Diamondbacks Could Still Trade For Starter

WEDNESDAY: The Diamondbacks are getting interest in shortstops Didi Gregorius and Chris Owings and could still swing a trade for a starting pitcher, tweets Rosenthal.

GM Kevin Towers could include a current starter such as Trevor Cahill or Randall Delgado along with one of his shortstops in order to land a more established pitcher, Rosenthal adds. The Snakes have the depth to make that work, with Patrick CorbinWade MileyBrandon McCarthy, Cahill and Delgado projected to fill out their 2014 rotation as it stands right now.

TUESDAY: Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports spoke to a source who said the Diamondbacks are out on Shin-Soo Choo after acquiring Mark Trumbo and have now turned their focus to adding a front-line starting pitcher (Twitter link). Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic reports that the Diamondbacks have been in touch with Matt Garza's agent but notes that he also wouldn't rule out a trade centering around one of Arizona's young shortstops (Twitter links). Arizona is hesitant to sign pitchers to long-term deals, Piecoro adds.

Save for a report that he's willing to return to the Twins, t's been pretty quiet on the Garza front to this point. Many pundits believe that to be a result of the uncertainty surrounding Masahiro Tanaka's availability. The 30-year-old Garza posted his seventh straight season of a sub-4.00 ERA in 2013, posting a 3.82 mark in 155 1/3 innings between the Cubs and Rangers. Though he began the year on the disabled list, Garza made all of his starts upon returning and posted solid rates of 7.9 K/9 and 2.4 BB/9.

The trade market offers David Price and Jeff Samardzija, both of whom have been oft-connected to the Diamondbacks. The Phillies are also said to be willing to move both Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels, although their unwillingness to eat any salary in order to facilitate a deal makes the D-Backs a tough fit for the Philly aces.

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  1. sirbradford 2 years ago

    Get Masterson! Unload what you need, but please, no Garza! We’d be overpaying for a true #3 pitcher!

  2. Marvin Marshall 2 years ago

    Choo was a misdirection by the Dbacks to make the Angels speed up trading Trumbo. There was never a serious push to acquire Choo.

  3. acerulli1 2 years ago

    Which is why they need to deal with someone like Ruben Amaro.

    • godzillacub 2 years ago

      Or Kevin Towers. Oh, wait. He’s your . . . nevermind.

  4. acerulli1 2 years ago

    Also remember, the buyout on Lee’s option is a ridiculous $12.5MM. I imagine if they were to trade Lee, and absorb money, they would have to at least cover all of that, and then a percentage of the base. And if the acquiring team is on his no-trade list, I am sure Lee would want the option year guaranteed in order to approve the deal, and that year is for $27.5MM.

    A lot of factors in just how much money Phils would have to absorb, and if they aren’t willing to eat enough, they either don’t get a deal done, or get a crappy haul in return.

    I don’t get why they are so hesitant to eat money for the right deal. Ruben wastes so much money in so many other ways, why is this fashion significant?

    • Jeff Miller 2 years ago

      I’m with you, I don’t understand Ruben’s refusal to eat money short-term to improve his team long-term. Though that could also be coming down from Montgomery and ownership.

      I’d cap the Phillies at $10M/year. While the D-Backs are a “small market” team, they will get $90M+ or so from TV money and revenue sharing in 2014 and that will cover nearly their entire player payroll.

  5. Sam 2 years ago

    Would the diamondbacks really deal Gregoruis? I thought they were very high on him having traded a great deal for him last offseason. Plus who would be their shortstop? I see him staying put.

    • Rook 2 years ago

      They are high on Didi. The SS at AAA, Chris Owings, won the PCL MVP this year. One of them could be traded.

  6. sportsnut969 2 years ago

    I wonder if Masterson may be in play here Corbin and a couple prospects outside of the Dbacks top 5 guys

    • Rook 2 years ago

      I don’t see Corbin being moved in a Masterson deal. Corbin had a good first full year in 2013. I think his value is higher than one year of Masterson at this point.

    • Brandon Duenas 2 years ago

      Hmmm… Corbin who is younger, under control way longer, and has more upside for Masterson who’s contract expires after this year? Yeah I’m sure Arizona would do that. *sigh*

  7. timpa 2 years ago

    Can’t see the Phillies trading an Ace pitcher and not getting an top pitching prospect back. Even the Cliff Lee to Seattle deal did that in Amaro’s mind even though he was dead wrong(thinking Philipe Aumont could be a SP). Delgado’s had a lot of bloom fall off his rose.

    • acerulli1 2 years ago

      Their farm system is so barren (at least at the upper levels), I am sure a deal could be made for a top position player. But that is contingent upon them realizing that they are a non-contender this year. A million things would have to break perfectly for them to even hang with the Nationals and Braves (Utley, Howard and Rollins staying healthy and finding the Fountain of Youth; a full season of consistent production from Brown; Carlos Ruiz staying healthy; Marlon Byrd replicating 2013; significant progress from Cody Ashe, Ben Revere and several young relievers; Kyle Kendrick pitching over his head for a whole season…)

  8. I am totally perplexed by the Dbacks. So you trade two young, controllable SP’s for a 1B/DH with the Halos even though you have the second best 1B in baseball on your roster and you play in the NL. Now news come out that they’re looking to trade Didi Gregorious and maybe another SP (Cahill or Delgado) for a “more established pitcher”? Like who, Scherzer, who they already got swindled out of once?

  9. Brandon Duenas 2 years ago

    Hamels for Cahill, Owings, and a lower level pitching prospect?

  10. GRINGOMHT 2 years ago

    I’d agree with that except for McCarthy and Cahill they have to go

  11. GRINGOMHT 2 years ago

    I’d agree with that except for McCarthy and Cahill they have to go

  12. GRINGOMHT 2 years ago

    The trade was started between the Angels and Dbacks ..the WS were brought in so the Angels would get what they needed the Dbacks had no need for Santiago.

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