Rangers, Tommy Hanson Progressing Toward Deal

FRIDAY: The Rangers and Hanson are making progress on a deal, tweets Morosi.

THURSDAY: The Rangers are engaged in talks with free agent starter Tommy Hanson, reports Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports (via Twitter). Morosi reported earlier today that Hanson had received multiple offers.

Hanson, 27, was non-tendered by the Angels just one year after being acquired from the Braves in exchange for Jordan Walden. The 6'6" righty has struggled over the last two years, posting a combined 4.76 ERA in 247 2/3 innings. But Hanson was quite productive over 2009-11, posting a 3.28 ERA in 460 1/3 innings. With just four years and 97 days of service time, any club signing Hanson would control him for at least one more season through arbitration.

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  1. kdub53 1 year ago

    good luck with that texas!

  2. MadmanTX 1 year ago

    This would seem like a move towards a half season deal only. I’d rather go for a guy who can really be a solid starter because so many guys like Lewis, Tepesch and Holland (when he gets back) will have big question marks.

    • brian310 1 year ago

      He COULD be a solid starter. Depends on how he comes back mentally (his bro died last year) and physically

      • Brian Baker 1 year ago

        Shoulder has always been a concern with Hanson. Kind of a funky motion. It seems to have caught up with him as he’s lost a lot of velocity the last couple of years, and his K rate is declining. According to Fangraphs, he’s lost about 3 MPH on all 4 of his pitches since his first full season in MLB. In his last 3 years, his K/9 has gone 9.83, 8.30, 6.90. He always seemed like a good guy in ATL, so I’m hoping he’s healthy and is a nice low risk/high reward piece for Rangers on a minor league deal.

        • Kevin Sheets 1 year ago

          He was a good guy in ATL. Liked watching, had the rare occasion to talk to him to and he is very nice. I wonder if Rangers will tinker with his throwing motion to eleviate any issues with his shoulder

          • TXPlayer 1 year ago

            Having Mike and Greg Maddux on hand to tinker with it you never know.

        • Kevin Sheets 1 year ago

          He was a good guy in ATL. Liked watching, had the rare occasion to talk to him to and he is very nice. I wonder if Rangers will tinker with his throwing motion to eleviate any issues with his shoulder

  3. Brian Baker 1 year ago

    Wren got some value just in time. Walden was a key piece to Braves bullpen. If Wren had pulled trigger a year earlier, I think he really would have gotten some nice pieces. At least he didn’t hold on too long like he did Jurrjens.

    • Kevin Sheets 1 year ago

      Wren has done really good via trade/waivers/low key pickups. Its his signings that have failed: Lowe & Upton come to mind there.

      • RaysfaninMN 1 year ago

        Mark Texeira says hi.

        • txftw 1 year ago

          For the millionth time, Wren didn’t make that deal.

        • Kevin Sheets 1 year ago

          That was Schuerholtz.
          And Texiera played awesome for Atlanta. Not to mention most fans were ticked off about losing Saltamchia more than anything.
          One year rentals always sting. Like the Drew/Wainright trade.

  4. erm016 1 year ago

    I’m glad we bailed when we did. I hope it works out for him.

  5. Braves1976 1 year ago

    Tommy is a fly ball pitcher and he’ll likely have more trouble with the homerun ball pitching in Texas. However, I wish Tommy the best and I like Texas, I am just not sure they’re a good fit for him.

    That said, Tommy doesn’t have many options either.

  6. gnats 1 year ago

    Hopefully a minor league deal with a NRI.

  7. Kendall Cooper 1 year ago

    Low risk, medium reward kind of deal. I do not mind it at all, Hanson is still young and could have a few good seasons left in the tank. Hopefully, with a spring training invite, Maddux could really help him with his mechanics and mentality so that he can be more of the player he was with the Braves.

    • Kevin Sheets 1 year ago

      Health, to me, seems to be his biggest factor. Needs to keep up his arm strength and stay on the field. Maddux was one of the best at that. so he could be a big help.

  8. Rangerbourne 1 year ago

    I’m hoping he has a tremendous comeback season. Not because I think he’s going to help the Ranger a ton, but because I just love when JD takes a former Angel player, turns them to gold, and sticks it to the Angels.

    • Commander_Nate 1 year ago

      And then the Rangers don’t win the World Series.

  9. Melvin McMurf 1 year ago

    this signing could put the A’s over the top

  10. Melvin McMurf 1 year ago

    this signing could put the A’s over the top

  11. Johan 1 year ago

    Good luck. Hanson is going to get knocked around at the Globe.

  12. I know how ridiculous this sounds. But have you ever watched this guy pitch? He holds the ball out there for the world to see for like five minutes before it comes out of his hand, and his delivery is akin to throwing a dart– it looks like he is literally aiming the ball at a spot. I always felt like he was the worst at tipping his pitches, and when it doesn’t come out at 96 mph anymore, he can’t get away with it for long. Health aside, I think he needs to correct that whacky delivery.

    • gnats 1 year ago

      Completely agree. He has one of the ugliest deliveries I’ve ever seen.

  13. driftcat28 1 year ago

    Was hoping the Yankees would jump in on Hanson. He has a lot of potential and is still very young. He could still be very solid and maybe even an all star pitcher for years to come.

    • Defiancy 1 year ago

      Eh, his velocity has declined for three straight seasons. His BB/9 has increased each season while his K/9 has decreased.

      I don’t really think he has a lot of potential anymore, but if he’s on a minor league deal it isn’t a bad gamble.

  14. bjsguess 1 year ago

    I had high hopes that he wouldn’t be a disaster last year.

    My hopes were crushed.

    He was just awful. Blame it on the team, his shoulder, his family tragedy … I’ve heard it all. However, at the end of the day he just wasn’t that good. As a guy who is more of a thrower than a pitcher, losing 3-4 MPH is devastating. I don’t see him making a turn around until that shoulder is repaired and his velocity comes back. Either that, or he reinvents himself with a different delivery and approach.

    I wish the guy all the luck in the world. By all accounts he’s a great guy who obviously has a ton of promise. Hoping it puts it altogether and resumes what looked to be a very promising career.

  15. Brandon Mason 1 year ago

    The Rangers Ballpark is NOT The Best Place For Him To Pitch..

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