Royals And Braves In Lead To Land Padres’ Denorfia

11:44am: The Mariners consider Denorfia a fallback option if they are unable to acquire Alex Rios, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.

11:20am: The Mariners also have interest, according to a tweet from Bob Dutton of the Tacoma News Tribune.

11:15am: The Padres are very likely to move outfielder Chris Denorfia today, tweets Joel Sherman of the New York Post, who says that the Royals and Braves are currently the two likeliest destinations.

A pending free agent, Denorfia has scuffled to a .244/.295/.321 line this year. But the 34-year-old has a .810 career OPS against lefties, and would bring a solid glove (and plenty of experience coming off the bench) to a contender.

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  1. Scarr 1 year ago

    See ya, Norf. It was fun

  2. Beersy 1 year ago

    Could this be the start of a bidding war? :)

  3. Seamaholic 1 year ago

    Horrendous year for this guy, but if I could get him cheap I’d be “in” on him as well. He’s been a very decent player for a few years and isn’t old.

  4. Seth 1 year ago

    Let Atlanta have him! How is this an upgrade in right field for Kansas City? We replaced a catcher hitting .130 with one hitting .180… why upgrade Aoki with Denorfia? Just call up Justin Maxwell and release Raul Ibanez. Problem Solved.

    • unclejesse40 1 year ago

      Agreed. Denorfia is hitting .242/.293/.319 while Aoki is hitting .261/.327/.325. Sounds like we would be getting worse. and the Platoon split argument is horrible considering Denorfia is hitting Righties .235 and lefties .253 and Aoki is hitting righties .238 and lefties .333. Aoki is a much better platoon split with Dyson than Denorfia is ever going to be.

    • Kevin Ray 1 year ago

      Denorfia would most likely replace Jordan Schafer.

      • Eric Mack 1 year ago

        Which I hate to see because I always liked Jordan. I just think Freddie mis-manages him a lot. he should have had more of an opportunity this season with BJ’s struggles.

        • Joseph Jordan 1 year ago

          Freddie plays 1B, but Fredi doesn’t mismanage him. While he is a solid baserunner, I don’t prefer him over a struggling BJ. I understand that the low average is killing us, but the only way you get through struggles is by playing through them.

          • Eric Mack 1 year ago

            Sorry, typo.

            I still think Fredi ( ha ) could have played him more. Personally, I really was hoping they’d pass on BJ before they signed him, and let Jordan at least take half a season to shine.

            Not like it would have been any worse than BJ.

          • Mike Query 1 year ago

            Schafer is awful. Everyone pretends hed automatically play better if he was starting because of his good stretch for a month last year. Hes terrible his whole career. He cut got from the Astros. He strikes out or tries to bunt in every at bat.

          • Eric Mack 1 year ago

            and yet he’s on a MLB team and we’re commenting on him. If I was as fast as he was, I’d bunt too.

        • dirtyjoo 1 year ago

          I.e., Jordan should of been playing RF 2 days ago, not Doumit

        • Defiancy 1 year ago

          Jordan is terrible, there is no mismanaging him. He has a 70 wRC+ in over 1200 PA. He is a guy with speed who can’t hit. The team will be better off when he is gone because even a replacement level player will provide more value.

          • Eric Mack 1 year ago

            I still think he’s been mis-managed.

          • Lennie Briscoe 1 year ago

            How has he been mismanaged? The “he doesn’t get enough playing time” bit has more than been worn out because prior to coming back to Atlanta, Schafer was an everyday player when he was on the major league roster both his first time here and in Houston. Schafer has been given more than enough chances and then some to prove he was worth a roster spot.

    • KCisKing 1 year ago

      Because Maxwell has struggled at MLB level this year

  5. 14 Rocks 1 year ago

    If this means the end of Jordan Schafer and his .165 batting average then bring him on!!! The Braves need a backup OF who can actually play defense and hit above the mendoza line.

    • Lennie Briscoe 1 year ago

      Agreed. Schafer should have never been picked up by Wren for a second tour of duty in Atlanta to begin with prior to last season. Denorfia is no prize, but his .244/.295/.321 line coming off the bench looks like All Star type numbers compared to Schafer’s .163/.256/.213 line, which it alone shows how much of a joke the Braves bench has been.

  6. TheReturnOfMrBlanks 1 year ago

    Crazy how anyone in 2014 would want a guy hitting .244 so badly, I guess so many guys don’t hustle anymore so when 1 guy does it’s all the rage!

  7. jeffmaz 1 year ago

    Whoever gets Norf will be pleasantly surprised. He is much better than his numbers suggest.

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