthal expects almost every free agent who receives a qualifying offer to reject it.
  • MLB officials expect the trade market to remain “hot” throughout the winter, according to Rosenthal.

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