Offseason Extensions For Towers, Gibson Were One-Year Deals

Back in February, the D’Backs announced extensions for general manager Kevin Towers and manager Kirk Gibson that ran beyond the 2014 campaign, but the team declined to include the length of either deal, and subsequent reports neglected to shine any light on the contract terms. Now, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reports that each extension was a “unique” one-year deal that could potentially become longer deals.

There’s been quite a bit of speculation about the job security of both Towers and Gibson, given the club’s poor start to the 2014 season. Tony La Russa has been hired by the D’Backs to serve as the “Chief Baseball Officer” who will evaluate the club’s decision makers.

It remains to be seen how the length of the deals will impact either Towers or Gibson, but surely a one-year commitment could make it easier for the D’Backs to make a change if La Russa determines one is needed. As Heyman writes, Towers doesn’t feel that his role has been altered or reduced to that of a “psuedo-GM” since the hiring of La Russa, though he knows the ultimate decision is out of his hands. “Tony will make the decision,” Towers said to Heyman. “I’m a big boy.”

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  1. vonjunk 12 months ago

    I wish Towers was a bit smaller, more humble, when making trade decisions. If La Russa uses any kind of objective measure on Towers, he should be long gone. Gibson is more mixed. His decisions on field haven’t always been the best, but he isn’t terrible and does know how to motivate his team. Chances Towers is gone 90% and Gibson 40% (just because he always seems to get that big hit when he needs it).

    • Guest 12 months ago

      If D’backs do decide to fire Gibson, I have a trade proposal. MGR Ron Gardenhire for C Miguel Montero, C Stryker Trahan, or a comp pick.

      • IZZONE 12 months ago

        Montero+ for a manager? That’s funny. Or they could just sign somebody and not give up an All star catcher.

      • vonjunk 12 months ago

        I bet they hire Bud Black as manager to keep the trans-San Diego pipeline going. Also, fire Towers and he’ll likely shuffle off to SD again…maybe the Dbacks rehire Byrnes to be their GM?

  2. Gator4444 12 months ago

    The Diamondbacks’ FO has no vision. It’s overpay in FA and trade prospects every year to maintain mediocre. I question Ken Kendrick for continuing to let it happen.

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