Rockies Sign Boone Logan

MONDAY 5:16pm: The deal is now complete, Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post tweets.

2:33pm: Heyman tweets that Logan will earn $4.75MM in 2014, $5.5MM in 2015 and $6.25MM in 2016.

FRIDAY, 8:30am: Logan's deal guarantees him $16.5MM, according to Heyman (on Twitter).

7:34am: The Rockies are in agreement with left-hander Boone Logan on a three-year deal, tweets Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. The Denver Post's Troy Renck reported yesterday that the two sides were closing in on a three-year pact. Logan is represented by CAA Sports.


The Rockies, who have already added LaTroy Hawkins to the back of their bullpen this winter, were said to be aggressive on relievers at the Winter Meetings. Renck reported that they were serious about talks with free agents J.P. Howell and Joaquin Benoit and also came close to striking a deal for Reds lefty Sean Marshall before medical concerns caused them to back off. Despite the interest in Benoit, left-handed relief was always their priority, per Renck.

Logan gives Rockies director of Major League operations Bill Geivett that late-inning, left-handed option he so aggressively sought this week. Still just 29 years of age, Logan has posted a 3.38 ERA with 10.3 K/9, 3.8 BB/9 and a 43.1 percent ground-ball rate in 176 innings over the past four seasons with the Yankees.

Manager Walt Weiss will need to be careful about how he uses Logan versus right-handed hitters, however. Over the past four seasons, opposite-handed hitters have gotten to Logan for a .251/.351/.424 batting line, and his 2013 line of .254/.319/.460 wasn't an improvement. Left-handers have batted just .224/.297/.365 against Logan dating back to 2010.

Renck guessed last night that Logan's deal would be worth around $15MM in total, and later, Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports reported that the contract would indeed be worth more than $14MM. Javier Lopez's three-year, $13MM deal with the Giants likely set the market for Logan, but his agents at CAA look to have topped that figure for their client.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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  1. N.K.T. 2 years ago

    There you go Rockies, get yourself someone lol

  2. BaMafromLa 2 years ago

    How does he get more than Javier Lopez??

    • The money that Sabean hands out to his own free agents shouldn’t be considered the norm for all others. Though Colorado likely had to overpay to get a guy like Logan to come there.

    • Seamaholic 2 years ago

      Almost ten years younger.

  3. LazerTown 2 years ago

    Cya. Would not have made that kind of commitment for him.

  4. HHHDMS 2 years ago

    the yanks should need to address their bullpen…(and starters) after they loose Boone and Joba

    • etplante 2 years ago

      Losing Joba was addition by subtraction. Losing Logan will need to be addressed but can be done so for less than $16M.

  5. FS54 2 years ago

    Come on Rizzo, move on Howell now please.

  6. Bryce Harper 2 years ago

    Still a sub .500 team

    • Seamaholic 2 years ago

      Maybe. If Anderson can stay healthy, this is the best pitching they’ve ever had. All they really need to compete is a good year on the injury luck side, which they haven’t had for a while.

  7. BrettLawriesnewesttattoo 2 years ago

    Fun with Boone Logan Trivia! Logan was twice traded with Javier Vasquez. They were traded together from the ChiSox to the Braves in 2008 and then from the Braves to the Yankees in 2009.

  8. Seamaholic 2 years ago

    Good signing. Rockies get killed by lefty power hitters at Coors. Now they have three legit bullpen pieces whom lefties can’t hit. That’s more important to them than almost any per team.

  9. Jim McGrath 2 years ago

    Glad to see more Yankees departing AL East. I’m sure the Yankees will continue to be very tough. I think before the dust settles they sign Drew for SS (Sticking it to the Mets and diminishing the Sox a little) and move Jeter to 3B. It would seem a trade for Phillips or signing Infante would be a perfect move.

    • Russell Stephens 2 years ago

      its more likely Jeter would be the DH if not the SS

    • Jeter can’t play 3B and probably shouldn’t move to anywhere but DH if he’s going to switch positions. Moving Jeter to DH takes away a position for Soriano who is their best option there and leaves them with an atrocious offensive infield.

  10. I like this more fore weakening the Yankees pen (everyone loves a loogy) than for for strengthening a Rockies bullpen in a Division in which they’re just not going to win. Fell like COL is on the right track, though.

  11. Bryan Knight 2 years ago

    Wow, that’s a whole bunch of money for middle releif or even for setup men. I remember when he was with the braves and came over in the Vasquez/melky deal with the yanks.

    • Pei Kang 2 years ago

      the market is already inflated once again-Joe Smith also got tons of money.

      • Conquerbeard 2 years ago

        Joe Smith got the same money and has been a much more consistent pitcher, I’d say.

        • Pei Kang 2 years ago

          oh, I agree, Smith IS the better pitcher…but my point was that the market is out of whack.

          • Conquerbeard 2 years ago

            Whoops, misread ya – totally agree with your market point.

          • Pei Kang 2 years ago

            no worries, man. Crazy…who would’ve thought Logan (not Wolverine!) would receive this kind of dough?

          • Conquerbeard 2 years ago

            It’s unreal. The more money flows into this game, the crazier these contracts are gonna get!

          • Pei Kang 2 years ago


    • Bryan Knight 2 years ago

      This makes me hope the Braves sign EOF quick becuase his price is gonna jump with signings like this. And I’m happy the braves keep finding cheap gems for the pen instead of having to fork over this type of money.

  12. Macfan01 2 years ago

    Logan’s deal guarantees him $16.5MM


    ROFL, 16.5 million for a mediocre LOOGY.

    If he gets a lefty out, drag him out the game, do not let him face a right hander afterwards, repeat do not let him face a right hander afterwards.

    Man baseball is awash in money, “errrybody” spending not only Yankees and Dodgers. :)

    • bobskube 2 years ago

      Just a preposterous contract. Hilariously bad.

      • Macfan01 2 years ago

        Beyond silly, they gave Hawkins 2.5 million to be their closer and Logan 16.5 million (5.5 million per) as a LOOGY, He is not even their setup guy that is Rex Brothers.

  13. John Donovan 2 years ago

    To my eyes a .251/.351/.424 line is not bad enough to automatically assume the guy is no better than a LOOGY. I wouldn’t be happy if my right handed half of a platoon was hitting that slash line. He might not be an elite reliever with those numbers, but they hardly mean he needs to be pulled anytime a righty gets near the plate.

    • Wek 2 years ago

      BA of .251 is fine, not great but not bad but an OBP of .351 is bloody horrible.

      His numbers against RHB: .297/.379/.475/.855

      • John Donovan 2 years ago

        An OBP allowed of .400 would be horrible. .351 is slightly below average, which is what Logan is. A slightly below average relief pitcher and that’s okay. Half of all big league players are below average.

        BTW, his 2013 numbers were.

        Against RHB – .254/.319/.460/.780
        Against LHB – .221/.274/.377/.650

        So like I said, he is better against lefties, but not so horrible against righties that he should be removed every time.

    • TheRealRyan 2 years ago

      I don’t know man, his career FIP and xFIP against RHB is 5.29 and 4.95. Last year his FIP against RHB was 5.33 and xFIP was 4.03. In 2012 his FIP was 4.98 and xFIP was 4.76. That looks like a LOOGY to me. I guess maybe you can use him in a low to med leverage inning with L, R, L as long as that RHB isn’t a stud, but still no where near worth 3/16.5 IMO.

  14. Justin Anthony 2 years ago

    They better make him earn his money and let him pitch to righties too. $16 mil for a lefty specialist seems pretty excessive

    • etplante 2 years ago

      Problem is he’s pretty ineffective against RHB. I like Logan and he did a nice job for the Yankees but I wouldn’t want him back on that contract.

  15. Steadymob 2 years ago

    A reliever with a career 4.39 ERA gets 5.5mil a year?!? What is this world coming to?

  16. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 2 years ago

    Colorado needed lefty relief but Logan was not the right man for the job. Logan has struggled with HR ball in his career and is a fly ball pitcher. He has always done well away from NYY but struggled at home due to the HR, moving to Colorado should not help him much. A GB pitcher like Scott Downs would have been a better and cheaper fit for the Rockies.

  17. geauxbraves2000 2 years ago

    Boone threw 39 innings last season. If he throws the same next season, that’s approx $141,025 per inning or $47,008 per out. I am definitely in the wrong business.

  18. NRD1138 2 years ago

    Welcome to the world of lefty relievers. Lefty Relievers are ALWAYS
    overpaid. For those that always love to put the snarky comment that all
    players are overpaid Ill put into context. That is, paid over the
    average of the typical right-y with the same numbers. Usually because a
    lefty can get a lefty out, but have problems when facing right handed
    batters which is where their ERA starts to rise.
    I wish the White Sox could have gotten Boone back (as they need another lefty in the pen)but not for that amount of money.

  19. AdrianYo 2 years ago

    Makes the Joe Smith signing seem like a steal.

  20. Oshadogan 2 years ago

    if you what to burn money, I’ll glad to leave my country and work for your organization.. I only need 1% of this contract.. and I work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week..

  21. Since_77 2 years ago

    Good Luck to Boone Logan, he wasn’t much of a prospect before he came to the Yanks in 2010. His replacement, weather it is Scott Downs or J.P. Howell, will ask for a similar contract

  22. frontdeskmike 2 years ago

    Does this mean the Rockies are going to sign Javier Vazquez???

  23. cookmeister 2 years ago

    I’m teaching my kid to throw left handed.

  24. cookmeister 2 years ago

    I’m teaching my kid to throw left handed.

  25. Jman1213 2 years ago

    Three years, $16.5 mil for a LOOGY? That settles it, the baseball world has gone mad.

  26. Marc P 2 years ago

    Boone Logan is an excellent pickup for the Rockies.. He was a strong reliever when he was with the Yankees.. Rockies fans won’t be disappointed by this move

  27. Ringo7 2 years ago

    Logan was good for the first part of last year. He was bad at the end. He got way too much money for his ability. I don’t think the Yanks will miss him all that much.

  28. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 2 years ago

    “Logan will earn $4.75MM in 2014, $5.5MM in 2015 and $6.25MM in 2016″ poor Colorado… Makes me feel a lot better about the Joe Smith signing

  29. PosadaBlackLabel 2 years ago

    Bad contract, but if they really wanted him it may have been a must to overpay him. They should have used the money on a regular instead but I guess that’s not the point here.

    He’s only 29 and will definitely be looking for a new contract when this is done while still being relatively young. Why go to Coors, where your numbers have a good chance at being blown up, for a comparable contract from a more favorable team and ballpark? I’m thinking those few extra million was necessary to make up for those factors in his decision.

  30. YARRitsBLAKE 2 years ago

    Did I miss something? Since when is a loogy worth that much? And one with a non-dominant career record. Lefties batted .224 against him? For $16.5 million you’d expect them to hit sub .200 against him right?

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