Mark Trumbo Trade Reactions/Fallout

With the three-way deal between the Angels, White Sox, and Diamondbacks now completed, here's the latest on what the swap means for all party involved..

  • A source tells Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (on Twitter) that the D'Backs are likely out on Shin-Soo Choo but still discussing him.  Their next move will be to land a frontline starting pitcher.
  • The Angels save about $4MM with the deal, tweets Jon Heyman of
  • The D'Backs' acquisition of Mark Trumbo would seem to hurt their chances of trading for a pitcher since they're a lot shorter on trade chips now, tweets Jerry Crasnick of
  • Buster Olney of (via Twitter) tips his cap to the Angels for landing two solid rotation pieces in Hector Santiago and Tyler Skaggs in the three-team deal.
  • The Angels save about $3MM in the deal, according to Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register (Twitter link).
  • With Adam Eaton jointing the White Sox, Tim Dierkes of MLBTradeRumors (on Twitter) notes that Alejandro De Aza could either become a fourth outfielder or a trade candidate.
  • A.J. Schugel's dad was a scout for the Angels but left after the season, notes Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times (on Twitter).  The right-hander is headed to Arizona in the three-way deal.
  • It's a good bet that Howie Kendrick is staying put with the Halos, writes Alden Gonzalez of (on Twitter).

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  1. Damon Bowman 2 years ago

    I have to think that the arrival of Trumbo in Arizona and Davis going to Detroit trims the market down to a very small number of teams for Choo. Beyond the Rangers where he’s a near-perfect fit, what else is realistically there? The Mariners?

    • I would like to think that the Giants are a good fit for Choo, but Sabean signing a 5+ year deal for a Free Agent is absolute crazy talk. In fact, I think I have to hand over my Panda hat, just for mentioning such things.

  2. striker 2 years ago

    I’d trade Viciedo before I trade De Aza. De Aza > OBP/Speed/Defense

  3. Mark Tabello 2 years ago

    Sox would have had 4 lefties , that’s too many for a rotation. They traded their 4th best LHP which was clearly a surplus for 5 yrs of control of Eaton. People had him as the favorite for NL ROY last year but injury derailed his year. Take a look at his minor league stats, dude is a real solid player

    • Jonas Salk 2 years ago

      Guy simultaniously won ROY and MVP in the PCL league in 2012. He was a monster in the minors and is still considered a top 50 prospect.

  4. jwsox 2 years ago

    They dealt from a position of strength and got a position they really needed. A young true center fielder. The jury is still out on Santiago the era is nice but he walks too many guys and does not go deep into games. He is a solid #4 with the potential to be a good #3. His floor is a lights out reliever. Eaton is not farm removed from being a top prospect. Is young and very athletic and fast which is something the sox need. Center field has been a black hole for the whitesox for some time now it’s nice that it might be finally solved. Considering the depth the whitesox have in their rotation they just need eaton to play like a league average center fielder with plus defense for it to work out. And the halos are getting a solid bottom of the order pitcher who at times is lights out. His floor is a lights out reliever. A true win/win/win for all three teams.

    • andruwww 2 years ago

      Ahhh! We go and sign a CFer the day before Brian Anderson announces he wants to play the field again, aw shucks!

  5. jwsox 2 years ago

    Brown for vicedio makes sense for both teams.

    • Zak A 2 years ago

      Brown >> Viciedo. Viciedo is more of a platoon player. .322/.357/.551 vs LHP opposed to .242/.287/.388 vs RHP.

  6. S.M. Jenkins 2 years ago

    Good luck.

  7. jwsox 2 years ago

    Check it again. He is bad defensively. I believe his best UZR comes from right field where his bat does not really play. Solid player but not a true center fielder/ lead off type.

  8. BobMarley22 2 years ago

    I don’t think Hart can play outfield anymore, isn’t he now strictly a first baseman?

  9. WazBazbo 2 years ago

    So the Angels save about $3.5MM in the deal…

  10. Josh Blackfeild 2 years ago

    3. Let CJ Cron play 1B (he’s ready), get a Matt Garza like FA SP, and let the numbers in Spring training of Skaggs or Santiago decide who is the no. 5 starter.

  11. Benjamin Horton 2 years ago

    So from what I’ve gathered, but am not claiming as fact is, the Angels should have around 18 million to spend before they reach the cap. The team’s main problem has been addressed, but has not been entirely fixed. The 2 new acquisitions can’t be expected to carry the load in the starting rotation alone. The Angels need another arm. Tanaka or Garza would be great choices, if possible. But somebody is going to be needed. And if they can get someone of a high caliber their chances of returning to the playoff could be increased. If they choose not to add another SP then they basically created a rotation that has the potential to run into the same problems last year’s rotation struggled with. I like the idea of adding Hart as well. If not him maybe someone similar. One more Starting pitcher and at least one more bat. A hitter though, not the 5’6″-5’8″ slasher type the roster always seems to have to an excess of.

    • kcmark 2 years ago

      Here’s an idea, LAA sign Ervin Santana.

      • Benjamin Horton 2 years ago

        I personally don’t think he’s worth the Draft pick or the money it would take to sign him.

      • BRigney61 2 years ago

        Why not resign Santana and get Mark Reynolds as well for backup infield / DH ?

    • Josh Blackfeild 2 years ago

      Here’s what I’d do. Let CJ Cron play 1B (he’s ready), get a Matt Garza like FA SP, and let the numbers in Spring training of Skaggs or Santiago decide who is the no. 5 starter.

      • Benjamin Horton 2 years ago

        If CJ can earn his shot in spring training that would be a fit. I’d still like them to sign a vet bat with the potential to produce. Even if it’s just a low cost vet to serve as insurance. Mike Young maybe?

        • Josh Blackfeild 2 years ago

          I’ll take anyone like that for 2-4 mil for 1 year.

          • Benjamin Horton 2 years ago

            I wonder what the story on Kevin Youkilis is? And hears a thought. What about Kubal?

          • Josh Blackfeild 2 years ago

            Youkilis hasn’t played in forever so I don’t like him. Kubal is an outfielder we don’t need. If I were to pick up someone I’d like Young or Morse.

          • Benjamin Horton 2 years ago

            Those would be my votes too. The free agent market is thin.

    • John Curtis 2 years ago

      Great point. Sounds a lot like a Hanson Blanton twofer

  12. Jonas Salk 2 years ago

    This is a great trade for the White Sox IMO, especially with them having three lefties in the rotation all ready. Santiago has a good arm, but he is wild and has no command of the strike zone. Teams have a .343 OBP against him. Eaton was still the #48 ranked prospect in baseball in July of 2013. He only played in 66 games last year due to missing the entire first half of the season due to an elbow injury. He was going to be a starter last season for the d-backs before the injury. He was their #1 ranked prospect in terms of batting average, strike zone discipline, out field arm, and fastest baserunner. He simultaneously won rookie of the year and MVP for the PCL league in 2012. He’s a top prospect and is an immediate starter for the White Sox in center field which they need desperately. De Aza is not capable of playing center field effectively or leading off. Unless he or Viciedo get traded they will most likely be platooning in the left field.

  13. Jonas Salk 2 years ago

    Most basbeall people do like him. He is still a top 50 prospect in baseball who has major league experience to boot.

  14. Jonas Salk 2 years ago

    De Aza is a good player, but not a center fielder. He makes way too many mistakes out there. He’s a solid left fielder though. Capable of leading off, but not even close to your typical lead off guy.

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