Poll: Which Options Will Vest For 2014?

A few weeks ago, we looked back at vesting options from over the last three years and found that just 29% of them have been triggered.  The requirements for an option year to vest often seem attainable when the contract is signed, but either injuries or simply age can get in the way of those plans.  When looking at the players who have 2014 options tied to their 2013 performance, it seems like a lot of them could be eligible for the open market next winter.

The Orioles' Wilson Betemit needs 324 plate appearances to reach a combined 700 between 2012 and '13, but the emergence of Manny Machado may cut into his playing time.  Lance Berkman can cash in on a $13MM salary for 2014 with 550 plate appearances, but he'll obviously need his knee to hold up in Texas order to approach that mark.  Jamey Carroll can guarantee a $2MM salary for 2014 by reaching 401 plate appearances, a mark that he has comfortably surpassed in each of the last two seasons.  Roy Halladay has to tally up a jaw-dropping 259 innings to guarantee an extra year at $20MM, but it should be noted that he came close to that number just three years ago.  Barry Zito has an easier path to riches as he needs 200 innings on the mound for his $18MM option to vest.  Johan Santana could be back in Queens for $25MM if he tallies 215 innings or wins the Cy Young.  The former is obviously more realistic but that is still a lofty goal for him given his injury troubles.

It's time to place your bets.  Which of these options do you think will vest for 2014?

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