Baseball Trade Rumors iPhone/iPad App

Want to stay up-to-date on all the rumors and transactions involving your favorite team or player?  At the office, you can simply pull up and refresh constantly, with your fingers on alt-tab as you read so you can bounce to a spreadsheet when your boss walks by (unless your boss is a baseball fan).  But what about when you're in a meeting or at lunch?  You need our Baseball Trade Rumors iPhone/iPad app!

For less than the cost of that lunch, just $2.99, the Baseball Trade Rumors iPhone/iPad app can be yours for life, including future upgrades.  The app presents all of the latest MLBTR stories, ad-free and mobile friendly, with the ability to filter by teams or transactions.  You can also enjoy custom push notifications, where you select your favorite teams and/or players and receive alerts when new stories are posted including them. 

Not an Apple person?  Check out our Android app instead.

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