Reynolds Unlikely To Return To Yankees

Mark Reynolds is unlikely to return to the Yankees, Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News tweets, citing a source who says the Yanks have only offered the infielder a minor-league deal. "He won't take that," Feinsand says.

Reynolds, 30, clubbed six homers for the Yankees in 36 games after they brought him on in August, compiling a .236/.300/.455 line in New York overall. While that OBP is a step down from Reynolds' .329 career average, it's generally a vintage Reynolds line: big power and a low batting average fueled by one of the game's highest strikeout rates. Some have speculated that the Bombers might try to re-up with Reynolds now that they can be certain Alex Rodriguez won't be manning third base for the club in 2014. However, it now appears that they're not interested in anything beyond a minimal commitment.

Stephen Drew is the top left-side infielder remaining on the free agent market, though the Red Sox extended him a qualifying offer. Michael Young is another option, and the Yanks already have Kelly Johnson in the fold.

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  1. jjs91 2 years ago

    I rather have baker but as of now they can both make the team, if they get rid of ichiro.I don’t see how roberts deserves a major league deal and he doesn’t.

    • JJ 2 years ago

      Agree, why NYY gave roberts 2MM but they want to offer him a minor league deal

      • Macfan01 2 years ago

        Because they don’t think he is good enough. Remember the Indians released Reynolds, he was that poor. He is what he is and teams aren’t exactly knocking down his door.

    • John Lazzaro 2 years ago

      Yeah that’s very possible that Ichiro is moved. This guy isn’t worth anything that great. He’s whale or flail im just not in the mood for another Granderson at least strikeout wise and was rather bad defensively .I can withstand Michael Young or whoever else they find some interest in. Whoever has the ability of helping the time I’m all for.Agree on Brian Roberts also he’s been hurt for 4 years and it’s just incredibly laughable how he’s been signed by anyone at all.

      • MB923 2 years ago

        I can see Ichiro just being a bench player and coming in for defense/pinch running. Maybe a start here and there against a LHP should he hit them like he did last year (yes a LHP). Last year he actually had a .321 BA and .753 OPS vs LHP

        • John Lazzaro 2 years ago

          Him being a bench player is more plausible now considering that Vernon Wells was released from the team only a couple days ago.

          • MB923 2 years ago

            Yeah that’s why I see them likely keeping him as well.

  2. Frittoman626 2 years ago

    Why don’t they just offer him the major league contract? Of all the other options available he’s the best and guys like Baker and Young won’t want to take minor league contracts anyways. So please either sign Baker or Reynolds and please don’t even consider Young or Nunez *puke*

  3. MB923 2 years ago

    They should try signing Jeff Baker who does very well against LHP.

    A Kelly Johnson/Jeff Baker platoon at 3B would be very good (offensively that is)

    • John Lazzaro 2 years ago

      Anything is worth it if they’re both good platoon wise im okay with it theyve got enough in their lineup to where this could work out.

    • johnsilver 2 years ago

      Reynolds isn’t exactly in the top 95% defensively of 3b either and that is why NY would want him, not at 1b as a backup where he isn’t bad with the glove.

      Some of the other NY fans (not yourself) may not realize that.

      Later on in the off season, maybe even during ST a better option could present itself as cuts are made.

  4. DerekJeterDan 2 years ago

    Twins need pitching help, Yankees need a young and affordable Third Baseman.
    One suggestion I’ll throw out there is Trevor Plouffe. Shouldn’t be hard to acquire.

    • Frittoman626 2 years ago

      Twins have no reason to trade Plouffe and guys like Phelps and Warren aren’t enough since the Twins already have guys like that.

      • DerekJeterDan 2 years ago

        Another name to consider would be Gordon Beckham of the Chicago White Sox. I’m simply putting forth suggestions that are outside the box (Baker, Young, Reynolds, etc) to get more creative ideas flowing about how to address the situation. A lot of the Free Agent names are older and wouldn’t address the situation best in my opinion. The Yankees are in good position to make a trade and should do so.

      • Unassisted Triple Play 2 years ago

        I would respectfully disagree. Plouffe would be expendable should Sano be ready to rock from day 1 in 2014 and it is possible.

    • Matt Galvin 2 years ago

      But only way Plouffe gets Traded is if Sano wins 3B jobs and the Yankees also need Pitching,

      Danny V. Because White Sox have a crowed DH/LF but hasen’t played 3B in years so hasn’t Paul Konerko but that”s another story for one Yankees Catchers.

      • Unassisted Triple Play 2 years ago

        Viciedo is not a third baseman. Putting him there would be a disaster.

  5. MB923 2 years ago

    As much as people would laugh at Young to the Yankees, he had a 102 wRC+ last year. The Yankees 3B last year had a 69 wRC+, the worst in baseball.

    • John Lazzaro 2 years ago

      Especially considering they had Nunez and Youkilis who couldn’t stay healthy for more than a month the 3rd base situation was a complete and total train wreck

      • MB923 2 years ago

        I completely understand why people say all teams have injuries and that shouldn’t be an excuse, I’ve said the same myself. However, when you see the rankings from 1 year to the next, you will see why this team missed the playoffs and was very poor offensively

        2012 MLB overall WAR rankings for the Yankees by position
        C- 14th
        1B – 2nd
        2B – 1st
        SS- 7th
        3B- 10th
        Overall OF – 11th
        DH – 6th out of 14

        2013 rankings
        C- 23rd
        1B- 23rd
        2B- 2nd
        SS- 28th
        3B – 21st
        Overall OF – 23rd
        DH – 14th out of 15

        The reason the WAR is not as low as it is ranked is because they were actually much better defensively in 2013 than in 2012. Thanks in large part to Gardner being out there most of the year as well as, believe or not, Jeter missing a lot of time.

        If we take Defense out of the equation and use wRC+ instead of WAR (instead of position by position, I’ll do overall team ranking).

        2012 Yankees – Tied for 1st
        2013 Yankees – 28th

        Can anyone name a bigger dropoff then that?

      • JordanMantor 2 years ago

        But what about the fantastic contribution you got out of Luis Cruz?! D:

  6. Unassisted Triple Play 2 years ago

    Eric Jagielo is the future at 3rd base for the Yankees. He’s an absolute stud! I watched this kid play ball in my home town of downers grove Illinois and I’m telling you, the sky is the limit.

    • DerekJeterDan 2 years ago

      Have watched him crack out Homeruns while he played for the Staten Island Yankees, I really liked him a lot he looked so solid in all facets.

  7. Macfan01 2 years ago

    Good, can’t stand guys that strikeout at such ludicrous rates and don’t put the ball in play. After getting rid of Granderson didn’t need a replacement for his K’s.

    • Michael 2 years ago

      I look at the glass as half full on this one. True, Reynolds strikes out an absurd number of times and his fielding…..well. But, better than grounding into 25 DPs a year and he IS a threat to hit 30-35 HR given the chance.

  8. bamf9 2 years ago

    I personally want Young.

  9. EndlessMikeJr 2 years ago

    How is Reynolds less effective than Roberts.Roberts hasn’t been in 40 games each the past two seasons.Reynolds can at least hit 20 homeruns and good 3rd base.Just like Russell Martin the Yankees are gonna let go a good player over money.

    • not_brooks 2 years ago

      Reynolds has accumulated a whopping 0.2 fWAR over the past three seasons, mostly due to his modest offensive contributions being erased by his horrible attempts at using a glove and throwing a baseball.

    • hediouspb 2 years ago

      Reynolds does not play a good third base. he doesn’t even play a decent third base. he’s bad. if the yanks were looking for a first base/dh he’d be a decent low cost guy to bring in. you can’t afford his d at 3rd and the strikeouts. too much negative.

      • KnowledgeDivine 2 years ago

        we may have a issue at first as of now the only solid Infield position may be Catcher

      • Runtime 2 years ago

        He might even be worse than Edwin Encarnacion at 3B.

        And that’s saying A LOT.

  10. Gambo88 2 years ago

    what about Yuniesky Betancourt?

  11. Jake13 2 years ago

    Reynolds should be nothing more than a pinch hitter, his 200+ strikeouts are too costly to play him consistently

  12. RudyMay45 2 years ago

    Everyone rages about Reynold’s strike-outs, but I don’t know that a team as offensively challenged as the Yanks were last year should be walking away from 20 HRs. And I saw no signs of the below-average defense all the pundits talk about. Girardi was so comfortable with Mark in the field he even put Reynolds a 2B for a few innings and he didn’t embarrass anyone. Don’t know that they can even afford to ignore Young, who was a solid .280 hitter last year. Bottom line is in the AL East you can get away with average pitching, but not average to sub-par offense.

  13. MB923 2 years ago

    Well they did lose their 1B, SS, 3B and their best power hitting OFer last year

    Pythagorean record listed them at 79 wins because they were outscored last year. So they overachieved.

  14. Matt Galvin 2 years ago

    I said he was different story and if he were to be Trade it would be closer to deadline and he would prefer to go to the West Coast.
    Papelbon and Franco for Pelps and Warren?

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