Rosenthal On Wells, Lee, Konerko, Rodriguez

In his latest edition of Full Count, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (video link) gives the Yankees credit for realizing that Vernon Wells still had a lot left.  The big stumbling block in trade talks between the Yankees and Angels was how much of the $42MM deal the Bombers would pay for.  Discussions stalled until the spring when the Yankees lost Mark Teixeira to injury and their interest was renewed.  Here's more from Rosenthal..

  • If the Phillies fall out of contention, Cliff Lee could become a trade target once again.  They declined to trade him last August after the Dodgers claimed him on waivers, but it would make sense to make a deal if they're not winning.  However, Lee is earning $25MM per season through 2015 and has a $27.5MM vesting option for 2016.  On top of that, he can only be traded to nine teams without his permission.  The Phillies may have trouble making a deal for Lee because of those issues, but a shortage of quality starting pitching could lead to a swap with a contending team.  Rosenthal lists the Red Sox, Dodgers, and Cardinals as teams that could be interested, depending on their needs.
  • Don't expect a Mariano Rivera-style victory lap for Paul Konerko as he won't make up his mind about his future until after the season.  The decision will likely hinge on multiple factors, including how he plays, whether the White Sox want him back, and whether another club would be a potential fit.  The D'Backs made a run at Konerko the last time he was on the open market, but that first base job now belongs to Paul Goldschmidt.
  • Francisco Rodriguez could look elsewhere if he doesn't make the Brewers' roster in 30 days, but Milwaukee is probably his best option.  He'll earn the prorated portion of a $2.25MM salary if he makes the squad, plus incentives.

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