Cafardo On Phillies, Iglesias, Prado, Red Sox

The Phillies have a number of major trade chips on their roster, but the perception around baseball is that they’re asking for too much in return, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe writes in his weekly notes column.  Cafardo recently wrote that Philadelphia wanted three prospects in exchange for Cole Hamels, only to be told by a Phillies official that three was “too conservative” a number.  The Phillies, for their part, say they’re simply looking for “a fair deal” for any of their veteran stars.  Here’s some more from Cafardo’s latest piece…

  • The Tigers are so impressed with Eugenio Suarez‘s play that they could look to trade Jose Iglesias, according to some scouts.  It would definitely be a sell-low move on Iglesias, who seemed to be Detroit’s shortstop of the future before stress fractures in his shins cost him the entire 2014 season.
  • The Red Sox were one of a few teams considering a move for Martin Prado, whose positional versatility and good clubhouse reputation would make a strong trade candidate, though the Diamondbacks have little desire to move him.  The Blue Jays were another team known to be scouting Prado.
  • The Red Sox are facing a 40-man roster crunch with several notable prospects in the offseason, and Cafardo wonders if the club could package some of these youngsters in a trade rather than risk losing them in the Rule 5 draft.
  • One AL scout disagrees with the general belief that the Yankees lack the minor league depth to move any prospects at the deadline.  “They have more in their farm system than people think. They have some arms, they have the Aaron Judge kid, [Luis] Severino, [Gary] Sanchez, [Peter] O’Brien, [Eric] Jagielo. If they wanted to make a deal, they have enough to give up,” the scout said.

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  1. MB923 1 year ago

    Allow me to make a probable quote from an anti-Yankee fan:

    “That AL Scout is definitely a Yankee scout”

    • jjs91 1 year ago

      So close, the right answer was that their owners are scouts.

    • Karkat 1 year ago

      Realistically, I don’t think it’s that the Yankees don’t have the pieces to get a deal done, just that they’d be hard-pressed to outbid a lot of other teams, prospect-wise.

      • MB923 1 year ago

        Oh there’s no question about that. I’m not saying they are anywhere near the top, but they are no where close to being last.

        • Karkat 1 year ago

          Yeah, I just think when people talk about the Yankees “not having the pieces” and other people defend that they do, they’re talking about two different things (Yankees having the pieces in a vacuum vs. competitively)

    • Jake 1 year ago

      Scout didn’t even mention Refsnyder who might their number 1 or 2 atm.

      • Douglas Rau 1 year ago

        He’s one of the closer options to be ready to join the big league club but he doesn’t have All Star potential long-term. Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez have higher potential ceilings.

  2. Lefty_Orioles_Fan
    Lefty_Orioles_Fan 1 year ago

    One AL scout disagrees with the general belief that the Yankees lack the minor league depth to move any prospects at the deadline. “They have more in their farm system than people think.


    Hal and Hank Steinbrenner!

  3. NH Yankee fan 1 year ago

    I follow their minor league system and they do have some depth and not to mention the international signings this year. At least they aren’t over rated Redsox prospects that come up and fail miserably. Severino is legit!

    • jjs91 1 year ago

      They have the same odds of failing as sox prospects, and any other prospects. Prospects really don’t get overated. A few years ago a report showed that the team with the highest failed top prospect percentage was the D’backs, and i doubt people would say they hype their guys.

      • MB923 1 year ago

        On FanGraphs or something?

        • jjs91 1 year ago

          Scott Mckiney royals review. I remembered it wrong, giants were last. Dbacks were close to last. Pretty big study and there’s other stuff there.

          • MB923 1 year ago

            I’m reading it now. Can’t believe the Yankees are ranked 16th (and ahead of the Red Sox who are 17th).

            Though this was written back in February 2011 and a lot has changed since then.

          • jjs91 1 year ago

            Can’t really remember what happened since then other than montero, and i guess lavarnway. But williams and slade don’t seem like they will make it. At least austin has gotten hot.

      • NomarGarciaparra 1 year ago

        How do they evaluate percenrtage of failed prospects? Who is considered a prospect and what is considered failed?

    • MB923 1 year ago

      Well to be honest with you, FanGraphs came out with an article 1 or 2 years ago that listed the team that has the highest WAR for homegrown players of the past 10+ years give or take, and #1 were the Red Sox.

      I’m not saying every top Red Sox prospect works out or that they have the best scouts in the majors (they could, not saying they do or don’t), but they have had much more success in recent years than the Yankees.

      For every 1 good-great prospect, there’s probably 10 subpar prospects.

      I don’t disagree that in recent years, some of the new Red Sox prospects have been busts or at least have started off as busts , but they still have developed a lot of talent over the years and more than the Yankees.

      The Yankees farm system though is not as weak as many say it is. They’ve developed one of the best defensive OFers and speedy baserunners in the game, one of if not the the best 8th/9th inning combo in the game This year, and the best 2B over the last 10 years.

  4. Mike1L 1 year ago

    Given the high prices that have been paid on some of the trades, there’s no shock in watching Amaro holding out for top dollar. That being said, he could run the risk that teams won’t wait–they will spend elsewhere, leaving Amaro without logical suitors. There’s a finite market right now. It will get even more finite as teams realize they can’t make the playoffs, and as others pair off. Four days isn’t a lot of time.

    • tcrash247
      tcrash247 1 year ago

      He doesn’t know what he’s doing.

      • Mike1L 1 year ago

        Of course, there’s that as well…..

      • TommyC 1 year ago

        Amaro is notorious for acting with haste on the market. That’s how we end up with contracts like Papelbon’s and the numerous vesting options on many of our player deals.

        There’s a world of time between now and the deadline. To hear that he is not simply accepting the first lowball offer teams send him is reassuring.

        People worry the asking prices are indicative of him believing a rebuild is not completely necessary but he’s made many comments that prove otherwise. This is simply posturing and if we end up stuck with veteran players it will not be because RAJ was unwilling to move them but because of health, financial or contractual complications (which unfortunately, may of our assets carry).

    • TL 1 year ago

      I think he should start by offering Burnett + Bastardo to the Pirates for one of their back of the rotation starters plus a low or mid-level prospect, provided the Bucs are willing to eat most of Burnett’s salary. The Bucs are eager to improve their rotation/pen and it would perhaps grease the wheels for some bigger trades.

      • Uncontrite 1 year ago

        The Pirates are not in a position to eat salary, and I don’t think they want to deal with the rest of Burnett’s contract

        • TL 1 year ago

          They may need to take on the majority of the contract if they are unwilling to give up a decent prospect. And if I were them, I wouldn’t want to give up much for Burnett.

          • Uncontrite 1 year ago

            Which is why I don’t see a match to be honest, I think they go cheap and get a flier SP option and a solid bullpen piece, maybe one from the Red Sox, Houston has Qualls, or Russel from the cubs. But Amaro is asking for too much on everybody for me to see anything significant from him.

          • GrilledCheese39 1 year ago

            Oh Qualls is never coming back here every again I do not care how good he is.

          • Utley's Knees 1 year ago

            The Phillies need position players and young players in general. They do not need cash relief because of the Comcast deal. I would rather do nothing now and try again in the winter time. Cash relief will not bring the younger players up sooner. In two years the only big contract will probaly be Cole Hamels.

  5. Chris 1 year ago

    The Yankees obviously don’t have a good farm system, but they do have a few chips players. Both Gary Sanchez and Peter O’Brien have some serious power, especially the latter, who’s popped 21 homers for AA Trenton in only 265 ABs. And Trenton is known as a place where home runs go to die. Sanchez doesn’t have quite as much pop, but he’s the more refined hitter of the two (higher average, less strikeouts, more walkts).

    The problem with them is that both are catchers who aren’t destined to be catchers…they both have good arms, but Sanchez in particular doesn’t move that well behind home plate. O’Brien they keep moving around to RF and first base, trying to find a spot that works for him. His arm is good enough for RF, but he doesn’t have outfielders instincts (so far as first step is concerned).

  6. dunt 1 year ago

    Jagielo is a prospect? That slash line as a 22 year old in High A isn’t anything to write home about

    • Douglas Rau 1 year ago

      He was the Yankees first pick in that year they had 3 first round picks. He’s a little older because he played some college ball. The guy can hit. He’s just been slowed down a little by injuries.

  7. Revery 1 year ago

    Trading Iglesias is a silly idea.

    • Mr Pike 1 year ago

      “could” trade him they said. They won’t. You are right. It is a silly idea.

  8. TheFenwayFaithful 1 year ago

    It’s not that they don’t have any movable pieces. It’s that they should not compromise their already bleak future for a year that they have no chance of winning anyway, especially if Tanaka doesn’t come back 100%. They could land David Price (in some other universe) and they still would be unlikely to make it out of the Division series.

  9. Zak Arn 1 year ago

    Phils are in a several year rebuild mode. They’ve gotta sell assets at some point. It’s pointless to keep these guys around if they’re going to play sub .500 ball. They need to get some kind of OF talent in return.

  10. EightMileCats 1 year ago

    I’d rather trade Suarez. I think he’s playing above his head and at best will be Iglesias on offense and worse than(still avg or above avg) than Iglesias om defense

    • tune-in for baseball 1 year ago

      Even if Suarez hits 20-25 points better, Iggy more than makes up for that on defense, speed, and a style of play that makes everyone rise to the top of their game. I would keep both till someone makes a blowout offer on one of them or Nicky C.

      • EightMileCats 1 year ago

        I wouldn’t be surprised to see Suarez moved this off season tbh. I don’t think Castellanos gets moved

        • Barry2 1 year ago

          How is Iggy recovering coming? Iggy too much fun watch at ss.

    • Yukon Corn 1 year ago


  11. Barry2 1 year ago

    Tigers are going to have a fun off season. Suarez could move to third and provide great D and range. You could trade Nick ( I should can hit) for a good starting pitcher. The whiz kid if healthy plays ss with Perez being super utility. Trade one of the OF for a good left handed bat they can play some D in spacious Comerica.

  12. tune-in for baseball 1 year ago

    Iglesias is electrifying when he is healthy and sells tickets. He is the kind of spark missing now on the Tigers. He will have to prove in spring training he is healthy and, if so, Detroit will have excellent depth/options for the infield. Maybe they will want him to play winter ball. Regarding the trade deadline, Detroit needs to get Ben Revere from the Phillies to give us a solid left handed, top of the order bat to platoon at all three outfield positions. They need bats and we have several outfield prospects they could use. Jackson is gone after next year so he should be a possible trade chip before he starts another slump. Revere is as good or better and has a team friendly contract.

    • cgriffith 1 year ago

      Revere is not coming to Detroit. The Phillies are asking the moon for everyone and everything how would that change for Revere? And that there are reports Iglesias May not be needed because of Suarez leads me to believe Iglesias time in Detroit is limited. DD has said he is still looking for a LHP relief pitcher not hitter.

      • tune-in for baseball 1 year ago

        Posturing by selling teams is normal and DD always plays his cards close to his vest. I also have seen the reports but I hope this last weekend opened some eyes as to what needs to be done to fix this right heavy lineup and more bullpen help.

    • Heliosphan 1 year ago

      Ben Revere? No thanks, we already have four starting outfielders, plus Donnie Baseball and Dirks on the way back.

      • flyerzfan12
        flyerzfan12 1 year ago

        But don’t you want Ben Revere’s cannon for an arm patrolling your OF??

  13. Gordman5 1 year ago

    This Cafardo maron just throws things against the wall like a fan calling spotrs talk radio.Detroit has never mentioned trading Iglesias.He threw that in there because redsox fans know who he is.Nothing he “predicts”in his articles ever come true.

  14. simplyfantabulous 1 year ago

    The thought of trading Jose Iglesias makes no sense to anyone who has seen the way he plays shortstop with two broken legs.

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