Minor Notes: Madson, Cust, Wells

Here's a roundup on players likely to sign minor-league contracts.

  • The Phillies, Red Sox and Royals are among the teams in on Ryan Madson, FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal tweets. Rosenthal also tweets, however, that Madson is unlikely to sign until after teams watch him pitch off a mound in February. Madson, who has struggled to return from elbow troubles, has not pitched in the big leagues since 2011, when he was with the Phillies.
  • DH Jack Cust worked out for the Orioles this week, but it's unclear whether the team wants to sign him, Roch Kubatko of MASNsports.com reports. "It's still under consideration," executive vice president Dan Duquette says. Cust did not play in 2013, but he posted a .243/.400/.442 line at the Triple-A level in 2012.
  • Former Mariners and Padres reliever Jared Wells will work out for teams next week, MLB Daily Dish's Chris Cotillo tweets. Wells, 32, last pitched in the Majors in 2008. He played independent ball in 2013.

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  1. phillies1102 1 year ago

    Phillies need Madson, and he would be a great addition to our young bullpen to come in and pitch in the 8th inning, no questions asked. Madson needs a 1 year opportunity, and has a much better shot unseating Papelbon than Greg Holland or Koji Uehara (or their 8th inning guys). This really is a no-brainer.

    • Phillyfan425 1 year ago

      Nobody “needs” a guy who hasn’t pitched in the MLB for 2 years. It’d be a good, low risk, medium reward pick-up, but you shouldn’t be banking on Madson to be you’re 8th inning guy.

      That said, I would like the Phillies to pick up Madson on an MiLB deal, and have him compete for a spot in the pen during spring training.

      • phillies1102 1 year ago

        Thinking about the harsh reality, we really don’t have any sure fire 8th inning guys, and in order to make Philly attractive, we would have to offer him that 8th inning role (given he breaks camp). Out of our young bullpen, he is the only guy who can handle late game situations (besides Pap)

        • Phillyfan425 1 year ago

          Phillies BP right now is probably: Pap, Antonio B, Diekman, DeFratus, Brad Lincoln, with Stutes/Martin/Munson/Rosenberg/Horst/O’Sullivan/Manship/Camp/other MiLB FA signings battling for the final spot or two (and Adams to start the year on the DL). I’d imagine, if Antonio is on the roster to start the year, he’ll be the primary 8th inning guy.

          There will be competition there in the spring. And I’d rather the right guy (or guys) earn the 8th inning spot – and BP spot in general – because they won the competition, instead of just giving it to a guy, just because he’s got “experience” in the 8th (despite not pitching in the majors in 2 years).

          • phillies1102 1 year ago

            But I were to put the scenario where all pitchers had equally good springs, I would give the job the Madson because of said experience. This is assuming Madson makes the roster, which may not be the case if he lets up a run every other inning. If one guy pitches significantly better than Madson AND Madson struggles, then the job is theirs, but as long as Madson does well, he would earn the right at the 8th inning job.

            Besides, look at our 8th inning these last 2 years, then look back 4 years before that. Madson may not be the same guy as he was in the past, but if he shows signs of it, there really shouldn’t be a question as to who pitches the 8th.

      • Damon Bowman 1 year ago

        Alright, then let me ask you this. Assuming Madson is healthy (if he isn’t, he’s obviously useless) who would you put ahead of him in the Phillies bullpen as it’s presently put together? Besides Pap who’s closing and maybe Bastardo, Madson would slot in as the go-to guy in the 7th and possibly the 8th depending on who’s rested and who isn’t.

        • Phillyfan425 1 year ago

          If Madson is healthy (and as dominant as he was 2 years ago), then sure, I’d probably slot him in for higher leverage situations (7th/8th innings). With Tony B being the other guy. I might put Diekman in that same slot too. But that wasn’t the argument. The argument was that Madson should be the 8th inning guy, no questions asked – and that the Phillies need him. There’s also a big difference between being healthy, and being at the same level of dominance he was 2 years ago (which unless you’ve seen Madson pitch, I don’t think any of us can say that he definitely is at that level).

          Again, I’d like the Phillies to take Madson on an MiLB deal (with some good incentives), and have him pitch in ST to see where he is. If he earns those high leverage relief spots, good for him – and it’s a good signing by the Phils.

  2. Lefty_Orioles_Fan 1 year ago

    This is quite a trio of players.
    Although, I do wonder if the Royals interest is because maybe Mike Arbuckle found Madson in the draft? I dunno. I thought the Royal bullpen might be one of the best in baseball.

    • Comfy_Wastelander 1 year ago

      I would guess that they’re just bargain-hunting. It would be weird to see them offer him much guaranteed money.

  3. johnsilver 1 year ago

    Madson wouldn’t fit with Boston and really not at KC. Both have deep BP’s, even with late inning guys that have experience. Philly makes a lot more sense amongst those 3 teams.

    • start_wearing_purple 1 year ago

      If there’s one lesson that needs to be learned about bullpens is they’re never deep enough. The Red Sox bullpen was one of their great strengths last year, but if I told you a year ago that Uehara/Tazawa/Breslow would be a knockout punch would you have believed me?

      I say go after Madson. If he make a come back then we have at least another set up man and possible insurance if heaven forbid something bad happens.

      • johnsilver 1 year ago

        Wasn’t so much not signing, or looking at him as another depth option as a closer in case needed him, as where does he fit with so many people the team already has?

        Boston could have retained Bailey for around 4m and he would have been ready to throw by June/July. Ample time would think if any injuries come up on Uehara, Taz, Mujica. That’s just one issue. Boras is going to be looking for exposure on his guy.. Closing situations and Madson isn’t going to be closing *if* Uehara is healthy.

        KC and boston have healthy and very deep pens. Madson has not pitched in 2years and right now? I’d rather have Badenhop on the staff. He’s healthy. Let some other team allow Madson to work his way back in the minors without Boras pushing them to get his guy MLB time.

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