Daniels On Cruz, Tanaka

Speaking at a luncheon in Fort Worth on Friday, Rangers GM Jon Daniels emphasized that his team is unlikely to re-sign Nelson Cruz or sign Masahiro Tanaka, Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News reports. Daniels said the Rangers are still in touch with Cruz's agent, Adam Katz, but that "it’s highly unlikely he’ll be back. He’d have a better opportunity elsewhere." Daniels still did not completely rule out the possibility of a return, however. Daniels did not go into specifics on Tanaka, but said, "We’ve spent our budget, and then some."

Daniels' comments were made prior to the news about Derek Holland's knee injury and surgery, which should keep Holland out until midseason. Daniels very likely would have already have been aware of Holland's situation, however, since Holland suffered the injury Tuesday. Reporting last night indicated that, even after Holland's injury, the Rangers were unlikely to pursue Tanaka or another big-name starting pitching option.

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