AL West Notes: Angels, Feldman, A’s, Cano

The Angels have had a run of terrible luck in the second half, losing both Tyler Skaggs (Tommy John surgery) and Garrett Richards (torn left patellar tendon) for the remainder of the 2014 season (Skaggs will miss most or all of 2015 as well). Following the news of Richards’ diagnosis yesterday, GM Jerry Dipoto told reporters he would be on the lookout for further pitching help. As quoted by’s Alden Gonzalez (Twitter links): “Between now and Sept. 1, we’ll try to be as open as we can be. And after Sept. 1, hopefully what we’re missing in Garrett Richards we’re able to somewhat make up for in volume and depth.”

Here’s the latest on Anaheim’s search for pitching and other Angels-related matters…

  • The Angels have been connected to Bartolo Colon in the wake of these injuries, but Peter Gammons reports (Twitter links) that he’s heard Astros right-hander Scott Feldman‘s name in connection with the Halos as well. However, neither right-hander had been put on waivers as of earlier this morning, and Gammons notes that it might be difficult for the Angels to land a pitcher on waivers because, as one baseball source explained to him, the Orioles and Yankees “are claiming everyone.”
  • Kevin Baxter of the Los Angeles Times looks at the diverse background of educations in the Athletics‘ front office and how those varying personalities fuel the team’s analytical approaches. Baxter spoke with assistant GMs David Forst and Farhan Zaidi for the piece, with Zaidi noting: “It cultivates a lot of debate in our office, just having diverse educational backgrounds and having people that aren’t necessarily guys who have spent their whole careers in the industry … As a group we are less prone to just let assumptions stand and let opinions go unopposed.”
  • Robinson Cano is hitting .329/.397/.469 and has been worth five-plus wins above replacement this season, but Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times writes that his on-field work isn’t the only way he contributes to the Mariners. Divish spoke with skipper Lloyd McClendon and outfielder Dustin Ackley about Cano’s positive and relaxed personality and the impact that his demeanor has on the team.

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  1. YankeeFan™ 11 months ago

    Would love to know what players the Yankees are claiming.

    • robbyb 11 months ago

      Heard they claimed Hideki Irabu…

      • GetToTheChoppa 11 months ago

        He going to throw pitches from the after life? I guess hitting a ball you can’t see is an effective pitch against batters. But also hard for umpires to call balls and strikes.

  2. Fircoal 11 months ago

    The Angels are not unlucky. Especially since these are their only two major injuries they’ve had this year and it took this long to get them. Also if you look at all the stats they’ve been getting lucky wins.

    • Brandon Mason 11 months ago

      How have the Angels been getting “Lucky” wins..??

      • Fircoal 11 months ago

        Well they’re 3 above their pytag record, as well as lately have been winning a lot of games by 1 or 2 runs above bad teams. They haven’t been as good lately as they have been lucky.

        • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 11 months ago

          Winning games by 1 or 2 runs doesn’t mean a team is lucky, it means it has a good bullpen.

          • Fircoal 11 months ago

            That’s what the 2012 Orioles said.

          • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

            And they had a very good bullpen.

          • Jaysfan1994 11 months ago

            It’s usually a combination of good pitching and defense. Something the Orioles have had for a few years now.

          • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

            And not only that, the Angels also have a very deep offense to come from behind and win games by 1 or 2 runs. makes them even more dangerous.

          • Taylor Hope 10 months ago

            So, something the Angels don’t have?

        • bjsguess 11 months ago

          Yet, others would argue that they have been very UNLUCKY. Using BaseRuns (Fangraphs preferred method for calculating outcomes) the Angels should have more runs and a better record than what they have today. BaseRuns strips out sequencing to give you a better feel for how a team should be performing based off their skill.

          Also, the Angels have dealt with some pretty big injuries so far. Calhoun, Skaggs (before TJ), and Wilson all missed about a month each (Wilson is still not right). Hamilton missed 2 months and has lost all of his power. Losing Richards and Skaggs is absolutely devastating.

          Sure, they aren’t the Rangers but they had/have their fair share of trials. As much or more than most of the teams sitting at the top of their division.

          • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

            That’s scary, even for a die hard Angels fan. Even with the best record in the majors now, the Angels should’ve had much better records the last 3 or 4 years. They’re finally playing to their talent level. And it’s still not to their potential. Imagine where they’d be if they had their current bullpen in the first 2 and a half months of the season. 100+ wins easily. And they have most of this team locked up next season, including Street. They can re-sign Grilli and Thatcher if they want to. Or add another quality arm. If it doesn’t happen in 2014, I would bet it definitely happens in 2015.

        • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

          3 wins above one’s pythagorean W-L record means nothing except finding ways to win even in games that appear unwinnable. The Angels have the best record in the major leagues. The Brewers deserved credit for it. The A’s deserved credit for it. The Angels deserve credit for it. They’re winning close games because they’re a very good team with a very deep bullpen. It doesn’t matter how good or bad the teams are. Any team can beat any team on any given day. In a one run game, any team can suddenly hit a go ahead HR. The Angels have been very good since the second week of May.

          • Fircoal 11 months ago

            No it doesn’t mean that. It means that they’re playing somewhat above what they should be. And when did I say that the Angel’s don’t deserve credit for that? Did I ever say they’re a terrible team and shouldn’t be in the playoffs? I didn’t and I don’t believe that. Now I don’t think they’re the best team in the league but for sure they’re one of the top 5 and should be in the playoffs. That doesn’t mean they’re not lucky.

            For the record the Giants once had the best record in the league. And what happened to them? And that was a large case of good luck in the beginning and bad luck later on.

      • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

        There is no answer for that. Other than deep well balanced offense mixed with average to above average starting pitching giving them innings, backed by a good defense, and a deep bullpen.

    • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

      Hamilton, Calhoun, Richards, Freese, Skaggs, and Green all went down with major injuries at different times this season.

      • Fircoal 11 months ago

        Richards and Skaggs just went down. They could have been gone for the whole year but now they’ll essentially be gone for 1+ month. Which is bad but not super bad.

        Calhoun missed a month which again is not that much.

        Hamilton, Freese and Green are not that good. Obviously you don’t want your team to get injured but if you are going to have injuries it’s better to have them on players like Hamiliton, Freese, and Green, rather than Aybar, Trout, and Kendrick.

  3. Lefty_Orioles_Fan 11 months ago

    as one baseball source explained to him, the Orioles and Yankees “are claiming everyone… first, I heard of this.
    Beltre cleared waivers, I would have seriously considered claiming him.
    I really would have!

  4. MadmanTX 11 months ago

    Still an overpay, Mariners.

    • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

      Youre Rangers would’ve done the same if… oh yeah they acquired Prince Fielder’s contract and signed Shin Soo Choo to another. Texas never overpays!

  5. RyanWKrol 11 months ago

    You can twist it all you like but it doesn’t change the reality that the Angels have suffered their large share of major injuries this season, in addition to last season and all the way back to 2010, which, along with not addressing their bullpen, is why they’ve missed the playoffs the last 4 years. They’ve been unlucky for a while. Now they’re finally getting back to where they should be. And they’re going to do it with a resilient team that can overcome just about anything at this point.

  6. Fircoal 11 months ago

    I twisted nothing. Also I’m only talking about 2014 right now. I don’t know if they got unlucky in 2012, or 2013. I doubt so. I mean in 2013 they were below .500 only a 2014 Texas Rangers amount of luck can pull off that argument. And I don’t know about 2010, or 2011 at all so I can’t say anything about them or really care about them. All I’m saying is in 2014 they seem lucky. But considering how you’re writing this you seem quite biased.

  7. RyanWKrol 11 months ago

    LOL Nice try. You’re the one that is obviously biased. You took the time to come onto this thread to fulfill the need to tell everyone the Angels are somehow “NOT unlucky”. Hmmm.

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