Red Sox, Orioles Discussing Jon Lester

6:58pm: The Orioles did have discussions earlier on Lester, but talks have fizzled and there no longer appears to be a match, reports Andy Martino of the New York Daily News.

For what it’s worth, Duquette did tell reporters that he had at least some interest in adding a frontline starter, which is something of a different tone than the club had set in recent days, as Connolly reports“We’d be interested in adding pitchers that could help us at the top of our rotation,” said Duquette. “Who wouldn’t be?” But Duquette did not waver from his prior statements that Baltimore is quite hesitant to part with young arms: “I think with our young pitchers we would be conservative, and we would try and give them a prolonged trial in the big leagues before we would trade them.”

3:58pm: Told of rumors that a deal could be close, Orioles executive vice president Dan Duquette said that would be “news to him,” as Roch Kubatko of tweets.

3:50pm: Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun hears differently than Abraham and Ghiroli, reporting that his sources indicate there’s nothing hot between the two sides at this time (Twitter link).

2:36pm: Abraham tweets that the two sides are in advanced discussions, but the Red Sox have alternatives, should Baltimore not meet their asking price. Ghiroli adds that Baltimore isn’t likely to part with Gausman in a Lester deal, but the two sides are still in serious discussions.

2:25pm: Joel Sherman of the New York Post tweets that a deal isn’t close at this time, although Roch Kubatko of tweets that talks are indeed heating up. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports also tweets that nothing is close to finalization at this point, though that doesn’t preclude a deal from being reached. Andy Martino of the New York Daily news also hears that a deal is possible, but not close at this time (Twitter link).

Kubatko adds that Boston has been asking for Kevin Gausman or Dylan Bundy in talks.

2:20pm: Miguel Gonzalez could be heading to Boston in the deal, Ghiroli tweets. Clearly, he wouldn’t be the centerpiece of the trade.

2:16pm: The Orioles are in advanced talks that would send a pitcher to Boston in exchange for Jon Lester, reports Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe (on Twitter).’s Britt Ghiroli tweets that the two sides are “close” to a deal.

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  1. SoxFanCyp 12 months ago

    We better get Gausman or Bundy

    • Pat Kolp 12 months ago

      I don’t think Boston will get either.

    • ba9oriole 12 months ago

      Why would the Orioles give a top young pitcher for less than half a year of Lester?

      • Pat Kolp 12 months ago

        Exactly. Look at what the Brewers got for Greinke when they traded him.

        • Knockdown 12 months ago

          They got Jean Segura. Pretty good deal for the Brew crew.

          • Pat Kolp 12 months ago

            Yeah, but not he’s no where near a Bundy or Gausman level.

          • Knockdown 12 months ago

            Segura is a proven MLB talent. Hard to compare someone who has proven it in the show to someone who hasn’t.

          • Pat Kolp 12 months ago

            Ok, but to think the Sox are going to get one of the Orioles top 2 pitching prospects is insane. But anything is possible.

          • Mike Agogliati 12 months ago

            Not insane, Orioles are going for it and Lester is an ace.

          • Ray Wachter 12 months ago

            Segura is a .233 hitter. Hardly proven MLB talent.

          • Mike Agogliati 12 months ago

            At least Segura is playing…and at the time, he was on the same level as those guys.

          • EightMileCats 12 months ago

            Segura was considered a fringe prospect. He was a lottery ticket and it hit…

          • Guest 12 months ago

            Hmm when I saw him at Inland Empire he was the Angels #2. And was a 70 w the glove according to BA. Don’t know if I would call him fringe.

          • EightMileCats 12 months ago

            His bat was a huge question mark and the Angels had a bad farm at that time. It’s like Robbie Ray being the Tigers number 2. No chance he’s that high in 75% of the systems in the league.

            He wasn’t considered to be nearly as good as he turned out.

          • TheRealRyan 12 months ago

            He was a top 50 prospect at the time of the trade. He wasn’t up to the level of a Gaussman or Bundy, but I also wouldn’t call him fringe either.

          • daveineg 12 months ago

            He was a .313 hitter in the minors. That wasn’t the concern at all. It was his 5’10” height. Most top SS prospects these days are 6’1″ to 6’3″.

          • basemonkey 12 months ago

            Then I’ll say it. 70 with the glove is “Fringe.”

          • Mike Agogliati 12 months ago

            on an 80 scale? So Byron Buxton is a fringe player?

          • daveineg 12 months ago

            He wasn’t a fringe prospect at all. The only reason he wasn’t higher rated was because some scouts saw him more of a 2B because he lacked classic SS build. The Angels figured he was expendable with Aybar and Kendrick blocking him.

        • TheRealRyan 12 months ago

          They received a top 50 in Segura and two B/B- pitching prospects.

      • SoxFanCyp 12 months ago

        They want to go all in when the AL east is at it’s weakest

        • Rabbitov 12 months ago

          Then they should give up Bundy, Gausman, and Adam Jones

      • Dan Mehalek 12 months ago

        Umm, so they could get one of the best clutch playoff pitchers?
        Exactly how often do you expect the Orioles to be in this position

      • Diego 12 months ago

        Within their division too? Odd? Is it possible Lester and his agent have a ” gentleman’s” agreement with Boston to resign after the season?

      • Ray Wachter 12 months ago


    • EightMileCats 12 months ago

      I’d say doubtful unless it involves a bargaining window

      • ba9oriole 12 months ago

        Yeah, that’s the only way I could see that happening. But Lester said he wants $23 million per year and I highly doubt the Orioles would/should do that.

    • TheRealRyan 12 months ago

      I’d guess it will be Hunter Harvey and then a couple of lesser guys like Josh Hart and Tim Berry.

  2. Ellis Mitchell 12 months ago


  3. Wooooooo 12 months ago

    WHAAAAA? It better be Erod

  4. Cabro Epico 12 months ago

    Trade a top prospect to rent Lester. Then watch Lester sign back with the Sox, team up with the prospect and kill the Orioles for years to come.

    • Knockdown 12 months ago

      Sad thing is this will prob happen.

      • Pat Kolp 12 months ago

        I’ve heard that people close to Lester have said that he won’t re-sign with Boston in the off-season.

        • Baseball Realism 12 months ago

          Sources ?

        • Better 12 months ago

          I heard (read) that he would not resign during this season but that he would have no problem coming back even if he was traded.

          • Shane 12 months ago

            I heard the same thing twice from different people on Mike and Mike that he would like to come back to Boston next year.

    • rovert22044 12 months ago

      Top prospect? The man is 30 years old. Lol And has proven his worth in the MLB. He’s anything but a prospect.

    • James F 12 months ago


  5. agureghian 12 months ago

    Probably Bundy and thats it.

    • basemonkey 12 months ago

      Bundy is a once a gen pitching prospect. It’s more than just the 98+ mph heater.

      He entered minor league ball and threw an acculmative no hitter through several games. I forget exactly but he didn’t give up a hit until his 7th or 10th start. He then ran right thru his first two levels not giving up a homer, with a video game ERA and FIP

      • agureghian 12 months ago

        was once is not right now.

        he isnt doing very well since coming back from TJS.

        • basemonkey 12 months ago

          You must be pretty young. He’s still coming back, building back up velocity and touch. This is pretty normal for TJ. He was a HS pick so he’s still insanely young. You can give up on him if you want, but if he were in the draft this year, he’d be younger than the college picks.

        • Rabbitov 12 months ago

          He’s only been back a few weeks. Basemonkey is a knowledgeable, respected poster, you should listen to him, and learn something.

  6. Leon Barry 12 months ago

    A pitcher? As in one??!

  7. Travis2014 12 months ago

    Yes!!! Keep him away from the NL!

  8. Knockdown 12 months ago

    Interesting. Never thought the Orioles would have a chance.

  9. Gocubs2010 12 months ago

    Hopefully O’s only have to give up Eduardo Rodriguez, Bundy or Gausman is too much for a guy O’s can sign in off season.

  10. Joshua Menezes 12 months ago

    NOOOOO! I guess the Jays still have the 2nd wild card

  11. Cdiaz 12 months ago

    Good thing dodgers didn’t give up, a top prospect .

  12. rct 12 months ago

    Good for the O’s. It’s nice to see them playing well the last few years. Hope they can sign him as well.

  13. Christopher Poole 12 months ago

    Isn’t this the guy that was talking trash about Cruz? How is this a good fit for the clubhouse?

  14. Dustroia15 12 months ago

    First Doubront…now Lester, no!

    • PittsburghPirates0022 12 months ago

      Then lackey

      • Pei Kang 12 months ago

        Maybe Lackey to your Pirates? He’d be a huge upgrade, but not as good as a Lester type…

        • Dan Muccino 12 months ago

          Probably not a huge upgrade, but still an upgrade

          • Pei Kang 12 months ago

            Well, Lackey has actually pitched decently this year.

  15. ugotrpk3113 12 months ago

    If the Red Sox don’t get a decent hitting prospect, I’m baffled. They already have 123892342 pitching prospects.

  16. Butterflyy89 12 months ago

    It’s gonzo

    • MB923 12 months ago

      Lol no. That would be extremely silly of Boston. It will be Bundy or Gausman likely.

  17. Sherlock 12 months ago

    Why would the Red Sox deal Lester within the division? Also, if he resigns with the Red Sox immediately after the season, the league better take a hard look at the prospect that the Red Sox and Lester put an underhanded plan in place to accelerate a Red Sox rebuild. This whole thing just stinks to me. Am I alone here?

    • Dustroia15 12 months ago


    • monkeyking42 12 months ago

      Why not deal within the division?

    • mike 12 months ago

      Its pretty shady if the Sox do resign him.

    • EightMileCats 12 months ago

      If its the greatest return, knowing he’s a rental… why not? I don’t see the O’s likely to sign him for the money he’s going to command in the offseason,

    • Better 12 months ago

      You are not alone. I think the same thing and it’s genius and there’s nothing MLB can do about it. It’s totally “legal”.

    • Kevin 12 months ago

      Baltimore has ZERO chance of resigning Lester

  18. Karkat 12 months ago

    I wouldn’t be happy to have to root for Baltimore but I guess it would increase the likelihood that I could see Lester again this season?

  19. sflomenb 12 months ago

    And the Phillies will do NOTHING

  20. Seth Guttman 12 months ago

    Joel Sherman just tweeted that he’s hearing different. Says the Orioles are looking to do a smaller deal, not for Lester.

    • CharlieMurphy 12 months ago

      Not sure Sherman is the guy to trust at the moment. Sox and O’s beat writers are definitely more tuned in

  21. mike 12 months ago

    Good for Baltimore. Yankees just cried. Lol

    • Pat Kolp 12 months ago

      Now it’s being reported that there is no deal in place.

    • YanksFan4EverNamed_Nick 12 months ago

      If this trade would happen it’s truely a 2 month rental

  22. mike 12 months ago

    Yankees fans are doing headers off the cfloses bridge. Lol

  23. Story being denied from 2 sources (Jim Bowden and Joel Sherman).
    So welcome to the day before the deadline.

  24. Chris Smeenk 12 months ago

    Hunter Harvey will be the centerpiece of the deal.

    • East Coast Bias 12 months ago

      As in the O’s second or third best prospect? For two months of Lester… overpay!

      • Alz147 12 months ago

        No, it’s not. Cards gave up their #5 or #6 for Masterson, who is a much worse pitcher than Lester, from a career standpoint and especially this year.

        • East Coast Bias 12 months ago

          Ok. So? One deal does not create a market.

          • Better 12 months ago

            Giants gave 2 top 10’s for PEAVY

          • vtadave 12 months ago

            Not saying much given the state of the Giants’ farm system.

          • Better 12 months ago

            Says a lot given the state of Peavy

        • Dan Muccino 12 months ago

          No two farms are created equal. You can’t compare what one farm loses to another. The 6th best Cardinals prospect might be the O’s 2nd best prospect (hypothetically speaking. I don’t know either farm very well). You can only compare it on a player to player basis

  25. James F 12 months ago

    I heard Jim Bowden said a deal is not close.

    • EightMileCats 12 months ago

      I trust Jim Bowden less than I’d trust Bill Clinton telling me he didn’t have relations with Monica…

      • James F 12 months ago

        Okay, now Ken Rosenthal. 2 minutes later. Deal is not close.

        • EightMileCats 12 months ago

          Yep.. I wasn’t necessarily saying he was wrong this time. Just that he is frequently way off base.

  26. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 12 months ago

    Wait one more day, I don’t want the Halos to face Lester in Baltimore tonight or tomorrow!

  27. Seth Guttman 12 months ago

    Both Joel Sherman and Ken Rosenthal just said that there is no deal of Lester to the Orioles that is close.

    • CharlieMurphy 12 months ago

      I would trust the local Sox writers more personally, they’ve been a step ahead for the most part

      • Seth Guttman 12 months ago

        I would trust the local beat writers but I think I trust Ken Rosenthal more than I trust myself.

        • CharlieMurphy 12 months ago

          Haha fair enough… Rosenthal is as reliable as it gets, just saying that he’s been sourcing guys like Edes and Bradford a lot over the last few days.

  28. East Coast Bias 12 months ago

    Things just got interesting.

  29. Pegasus 12 months ago

    No way….I still think hes in Pittsburgh

    • Knockdown 12 months ago

      Honestly this would make the most sense for both sides.

  30. nhsoxfan 12 months ago

    It seems like the Red Sox can just sit back and enjoy the prospect haul. While improving any contender but the Yankees. I am enjoying this because we will get to see the kids play and 2015 will be a whole new roster.

    • Better 12 months ago

      I’m quite confident they sign Lester in the off season too…I’m enjoying this trade deadline

    • Joe Forkner 12 months ago

      Pitt is Boston’s best shot at a top 50 prospect, just do not see any other team stepping up for Lester. It takes a big market team to waste high end talent on a rental. Angels, TX, LAD, Yankees, Detroit, and Nats fit the bill and it looks none of them are on Lester.

  31. Gumby65 12 months ago

    Yankees Brass: Thoughts?

  32. Pegasus 12 months ago

    Ken Rosenthal reported that the deal is not close

  33. Big Giant Head 12 months ago

    Someone give some love to the Pirates!

  34. Gregory Eckes 12 months ago

    Jon Heyman ‏@JonHeymanCBS 1m
    lester to orioles isnt close. o’s are thought reluctant to give up top prospects.

    • MB923 12 months ago

      Then what are the O’s expecting to give up? NO prospects? Low level prospects? No wonder a deal isn’t close.

      • Baloo 12 months ago

        The problem is that the O’s system is Top Heavy. They don’t have any mid-range prospects to deal. All they have are Gausman, Bundy, and Harvey, three pitching prospects that are pretty much major league ready talent with ace to high upside level. It falls off drastically from there, with no position prospects at all really. And the prospects they have are too highly ranked and cheaply controlled to deal them for rentals, which is why they’re reluctant to give them up.

  35. Pegasus 12 months ago

    It seems the O’s are now backing out, reluctant to give up their top prospects

  36. mike 12 months ago

    Baltimore isd so

  37. Cory Jones 12 months ago

    Watch James Shields from the Royals, David Price, and Tulo rumors heat up after the John LEster and Lakcey rumors cool off..

  38. LittleOtterPaws 12 months ago

    I don’t want Miguel Gonzales back, all he would do is block our young guns and kids like Ranaudo, Owens, and Barnes need a chance!

    • Pegasus 12 months ago

      Owens is nothing special, probably at best a mid rotation guy

      • frogbogg 12 months ago

        I think those were the exact words of Cashman about Tanaka.

      • CharlieMurphy 12 months ago

        Out of all the guys he mentioned, you pick Owens to criticize? Please enlighten us because you’re obviously seeing something that no one else sees.

      • CharlieMurphy 12 months ago

        To be clear- you’re talking about the 6’6 lefty in his age 21 season, with a 71% career win percentage, and 11 K/9 to go along with a 2.60 ERA in AA this year and 19 consecutive hitless innings at high-A last year?

      • Dr. Balloons 12 months ago

        He is universally considered a top 20 prospect.

      • LittleOtterPaws 12 months ago

        That’s all Gonzales is too, except Miguel is 6 years older

  39. The_Porcupine 12 months ago

    For a rental, bundy or gausman is too much to play. If the O’s would actually resign Lester after the season, then I wouldn’t mind. Any pitcher not named Bundy or Gausman should be available.

    • Wooooooo 12 months ago

      I want Harvey to stay, too.

    • Scott Berlin 12 months ago

      They won’t resign Lester. Ubaldo was their biggest FA signing ever by far and he’s been a bust. I doubt they make any large signings for the forseeable future. And Boston know’s he wont resign with them which is why they don’t mind sending him to them even though they are in the division.

  40. Neil Guzman 12 months ago

    “Talks are heating up!” “A deal isn’t close at this time…” Gotta love the trade deadline…:)

  41. Bleed_Orange 12 months ago

    Rodriguez and Gonzalez anything more and I won’t be happy

    • frogbogg 12 months ago

      Tissues! Get your Fresh Tissues HERE!!

      Tissues! Tissues!

    • snowbladerp14 12 months ago

      i think a 3rd piece is needed as a throw in with upside

    • Lefty_Orioles_Fan
      Lefty_Orioles_Fan 12 months ago

      Why Gonzo? Why not Chen?
      Plus, it’s going to be so strange seeing Lester in an Orioles Jersey.

      • snowbladerp14 12 months ago

        gonzo has a high whip he is getting lucky

        • Rabbitov 12 months ago

          There are definite signs of decline year to year, but other than letting up more hits so far this year his peripherals are pretty close to past years

      • Bleed_Orange 12 months ago

        Gonzo is under contract for 4 more years on a rookie deal. Chen has a team option for next year and that’s it

  42. Pegasus 12 months ago

    Its either now or never for Baltimore. After this year Cruz will demand big money, Hardy will be gone and Markakis has an option.

    • Jim Johnson 12 months ago

      They are one of the youngest teams in baseball.

      • Pegasus 12 months ago

        If they trade Guasman then they screwed up imo

      • Better 12 months ago

        It doesn’t matter they need to strike while Boston and NY aren’t at the top of their game. Tampa was young and you don’t see them with rings

        • Jim Johnson 12 months ago

          And they are striking. They are young and talented and leading the AL East. I’m not sure what more you would like from them?
          Or how much Boston and NY should be feared going forward over the next few years.

          • Better 12 months ago

            Right, they need to strike right now. Remember a few years ago when “Boston and New York’s reign over the AL East was ended by the Tampa Bay Rays”
            …hasn’t happened. If anything they draw even for a couple years and then big market retools…

          • Better 12 months ago

            Right, they need to strike right now. Remember a few years ago when “Boston and New York’s reign over the AL East was ended by the Tampa Bay Rays”
            …hasn’t happened. If anything they draw even for a couple years and then big market retools…

    • Jim Johnson 12 months ago

      They are one of the youngest teams in baseball.

  43. NCBirdfan 12 months ago

    NO! No! No! Too much to give up for a two-month rental. It would be literally a steal for Boston to get Gonzalez AND either Gausman or Bundy.

    • CharlieMurphy 12 months ago

      I really don’t mean to be rude but you can’t tell me with a straight face that Gonzales has even a tenth of Gausman or Bundy’s value.

      • NCBirdfan 12 months ago

        I do believe you misunderstood my post. I’m saying the Orioles would be giving up too much for a rental. The only way I’d give up Gausman and/or Bundy is if Lester were to sign an extension with Baltimore. And we know that isn’t going to happen. Otherwise Gonzalez and some lesser player would be more than enough for Lester.

        • CharlieMurphy 12 months ago

          No I just don’t agree with the sentiment that Gonzales has any value as more than a throw in here. He’s been decent the last few years, sure, but don’t forget that this is a guy who the Sox have already had and cut bait with.

  44. RahZid 12 months ago

    “Boston isn’t likely to part with Gausman in a Lester deal”

    Tough to part with him when you don’t have him.

    • Lefty_Orioles_Fan
      Lefty_Orioles_Fan 12 months ago

      But, but, but it’s Ghiroli who is mistaken! =P
      Steve Adams ALWAYS correct!

      • RahZid 12 months ago

        In fairness Steve Adams IS correct here… Boston won’t be parting with Gausman

  45. Jen Royle is now saying that there’s a third team involved.

    • nhsoxfan 12 months ago


      • d-blaqueqq 12 months ago

        Welcome Stanton (I wish, lol)

        • nhsoxfan 12 months ago

          Why not perhaps it involves Bundy plus Sox pitching prospects heading to Miami.

          • d-blaqueqq 12 months ago

            I could see it, Lester + Miami top 10 prospect to Bal and Stanton to Bos, Bundy + Betts/Webster to Miami

          • BENNY RODRIGUEZ 12 months ago

            Wake up people Stanton isnt moving

          • Anytime anyone plays well in a Marlins uniform they’ll be in every trade rumor. It’ll never end.

          • nhsoxfan 12 months ago

            Pitching wins, and Stanton has had injuries. He is moving will it be in the next 24hrs? who knows.

          • sdsny 12 months ago

            Pitching wins, but you have to score runs. Taking Stanton out of that lineup would be team suicide for 2014 and beyond.

          • nhsoxfan 12 months ago

            No it wouldn’t Miami will eventually have a surplus of starting pitching, as good as the stars we have seen from TB. WEEI just reported that Ranaudo’s schedule has been changed so that it coincides with Lackey being the probable starter for Friday.

          • sdsny 12 months ago

            That doesn’t in any way, shape, or form address Stanton being removed from the middle of that lineup. He’s without a doubt their best player, leading the team in HR, RBI, and OPS. It’s not even close.

          • Better 12 months ago

            It’s only a matter of time.

          • d-blaqueqq 12 months ago

            Our last trade with the Marlins turned out pretty good!

          • nhsoxfan 12 months ago

            prob have to include Lackey going to Miami too. They could extend him and get 3yrs out of Lackey at cheap money if if continues to be solid. A Sox top prospect would be included too Ranuado, Bradley, Boegarts.

          • d-blaqueqq 12 months ago

            How about Cecchini or Marrero instead of Bogaerts?

          • nhsoxfan 12 months ago

            for Stanton at Fenway I am open to trading anybody.

          • nhsoxfan 12 months ago

            Don’t forget its really nothing for the sox to pay the contracts and send players like Victorino, Gomes, Drew, and Mujica to any team in any trade.

          • d-blaqueqq 12 months ago

            Very true.

          • nhsoxfan 12 months ago

            Portland Seadogs record is 71-41 they have talent to include in trades……

          • d-blaqueqq 12 months ago

            With Doubront gone, Ranuado moves up don’t you think?

          • stl_cards16 12 months ago

            Then the O’s better be getting more than Lester.

      • CharlieMurphy 12 months ago

        Lack and Gonzales to Miami, Lester to Baltimore and ???? to Boston?

    • ba9oriole 12 months ago

      A Boston reporter is trying to drive up the price. Shocker.

  46. edgray 12 months ago

    Any deal will be something close to M. Gonzalez, Eduardo Rodriguez & Tim Berry/Mike Wright

  47. BENNY RODRIGUEZ 12 months ago

    The O’s FO is insane they if trade Gaus and Bundy

    • d-blaqueqq 12 months ago

      Sometimes you gotta do something crazy to win the big one.

      • BENNY RODRIGUEZ 12 months ago

        They gotta take advantage now. Boston, NY and Tampa the 3 teams who have owned this division arent on top. If they lose with Lester its gonna look bad

        • northsfbay 12 months ago

          The O’s don’t owe the Red Sox any favors.

          • CharlieMurphy 12 months ago

            Who says it’s a favor? You guys don’t have anything close to an ace right now. Tough to win a World Series with a group of middle-of-the-rotation guys

  48. TD272 12 months ago

    Hope the O’s don’t do this. Not worth mortgaging the future for 2 months of anyone. Save the young pitching unless you can get someone longer term.

    • letsgogiants 12 months ago

      Even though the AL East is not as good as it once had been, it’s still competitive given at least 3 teams are still in on winning that division. If the Orioles acquired someone like Lester, it would really separate them from the rest of the pack. Not only that, but Lester, who was crucial for both the Red Sox’s 2007 and 2013 WS runs, is exactly the type of ace that can help carry the Orioles to a potential WS run.

  49. mike 12 months ago

    Sox are still giving up a legit ace they have the money to sign for Bundy who chances are will never be as good as Lester.

  50. Matt_P102 12 months ago

    Have to expand the deal to Miller if you’re going to get Lester. Harvey, MGon, Kline and Yaz maybe.

  51. GrilledCheese39 12 months ago

    Jerry Crasnick reports that an exec thinks the Dodgers, Cardinals, and Pirates still most likely destination for Lester.

  52. sdsny 12 months ago

    I can’t imagine the Red Sox trading Lester to Baltimore for anything other than the farm. Unless they just want to spite the Yankees. Which could very well be possible.

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 12 months ago

      Lester is a FA at the end of the season and Boston is out of the race this year, they should trade him to the highest bidder regardless of their division.

      • d-blaqueqq 12 months ago

        Yeah, whoever offers the best prospects haul can get the man.

      • sdsny 12 months ago

        No question. Then again, if they don’t like any offers, they can just keep him and try to sign him. Within the division, they would and should demand a lot more considering they’ll have to face him.

        • Aaron Johnson 12 months ago

          If anything…..the O’s should offer less because it’s with boston. The Sox are irrelevant in 2014 and Lester is a FA come winter so him going there effects Boston 0%. On the other hand, the O’s would be trading future stud prospects and would have to face those guys (whether it be Bundy, Gausman, or Harvey) for the next 5 years while relevant. Your logic is backwards. They won’t just hike up the price on the O’s because of a “grudging rivalry”

    • ba9oriole 12 months ago

      You can’t imagine the Red Sox trading 2-3 months of Lester to Baltimore for anything other than (the farm) Bundy, Gausman, Harvey and Rodriguez? They could get 4 years of Hamels, Utley and maybe another player too for that price.

  53. Joe Wendling 12 months ago

    A deal like that would make Boston so much stronger next year with out prospects and Gozalez plus Lester back. Boy, would they have the laugh on us

  54. sdsny 12 months ago

    Guess what Jon Heyman’s reporting….MYSTERY TEAM!!!

    • CharlieMurphy 12 months ago

      Let’s get weird!

      • sdsny 12 months ago

        He says possibly the A’s. That would be interesting.

        • CharlieMurphy 12 months ago

          Personally I really like Matthew Olson as a 1B prospect, especially since there’s really no spot for him with Nunez and Chapman in the mix. Olson + Overton would be a decent foundation for a deal IMO

  55. sdsny 12 months ago

    Guess what Jon Heyman’s reporting….MYSTERY TEAM!!!

  56. what? why? 12 months ago

    Why trade future of several years with top notch young pitcher for 56 game rental?lester. No way Peter/Worst Owner in Sports Angelos pays Lester the $$$$ he wants! Plus Miguel Gonzalez is hot lately. O’s should let it ride. ALL HOGWASH! This deal won’t happen IMHO.

    • CharlieMurphy 12 months ago

      Because you can’t win a World Series with Miguel Gonzales as your “ace”. It might take 6 years for Bundy or Gausman to become a true ace (if at all) and by then who knows what the rest of the Oriole roster/AL East will look like?

      • what? why? 12 months ago

        Lester isn’t consistent and he isn’t great. Gausman has about the same ERA as him THIS year. i.e At his worst, 2012 Lester was horrible.Lester probably wouldn’t be on Orioles next year and Gausman, unless traded will be with Orioles for awhile. Bad idea for Orioles IMHO.

        • d-blaqueqq 12 months ago

          2012 is his only bad year and he’s been strong since the start of 2013. Especially in the playoffs. Nah, that’s not consistent.

        • CharlieMurphy 12 months ago

          Lester- 2.52 ERA 149 K/32 BB in 143 IP
          Gausman- 3.67 ERA 35 K/ 18 BB in 49 IP.

          How are those stat lines even remotely similar? Not even taking into account the fact that Lester has an ERA+ of 120 over 1500+ career IP and a postseason ERA of 2.11 over 76+ innings.

          Seems pretty consistent to me.

    • Lefty_Orioles_Fan
      Lefty_Orioles_Fan 12 months ago

      Wait, what?

  57. what? why? 12 months ago

    Why trade future of several years with top notch young pitcher for 56 game rental?lester. No way Peter/Worst Owner in Sports Angelos pays Lester the $$$$ he wants! Plus Miguel Gonzalez is hot lately. O’s should let it ride. ALL HOGWASH! This deal won’t happen IMHO.

  58. TheManFromMarsCircular 12 months ago

    I would maybe do Gonzalez, Eduardo Rodriguez and one other decent prospect like Berry. No to any of Gausman Harvey Bundy. Boston is in a tough spot because they don’t want to get zero just to re-sign him.

  59. Матт Реякіпѕ 12 months ago

    I think the O’s will have to part with Dylan Bundy to get Jon Lester unless they can come up with one hell of a package deal. I say this because the Dodgers have 3 prospects in Baseball America’s top 20 midseason list and only Seager is called untouchable. And the Red Sox would rather have Joc Pederson or Julio Urias over Hunter Harvey. I think that’s the hold up is the O’s don’t wanna give up Bundy and the Red Sox aren’t willing to accept just Harvey.

    • TheManFromMarsCircular 12 months ago

      The O’s wont give up Harvey Bundy or Gausman. No chance. The Dodgers are unwilling to give up any of the three either. Not for a few months of Lester.

    • Aaron Johnson 12 months ago

      Yeah, you’re looking at Rodriguez as the best we’re going to part with, we’ll throw in Gonzalez and another low level…but Bundy, Gausman, and Harvey aren’t happening

  60. Fred Gilmore 12 months ago

    O’s are never going to take on another huge contract after the Jiminez debacle. That said, they may go after Lester really hard knowing that they would only be on the hook for a few months worth of salary. I believe that Andrew Miller is the “real” gem on the Red Sox at this point. Lackey & or, Lester would cost too much to keep long term.

    The player that I would love to see in Baltimore, is Dustin Ackley from Seattle. He is solid gold, being used very poorly by the Mariners. That kid is a Ted Williams type of talent. He just needs to be given the right chance in the right spot. He has upped his average nearly 40 points in the last month…….while hitting 7th or 8th in the lineup with no protection. They moved him up to the 2nd spot, and he has gone 3 for 4 and 3 for 5 in those 2 games.

    • Light_tower_power 12 months ago

      “Ted Williams type of talent” sweet mercy you just compared Ackley to Ted Williams

      • nhsoxfan 12 months ago


        • Aaron Johnson 12 months ago

          Um…..what did this guy just say?

          • nhsoxfan 12 months ago

            Okay I see it now, he has been Ted Williams for 2 games. That’s enough for me, Dustin Ackley is a sure thing. Hall Of Famer, 3k hits 5million homeruns 27,000 rbi, 4,000 consecutive games played, never struck out for 10 year span. He is basically Ted Williams/Tony Gwynn/Pete Rose/and Barry Bonds all in one. Dustin Ackley folks he is the guy to watch out for.

      • Fred Gilmore 12 months ago

        Yes, yes I did. He can hit .400 in the majors………just wait and see. That kid is very special. And he can play both infield and outfield. Any club would love to have that talent on their roster, but Seattle has won just enough to remain buyers instead of sellers.

        BTW, he hit circles around Kyle Seagar while they were at Carolina. And he did it as a leadoff hitter. If you would bother to watch the kid play instead of getting all Krazy, you would see that his swing is the sweetest since Ted Williams. Give me Dustin Ackley on the current Orioles roster, and they get to the World Series no questions asked.

        • Aaron Johnson 12 months ago

          I think you’re my favorite commenter of all time

        • JCurrie39 12 months ago

          Ok Freddie if you are some how right then I’ll look back at this article and go “Wow! Boy Is Freddie smarter and Superior to me in every single baseball way.” I could see him becoming an Awesome regular even an All star multiple times but he won’t be a hall of fame player. BOOK IT!

          • JCurrie39 12 months ago

            I’ll admit it’s pretty easy to say someone won’t ever be a hall of famer.

  61. basemonkey 12 months ago

    Never thought I’d see a legit fire sale in Boston, the yr after they won it all. We smell burning.

  62. snowbladerp14 12 months ago

    trade deadline rumors get me every time

  63. Mike1L 12 months ago

    So, the Red Sox writers are saying a deal is close, and the O’s writers are saying nothing “hot”. That’s a lot of spin.

  64. MaineBaseball 12 months ago

    This madness needs to end!

  65. Kevin 12 months ago

    If the Sox don’t get Gausman or Bundy the only other good prospect Baltimore has is Hunter Harvey.

    • Aaron Johnson 12 months ago

      Not true…check your BA top 100

      • d-blaqueqq 12 months ago

        “Gausman’s callup included blistering fastball velocity but a rude awakening to big leaguers’ ability to handle it. Perhaps he’ll have to modify his John Belushi-like powdered doughnuts training regimen.”

        I laughed so hard.

    • Rabbitov 12 months ago

      Absolutely untrue

    • orangeoctober 12 months ago

      Eduardo Rodriguez, Christian Walker, Zach Davies, Chance Sisco, Tim Berry, Mike Wright, Josh Hart. Bundy/Harvey were ranked in Keith Law’s top 13 prospects in all of MLB after this year’s draft, so it does fall off somewhat after that but there are definitely still decent pieces there. Hell, maybe the Red Sox will take Mike Yazstremski after he’s been tearing it up this year lol.

  66. Billy Andrews 12 months ago

    Gonzalez has been solid I dont know how I feel on getting rid of him. To me he is very under rated. Bundy I would hate to see go but would rather have a legit started then a prospect only because we all know how many of them turn into anything. One thing we know as Orioles when DD says we are not in on someone that is when we are in on them.

  67. Charles Tetrick 12 months ago

    The only thing I would trade Bundy and Gausman + others for is Cole Hamels and Utley with some salary paid. Trading top prospect for Lester would be nuts if the team has no shot in resigning him unless there was some stuff added from Boston to make it square.

    • orangeoctober 12 months ago

      Chris Sale. Or I’d trade Bundy or Harvey for Price. Puttin mah GM hat on

  68. Real_American78 12 months ago

    I think these GMs lie and claim there is no discussion or “nothing is close” to keep other teams from swooping in with an offer that raises the price.

  69. Rhymes With Orange 12 months ago

    As an Orioles fan, I’d give the Red Sox some cash considerations to have Lester pitch against the Blue Jays tonight.

  70. nhsoxfan 12 months ago

    And back on the phone to Pittsburgh and Miami

  71. Mike1L 12 months ago

    This whole thing reminds me of Boras negotiating a contract. There’s always a lot of interest, several serious bidders, a very strong market, etc. etc. And, presumably, a mystery team as well. Helps drive up the price.

    • jb226 12 months ago

      With the buying team’s GM doing the exact opposite: “We’re just doing due diligence. Nothing is imminent. We’re far apart.”

      I don’t think either of them move the needle most of the time, but it keeps the writers happy to have things to write.

  72. EndlessMikeJr 12 months ago

    SoxFanCyp :
    Too much for a rental.But if the Orioles ever want to win this division the time is now.The Yankees can easily spend money and the Red Sox are giving up so they can steal big prospects like the Mets.

    • Jim Johnson 12 months ago

      They are winning the division now without Lester. If anything a Lester move is more geared towards Game 1/7 of the playoffs.

  73. bobbleheadguru 12 months ago

    I have tickets to Sunday night’s Red Sox/Yankees ESPN game.

    He is expected to start that game if he is not traded. It will be a playoff atmosphere if he is starting that game.

    Still hoping for an announcement of an extension (no trade) for Lester by tomorrow (trade rumors used as leverage to get the deal done). That would be the best case scenario.

    • orangeoctober 12 months ago

      playoff atmosphere
      two teams not currently in playoff spots with -30 run differentials


  74. Damon Bowman 12 months ago

    The Red Sox are jerking the rest of the Majors around. There’s no shot Baltimore moves Gausman, Bundy, Harvey or Rodriguez in a deal for Lester — he’s a rental who wouldn’t be open to an extension. Lester’s testing the market and you don’t give up potential top of the rotation prospects for a two-month rental. I think the Sox are floating these stories to get somebody else to pony up more than Lester’s really worth. He’s excellent, but he’s not worth multiple top prospects for two months of starts.

  75. Damon Bowman 12 months ago

    The Red Sox are jerking the rest of the Majors around. There’s no shot Baltimore moves Gausman, Bundy, Harvey or Rodriguez in a deal for Lester — he’s a rental who wouldn’t be open to an extension. Lester’s testing the market and you don’t give up potential top of the rotation prospects for a two-month rental. I think the Sox are floating these stories to get somebody else to pony up more than Lester’s really worth. He’s excellent, but he’s not worth multiple top prospects for two months of starts.

  76. scooper 12 months ago

    I think we should sit chilly, If we can’t get Pederson or Taveras, than sign and give Lester his money and Pay Lackey, they will help with the younger starters. Sign a bat and never ever trade Jackie,
    He is my favorite player since Mike Greenwell
    We even might creep back into this thing!!

  77. East Coast Bias 12 months ago

    Yes we do!

  78. Rabbitov 12 months ago

    Its not bias, Bundy is a blue chip prospect.

  79. Ray Wachter 12 months ago

    If (insert your team name here) had Bundy as a prospect, would you, as a GM, give him up for a 2 month rental of Lester? Logically speaking, no. Lester is a proven pitcher in the playoff environment, but Lester alone does not guarantee a world series. Bundy and Gausman are both projected to be top of the rotation starters. TJ surgery has come so far that it’s not the impediment it once used to be.

  80. basemonkey 12 months ago

    I am old. I’ve seen a ton of prospects flame out and amount to nothing. So I’m pretty aware of what prospects like Bundy can be. Also, I’m very aware of how great a pitcher Lester is too. I’m not overvaluing Bundy. He might very well wash out. So might Gausman. But, pitchers do come back from TJ (Mariano Rivera). And, sometimes they don’t (eg Neftali Feliz). The bottom line is you need to give it time. Passing on a Lester trade isn’t a statement against Lester. It’s a statement on how difficult it is to develop good pitchers, and wanting to keep cheap productive controllable years inhouse.

    Anyways the bad starts your talking about is literally 2-3 bad starts last month at AA. His command wasn’t there, and he walked too many. The velocity was ok and stuff was there. Typical TJ stuff. He hasn’t yet stretched out back to upper-90s velocity, but he’s hitting 94 mph. Before those bad starts Bundy was dominating at A ball. You’re suggesting bailing on Bundy after 3 bad starts, while recovering from surgery.

  81. basemonkey 12 months ago

    I get the feeling his last post wasn’t PG-rated haha. Some posters just can’t discuss things in an objective friendly way. He obviously was trolling.

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