Agent Dispute: Beverly Hills Takes On Lozano

Beverly Hills Sports Council is seeking $40MM in damages from former partner Dan Lozano, according to Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal (subscription required).  Lozano left BHSC in 2010 to form MVP Sports Group, taking many prominent players with him including Albert Pujols, Joey Votto, Jimmy Rollins, Michael Young, and Brian Wilson.  Mullen notes that MLBPA rules say agents must resolve disputes under a confidential arbitration process, and this case will be heard starting October 28th.  Lozano filed counterclaims against BHSC partners Jeff Borris, Dan Horwits, and Rick Thurman.

Mullen's sources say BHSC claims Lozano violated a partnership agreement upon leaving.  As Mullen notes, Lozano has done huge contracts for Pujols and Votto since his departure.

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