AL Central Links: May, Milone, Pestano, Garcia

All signs point to the Twins promoting Trevor May to make Saturday’s start against the A’s, tweets Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN. The 24-year-old was acquired from the Phillies in 2012’s Ben Revere trade, and he’s seen his command steadily improve since joining the Twins organization. May’s ERA has dropped accordingly, and he’s currently sporting a 2.93 mark through 95 1/3 innings at Triple-A this season. With Vance Worley now in Pittsburgh, May is the lone piece remaining from that deal. Having averaged 10.5 K/9 in his minor league career, May could prove to be a valuable addition for a Twins team that’ has long been starved for power arms.

Here’s more on the Twins and the AL Central…

  • Recently extended catcher Kurt Suzuki influenced the Twins‘¬†decision to acquire Tommy Milone from the A’s, reports John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle (Twitter link). Suzuki, who has caught Milone numerous times as a former member of the A’s, made pitch to manager Ron Gardenhire, pitching coach Rick Anderson and bench coach Terry Steinbach — all of which were presumably relayed to the front office.
  • Following today’s trade of Vinnie Pestano to the Angels, Indians GM Chris Antonetti offered the following statement to’s Jordan Bastian (Twitter link):¬†“Vinnie was a very valuable member of the organization who made some great contributions to our bullpen throughout his time with us. As we’ve had [Major League] bullpen opportunities over the course of the last month, we’ve promoted other pitchers from [Triple-A] Columbus, so we thought it made sense to give Vinnie a fresh start with the Angels. In return, we acquired a young pitcher who we think has a chance to help our Major League team in the next few years.”¬†For his part, Pestano is excited about the fresh start, particularly due to the fact that he is a SoCal native. In a classy series of thank you tweets to the Indians organization, Pestano, who was born in Newport Beach, noted that he couldn’t imagine a better destination for a trade.
  •’s Scott Merkin writes that Avisail Garcia‘s aggressive approach to his rehab from a shoulder injury has impressed the White Sox. Garcia’s injury was thought to be season-ending back in April, but an August return now looks possible. Merkin notes that the move could create an interesting roster decision, though GM Rick Hahn has noted that he will pursue August trades, so a roster spot could be created that way.

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9 Comments on "AL Central Links: May, Milone, Pestano, Garcia"

1 year 27 days ago

May better be promoted soon or this F/O will lose any credibility it has left with “service time issues.”

1 year 27 days ago

While the situation with Meyer and May has been perplexing, it has nothing to do with service time. They are well past the cutoffs for super two or gaining an extra year of service.

1 year 27 days ago

It’ll be nice to get Avi back and get him some ABs. Him and Abreu back to back would be dangerous.

1 year 27 days ago

Hahn has roster decision issues… really? Dump De Aza… done. Also putting half of the team on waivers would be a no brainer. Why Dunn, De Aza, Beckham, Danks and Viciedo are not already on some sort of waivers is a wonder unto itself (at least I have not heard anything about these guys going on waivers). I mean even if you do not get anything for these guys it is addition by subtraction. Or you wake them up and get them playing better. I really worry about the future of the White Sox, a GM that gave up a 30 save guy for a guy who is cooling off bleacher bums in the minors with his strikeouts, and I think if Hahn wants to keep any credibility he needs to remove Robin as Manager as it is starting to look like ’12 was the fluke (not 13) with the way he seems to mismanage fielding positioning and the bullpen and holds no one accountable for stupid errors (they still are out there the next day). Sadly though knowing Reinsdorf, Robin will be around as long as he wants the job, but this kind of attitude is what led the Sox to many underachieving seasons with Ozzie at the helm.

1 year 27 days ago

What about adding Eaton for Santiago? What about putting his pecker on the line for Abreu? I am pretty confident Garcia will be a productive starter for the long term. Does giving up a washed up Peavy for him look like a stinker?

“I think if Hahn wants to keep any credibility…” I think you are the one who has lost credibility.

1 year 27 days ago

Wait wait wait.. Garcia is NOT producing here yet. I hope he does (because the Sox sorely need a bat behind Abreu), but lets not anoint him anything more than a Carlos Quentin type, Ok?

Eaton? Yeah so great he somehow misjudged a fly ball on his OWN field and ran full speed into a fence knocking himself silly and his back out of whack costing him games, same with his hamstring injuries. But, like I said if Hahn wants to KEEP his credibility.. did I say he did not have it back when those moves were made? NO, BUT then again he DID trade his closer for a guy striking out an awful lot in the minors did he not?

Bill Smith
1 year 27 days ago

White Sox shouldn’t put their big $$ guys (Danks, Dunn..) on waivers until the the final 48 hrs. Cash strapped/small market contending teams are more likely to consider a claim on Dunn if they only owe him approx $2.3m at the end of the month vs. approx. $4.25m today (The Danks $ savings isn’t very compelling..if at all). Plus contenders might suffer injuries in the next 3 weeks. I would guess neither is claimed/moved via a straight wavier claim or trade, although Dunn is a possibility if he can get hot. I don’t think any team wants Beckham even as a straight waiver claim, he is a non-tender at seasons end. DeAza will be DFAed by Aug. 21 to make room for Garcia. Viciedo should have 20+HRs at seasons end and should be movable for a bag of balls in the winter (it wouldn’t surprise me if he is on the opening day roster in 2015 though). Davidison has been awful in the minors-trade report card doesn’t come out for a few years though. Get Rodon, Johnson, Wilkins & Garcia up in Sept. and see how they respond.

1 year 27 days ago

About freakin time the Twins promoted May. He has had a breakthrough season at AAA. A four pitch starter with a good fastball. Can’t wait to watch him debut.

1 year 27 days ago

Ventura and Hahn need to wake up and bat Viciedo in front of Abreu in the 3-hole.