Scott Feldman On Signing With Astros

Earlier today, the Astros announced that they have reached agreement with free agent pitcher Scott Feldman on a three-year deal that is believed to be worth $30MM.  Right around this time last year – on November 27th, to be exact – Feldman inked a one-year, $6MM deal with the Cubs.  This afternoon, I asked Feldman if signing early in the offseason is a priority for him or if it's merely coincidental.

"Well, my lucky number is 27…I don't know, whatever happens, happens.  I pretty much stay out of it so I just rely on my agent for that kind of stuff and he just kind of fills me in on whatever goes on," the 30-year-old said, while adding that he was happy to have the deal done in advance of Christmas.

Feldman is no stranger to changing uniforms – he was with three teams (Rangers, Cubs, Orioles) in an 18 month period.  With his new three-year deal, Feldman presumably gets to take his coat off and stay for a while.  Somewhat surprisingly, the hurler says that securing a longer pact wasn't really a priority for him.

"I think I just wanted a fair deal and to be somewhere that i want to be and I just feel very blessed and fortunate.  I think this whole organization is headed in the right direction.  I'm just fortunate to be somewhere where they want me," said Feldman on today's conference call.

Even though the Astros have won just 106 games across the last two seasons, Feldman spoke glowingly of the club's future.  With that said, I asked Feldman when he sees the Astros taking a massive step forward towards contention.

"That's a good question.  I don't think anyone can say for sure when that day is going to come.  It's just going to happen and you cant really predict the future but i will say from talking with [Bo Porter] here on the phone before I signed, he was very optimistic and he kind of told me that with the young talent that is going through here and all that, the future is going to be very bright.  I can't say for sure when it's going to be, but I think everyone here has the same goal," Feldman said.  "We've seen crazier things happen.  The Red Sox go from last place to winning the World Series, so anything can happen."

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