Mariners Designate Carlos Peguero For Assignment

The Mariners announced that they have designated outfielder Carlos Peguero for assignment in order to clear a roster spot for the recently signed John Buck.

The 26-year-old Peguero offers tremendous left-handed power but struggles against left-handed pitching and has long had a serious problem with strikeouts. He batted .260/.321/.460 in 505 Triple-A plate appearances last season and boasts a career .230 ISO (slugging minus batting average) in the minor leagues. However, Peguero has batted just .195/.242/.380 in the Majors.

Baseball America ranked him among Seattle's Top 30 prospect four times, twice placing him as high as No. 11. In their most recent write-up, they noted Peguero's freakish athleticism and surprising speed for a 6'5", 247-pound player, stating that he could be an average defender at a corner outfield spot. However, they also noted that he's likely a platoon player that will always post troubling strikeout numbers due to an inability to recognize breaking pitches.

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  1. John Kreese 1 year ago

    No surprise. The writing was on the wall last fall when Peguero’s wife was charged with stealing from Felix Hernandez’s wife.

    • Ruben_Tomorrow 1 year ago

      Maybe Carlos was the one that should have done the stealing. He could certainly steal some talent from Felix.

  2. charles 1 year ago

    Amen he is gone outta here good bye

    • Marinersforever71 1 year ago

      Should of traded him w/ some players yesterday before signing John Buck to acquire a reliable catcher like Ruiz w/ Papelbon, Hamels/Lee/or Dominic Brown if the M’s & Phills made the trade. Buck may have signed w/ the Phillies then since he would be a good fit there also.

      • Joe Orsatti 1 year ago

        Chooch isn’t going anywhere, but you can have pap. He is a headcase. He will win on a winning team, and he may benefit having Cano, Felix, Morrison and Hart as well as prospects like Walker and Paxton coming up. As you saw last year, his head wasn’t in it. In interviews, he basically said that he didn’t want to play in Philly.

        • Marinersforever71 1 year ago

          Buck will provide defense at catching as good as Ruiz. Between Cliff Lee or Anthony Bastardo, which of the two the Phillies are hearing about going to Seattle w/ Pap for Pike or Carson Smith (pitcher), Choi or Peterson (first baseman), Ackley or Nick Franklin, and ?

  3. JMcGregor 1 year ago

    Now he’ll turn into David Ortiz.

    • charles 1 year ago

      or he will fizz out

      • livingpaint 1 year ago

        probably will follow the same trend line of another Ex Mariner… Balentin. Will be “blah” here in the Majors and will just crush in Japan or somewhere else.

      • Marinersforever71 1 year ago

        Possibly like Colby Rasmus 2.0 for change of scenery by reuniting w/ Brandon Morrow & infielder Suzuki.

  4. John Kreese 1 year ago

    I don’t think Philly is in full re-build mode yet. With all the vets they have (plus they signed Marlon Byrd) it looks like they’ll make one more run at it.

    • Marinersforever71 1 year ago

      How about the Blue Jays if moving Bautista & Bret Cecil (as a setup man to Farquhar) for Paxton or Carson Smith, Tyler Pike, Stefan Romero (eventually can replace Encarcion), Justin Smoak or Nick Franklin, and Catlos Peguero? Jays are in rebuilding mode more than the Mariners as the M’s are going to make a run for the playoffs after signing Cano, Bloomquist, Hart, John Buck, and trading for Morrison.

  5. King Tom 2K14 1 year ago

    not walker, maybe paxton, pref maurer/ramirez

  6. FrankRoo 1 year ago

    He always seemed like someone I’d want to take a risk on. Platoon him a the corners and see if his power can offset his lack of other numbers. Could at least be a usable left handed power bat off the bench of pinch hitter.

  7. trenigro 1 year ago

    Over/under 60 Home Runs in Japan

  8. Lefebvre Believer 1 year ago

    Peguero is another one of these young Ms players who you just wonder might have been something more if handled differently. He makes the ball club out of Spring Training in 2011, not having played a single game at AAA, then proceeds to hit .196/.252/.371 through 155 PAs before being sent down in July. After that he puts up decent AAA numbers to start 2012 before getting called up in July of that year, only to play sporadically, and now he’s DFA’d two years later after pretty much fizzling out.

    Yeah sure he struck out a ton, and was never that highly regarded in the first place, but with the way he was handled it seems like he’s just another guy the Ms failed to develop properly. Watching him play during his brief stints I myself almost wanted to track him down and tell him, “Ya know, you don’t have to hit the ball 400 feet every single time. A base knock will do every now and then.” Because with the way he approached the game it almost seemed like he was just thrown out into the fire by management and told nothing else besides, let’s see what you can do. The end result being him trying to prove himself one AB at a time, trying to do too much, and not really developing as a productive player.

  9. Tony Matias 1 year ago

    Merrill Hess from the movie Signs –
    “Felt wrong not to swing”

  10. monroe_says 1 year ago

    Quickest home run I’ve ever seen leave a park was off this kid’s bat. It was against Jared Weaver, September 2, 2012 at Safeco – a line drive that seemingly defied physics, never climbing higher than the right field fence, which it cleared in a snap.

  11. Joe Orsatti 1 year ago

    I would love to see Philly take a chance on him, but our OF is already crowded with Revere, mayberry, Brown, Byrd and Cesar.

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