AL West Links: Cruz, Franklin, Trout, Russell

The Rangers didn't really expect to re-sign Nelson Cruz this winter, yet did their due diligence by keeping in touch with Cruz's agent Adam Katz, GM Jon Daniels told's Lyle Spencer.  "We've touched base every week or so," Daniels said. "Nellie's highly regarded here. We have a good relationship with Adam. We made our moves and kind of expected [Cruz] to sign elsewhere. But we'll see where it goes. It's a unique situation for him as a free agent.  When we made our decision to sign [Shin-Soo] Choo, it was with the understanding that [Cruz's] best opportunity would be to sign elsewhere. I don't know what's going on with other teams and Nellie."

Here's some more from around the AL West…

  • The Rangers' view on re-signing Cruz is "unchanged," FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal tweets, in that the team would only bring him back at a lower price and if he can't find any other suitors. 
  • Nick Franklin was almost traded to the Diamondbacks last offseason and had been the subject of trade rumors this winter as well since the Mariners' acquisition of Robinson Cano.  Despite all of the speculation, Franklin tells Larry Stone of the Seattle Times that he's just focusing on the upcoming season.  “I mean, as far as I know, I’ve been traded 20 times, and I’m still here," Franklin said. “It doesn’t really bother me at all. All I can do is control what I can and go out and play the game.”
  • A 10-year, $300MM contract for Mike Trout has often been cited as a possible extension for the young superstar, though's Alden Gonzalez opines that Trout's representatives might take a lesser deal given that Trout still has four years until free agency and his stock could drop in the interim.  Also, a shorter deal would set Trout up for another massive contract later in his career.  Gonzalez suggests a seven-year, $200MM extension could work.  In my opinion, while the $200MM mark is a major threshold for any player, I'd guess the Angels would happily lock Trout up at that price.
  • Athletics manager Bob Melvin told reporters, including Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle, that there is very little chance top prospect Addison Russell begins the season on the Major League roster.  The A's are already set at shortstop wth Jed Lowrie (with Nick Punto and Eric Sogard as backup options), and as Slusser notes, there is little reason to start Russell's service time clock at this point in his young career.

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  1. Tom 1 year ago

    7 years 200 million? I dunno, I doubt trout gets more than 40-50 mil in arbitration in total. That leaves 150 million to be split up over 3 years. That doesn’t make any sense, is my math wrong?

    • Kevin 1 year ago

      If Mike Trout hits 40 million across 3 years of arbitration, I feel that would be about it. Don’t misinterpret that: I am sure there are teams that would pay him 30 mill a year if he was a FA today. But arbitration for position players mostly looks at counting stats, namely home runs and RBI. Given that he won’t come near Ryan Howard’s counting stats in terms of pure power production and he was at 10 million, its arguable that Trout may have to fight for that 10, even given the age of that number. It’s so important to understand that arbitration values do not reflect FA value at all. I’m thinking 10-13-17. Although I also feel that in this day and age, especially given the Angel’s long-term commitments, they would want financial certainty and try to extend him to a deal that at least covers arbitration years. And if they want even a stab in the dark of signing him, you bet it would have to be at least for 50/3 years. Probably more, since I don’t get the feeling Trout wants to be there.

      • Jeffy25 1 year ago

        You do realize that trout has posted top 5 stats in hr, RBI, sb, and average since the arb process has begun, right?

        He will easily top 30 million in arb…already.

        If he continues to produce, and would go year to year, think closer to 50 million over those three seasons. His free agent value is around 30-40 million now.

        1st year is 40%
        2nd year is 60%
        3rd year is 80%

        I’m guessing
        24 maybe?

        Look at the guys that set records in arbitration, and then look at trout’s counting stats compared to each of them at that point. And then notice that he is a centerfielder which he will be given credit for.

      • Jeffy25 1 year ago

        Also, you have to give inflation an adjustment, and what arb pays guys have received over the last 5+ years. How much is kershaw getting technically this year?

        Trout is on pace to be well over 20 million in his last arb year.

    • letsgogiants 1 year ago

      Lincecum managed to get 9 million his first year of arbitration and made 63 million in his 4 years of arbitration despite being a pitcher. Given Trout plays everyday and as long as he stays on the field, I’m sure Trout can pass that amount even in arbitration; especially with how much money there is now because of these mega tv deals.

      • Tom 1 year ago

        Lincecum was super two, and had two cy youngs. Yeah Trout deserves big money, but that’s not how arbitration works. The New TV money is just going to affect free agency, it has nothing to do with arbitration.Trout’s salary is going to be decided by comparables and steady raises each year, but he’s not starting out with a 20 million salary in his first year of arbitration.

  2. kungfucampby 1 year ago

    Given how dysfunctional the Angels are, does Trout really want to stay there?

    • jdkladsjl 1 year ago

      for 300 million he will lol

      • kungfucampby 1 year ago

        He can get $300MM (probably more) from about a dozen clubs that don’t have the issues LA has.

  3. Iconoclast17 1 year ago

    If the downside of his career Pujols is worth $250 M to the Angels, Trout should get half a billion.

    On Oakland’s Addison Russell, it’s not so much his service clock as the writer asserts—as his youth and inexperience—he’s only entering his second full season in the minors (AA last season) ball and only 20 years old. There’s no reason to rush him before he’s ready. The A’s don’t really play that service clock game much any more as witnessed by the rapid advancement of Cahill, Anderson, Mazarro, Strailey, AJ Griffin, Parker, Milone, Derek Norris, and others the past 5-6 years.

    • PXDX 1 year ago

      If Russell has a 900 OPS after a month at AAA, why bother keeping him down there? He already is the best defensive SS in the entire organization, much better than Lowrie. Service time is the only issue. Those players you listed weren’t as lauded as Russell is.

      • Iconoclast17 1 year ago

        Your hypothetical is a pretty big “if.” I mentioned over a half dozen players to illustrate that Beane isn’t playing the service clock game very much. Anderson, Carlos Gonzalez, Cahill were top prospects or close to it.
        Having Lowrie (who had his best season by the way in 2013), Sogard, Punto means the A’s can allow Russell a little more seasoning as Slusser stating, without blocking his progress. Weeks was another one who did get “service clock” treatment. If the situation warrants (Russell is killing it in Sacramento and/or there are injuries) you can bring him up. Move Lowrie to 2nd base. Nothing wrong with starting him in AAA.

        • PXDX 1 year ago

          Right, but my point is why bother keeping him down when he’s going to help the big league team more?

  4. PXDX 1 year ago

    Lowrie is a terrible defensive SS and is best suited to 2B. If Russell is ready (and all scouting reports said he would be a fast-mover and had a MLB body and instincts even before draft day), then he should be playing SS for the A’s as soon as he can.

    Obviously f he doesn’t hit in ST then by all means send him to the minors, but he’s coming in there with something to prove, and I think Melvin, being the excellent manager he is, is simply trying to push him by saying that. Watch Addison Russell really go all-out in Spring and win the job. Nothing inspires a young hungry player more, than a doubting manager.

    • Iconoclast17 1 year ago

      Sure. We heard the same thing about Carter, Choice, Taylor. It’s one thing to “hope” for the rookie SS to win the job and another to allow him a little breathing room and further development. Besides, Daric Barton, another fan favorite, needs somebody to keep him company in Sactown.;)

      On Melvin, he’s probably just trying to take the pressure off the young phenom. Russell will get his chance soon enough.

      • PXDX 1 year ago

        Barton’s probably going to play all season after his excellent callup last year. At least now he’s surrounded by stars so people wont rail on him so bad for not hitting like Mark Trumbo…which they want him to for some reason?

        All those other prospects you mentioned were not in Russell’s class. The A’s have not had a prospect like him, ever.

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